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Millimeter: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Millimeter. How does Millimeter work & Are important features?

About Millimeter

The Millimeter Platform claims to protect the global value of E-data, allowing users to quickly share and protect their own value and copyright. It claims to combine centralized DB and decentralized Dapp to provide a cryptographic ecosystem that can pursue mutual benefits among users. It is described that via the MM Platform, direct designers, creators, and users are matched, which can eliminate excessive brokerage fees.

When a creator provides a drawing to a platform, a smart contract on the intellectual property of that product is executed. It is safe to create a contract for each transaction and registration, and anyone can check whether the ownership and usage rights of the creations are changed.

Millimeter Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMillimeter
Short NameMM
Circulating Supply93.86M MM
Total Quantity126.75M MM
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

How It Works

MM Platform was carefully devised to safeguard global E-data’s intrinsic worth while offering users an efficient means of both disseminating and protecting their proprietary worth and copyright. This ambitious effort seeks to leverage the complementary potentials of both centralized database (DB) and decentralized application (Dapp), creating a solid cryptographic ecosystem designed to bring benefits across its various user bases.

Principal to its operation lies the facilitation of smooth connections among originators, creators, and consumers; eliminating intermediary fees in doing so. As soon as a creator uploads their work onto its digital canvas, an automatically generated smart contract begins encapsulating its essence and guarantees its protection for perpetuity.

This proactive measure ensures the security and confidentiality of each transaction and registration, further increasing security. Further democratizing this virtuous process is the ability for all stakeholders to monitor ownership and usage rights evolution over time, further emphasizing transparency and equitable resource distribution on this platform.


Through the Blockchain-based drawing trading platform  Makers Market, Accumulate  engineering & industrial design data at the same time as the transaction  transaction, It is a company that provides services that can  protect copyrights.

Blockchain Data property-right Platform
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 Data Value and Accumulation of
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 Protection of creators and intellectual property rights
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Millimeter Features

Global Value Preservation

This platform is committed to safeguarding the value of E-data globally, protecting users’ creations and intellectual property from any unauthorized usage or theft.

Swift Sharing and Protection

Users can swiftly share their creations while also fortifying their proprietary value and copyright, striking an optimal balance between dissemination and protection.

Centralized-DB and Decentralized Dapp Fusion

By seamlessly fusing together centralized databases with decentralized applications (Dapps), the MM Platform creates a robust cryptographic ecosystem that harnesses both paradigms’ strengths while increasing security, accessibility, and usability.

Mutual Benefits for Users

The platform was designed with mutual benefits in mind for its user community. By offering innovative features and interactions that enable collaboration and engagement within its ranks, as well as extracting value collectively.

Direct Matchmaking

One of the hallmark features of the Millimeter Platform is its direct matchmaking between designers, creators and users. By forgoing intermediaries altogether, users can seamlessly interact and build direct connections without incurring extra brokerage fees.

Smart Contract Integration

Once an artist submits their work, a smart contract is automatically executed to establish and enforce intellectual property rights. This automated process ensures transparent ownership registration for every creation made.

Transaction and Registration Security

To provide a safe environment, this platform utilizes unique contracts for each transaction or registration to guarantee safety of each interaction and foster trust among participants in its ecosystem.

Ownership and Usage Rights Transparency

The MM Platform promotes ownership and usage rights transparency by offering an accessible way for anyone to monitor the progression of ownership and usage rights for creations, improving accountability while building trust among users.

Millimeter Conclusion

In an environment marked by increasing pressure to protect creative value and copyright, the MM Platform stands out as an innovative solution that could redefine E-data security. With its multifaceted approach combining centralized database with decentralized Dapp, CoinCorner underscores its dedication to fortifying an inclusive cryptographic ecosystem that transcends convention.

By directly orchestrating connections between designers, creators, and users on its platform, it deftly sidesteps intermediary firms and frees users from incurring excessive brokerage fees. Innovative smart contracts that secure intellectual property rights when creative works are submitted further bolster intellectual property protection and create a firmer foundation of security.

Unarguably, the platform’s commitment to transparency enables all stakeholders to track the development of ownership and usage rights over time, creating an atmosphere of openness and trust between users and all relevant parties. As we move through an era of rapidly changing digital environments, the MM Platform stands as a beacon of creativity, protection, and equitable collaboration in E-data space.


What is the MM Platform?

The MM Platform is an innovative digital ecosystem designed to safeguard the global value of E-data, enabling users to swiftly share and protect their creative works and copyright. It seamlessly combines the strengths of a centralized database (DB) and a decentralized application (Dapp), creating a robust cryptographic environment that fosters mutual benefits among its users.

How does the MM Platform protect my value and copyright?

The MM Platform employs a multifaceted approach. Through the integration of smart contracts, your intellectual property rights are secured upon submitting your creations. These contracts establish transparent, tamper-proof ownership and usage rights, ensuring the integrity of your work is maintained.

What is the advantage of combining centralized DB and decentralized Dapp?

By merging centralized and decentralized elements, the MM Platform optimizes security, accessibility, and usability. This fusion allows for efficient matchmaking between creators, designers, and users, eliminating the need for excessive brokerage fees while fostering a cooperative and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

How does the MM Platform eliminate brokerage fees?

The MM Platform directly connects creators and users, bypassing intermediaries commonly associated with excessive brokerage fees. This direct matchmaking ensures that value is retained by the involved parties, promoting a more equitable distribution of resources.

Is my intellectual property safe?

Yes, your intellectual property is rigorously protected through the implementation of smart contracts. These contracts, executed when you provide a creation to the platform, establish an immutable record of ownership and usage rights, enhancing the security of your digital assets.

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