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About is an online crypto market place where advertisers can sell their ads, banner ads, login ads and different kind of CPA offers to publishers who will return traffic to the advertisers.
We’ll take take care of all the ad sales as well as traffic exchange automatically with our specialized SLTads platform.

Boost Your Business online. Rather than spending money one placing ads all over the internet, you can bring in good leads to your website through PTC or banner advertising. Through the enormous SLTads publisher network, you will be able to get your ads out there in front of a huge audience to bring people from all over the world to your website.

Basic Information
PTC click earnings SLT 2
Direct referrals limi 500
Purchase Balance bonus from upgrad SLT 200
Traffic Balance bonus from upgrade SLT 20000
HompageClick Here To Website



The team behind SLT project has several years of online work experience and what unites all of them is a shared experience of the same operational problems in terms of investing in the cryptocurrency market. SLT is the result of years of research into how to adequately solve the problems once and for all and even create extra value for market participants into the bargain.

Mission commitment and mission is to be one of the world’s leading advertising platforms where people can reach out to a global marketplace and monetize their web page using our cost effective advertising platform.


Realizing the full potential of the internet – universal access to research and education, full participation in crypto world and connect crypto community – to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

How it works?

SLT is an Etherum (ERC20) based token, freely traded on listed exchangers. You can find more info about SLT and a list of supported exchangers on website. SLTads is an online advertising program as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through unique advertising system.

They are not an Investment, HYIP, MLM, Currency Exchange or any kind of Get-Rich Quick Program.Yes. It is free to join. Free members can also earn commissions.


Yes it is legal. Here at SLTads we are selling advertising (ads credit, banner ads credit, login ads credit). Members buy advertising space credits to promote their business.

Withdraw accept a lot of cryptocurrency beside SLT for all Deposits but withdrawals are possible only using SLT. You can buy and sell SLT on supported exchangers. Members can withdraw all their earnings as soon as they reach minimum withdrawal amounth.

Power of advertising

Slt Power System

Generate top quality leads to your websites and boost your income with a perfect combination of our advertising system. Build up your earnings over time!

Earn with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Boost your social network business. Advertise fanpages, get more likes, shares, follows and retweets. Share your Youtube video with the world and receive more subscriptions and views.

Multi cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies supported for deposit and withdrawals. Spend and transfer cryptocurrencies in the system.


Paid-To-Click is a perfect low-budget solution for advertisers of all sizes. Free members are welcome and can earn daily without spending a cent.

Traffic Exchange & Traffic Grid

Earn credits, points and cash! If you are a website owner improve your rankings with a real people traffic. Perfect free or low-budget advertising for advertisers of all sizes.

Personal Protected

All personal information that you have provided to is protected and confidential. Your personal information will never be shared or sold to anyone.No. Multiple accounts are not allowed and having multiple accounts will result in permanent account termination without any appeal.


Check Frequently Asked Questions first. Maybe your issue is a common one and you will find the solution here. Check Frequently Asked Questions first. Maybe your issue is a common one and you will find the solution here.


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