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Moneyworld.be Ptc Review – Profit Per Click 0.001 € Per Click

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About Moneyworld.be

Moneyworld.be is a Paid To Click program or PTC that pays its members up to 0.001 € per click. PTC connects advertisers and viewers; the advertiser pays for ads while the viewer get paid for viewing the ads.

MoneyWORLD is a PTC and advertising platform for advertisers. It offers the opportunity to make money without investing. Since 1999 they have been helping the customers arrange insurance and investments. We’ve cut the commissions, reduced the fees and got rid of the confusing jargon.

Operating Company 

Exchange NameMoneyworld.be
E-currency AcceptedPaypal
Minimum Payout0.01 €
Referralup to 5% per referral click
Profit Per Click up to 0.001 € per click
Official Sitehttp://moneyworld.be/


Protect yourself and your family with life insurance and income protection. They believe if you’re making your own decisions you shouldn’t be paying prices inflated by big commissions. Get a quote and see how much cheaper they are.

Life Insurance

The home of the lowest life insurance premiums in the UK. Compare policies from all the leading providers and apply online for instant cover. We guarantee you won’t find a cheaper like for like quote.

Welcome to MoneyWORLD, attract abundance.

MoneyWORLD, attracts abundance. is a PTP (Paid-To-Promote)Here, you are paid to promote an advertising pageYour personal promotion page is provided to you free of charge after registration.For each visit to your promotion page you receive 0.05 point (s), which will be converted into euros once or twice a month.You can distribute your promotion page in Autosurf, PTR, PTC, Forum, pts. (Spam prohibited and iframes regulated)Payments are made with Paypal and can be claimed from 0.10 €.

What can and should be done

  • People who have already received a payment must testify on the forum under penalty of no longer receiving payment.
  • Your promotion page can be published in Autosurfs, PTR, PTC, Forum, pts
  • Payment threshold at 0.10 €
  • Payments only by Paypal
  • Accounts inactive for 3 months will be deleted without notice.


You must accept the rules to be able to use the site. By signing up for MoneyWORLD, attract abundance. you have accepted the rules and promise to comply with them

It is forbidden to:

  • No SPAM to spread your link, you must have a minimum of 80% of existing referer.
  • Update your page “An anti fraud scheme has been put in place”
  • More than one PTP per page (in iframe)
  • Forbidden to have the CPM tag and the PTP iframe on the same web page
  • The use of iframe or frame is regulated because of certain abuses, to use iframes or frames you must ask the agreement of the webmaster.
  • No multi-account
  • Do not put the promotion page with other ptp.
  • No ads on pages with illegal content.
  • Do not try to cheat / hijack the point system.
  • The use of software or proxy or any other means to generate points is prohibited

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