My NFT Wars Airdrop Review: #1 Best Crypto Game

by Cws Team

About My NFT Wars Airdrop

My NFT Wars Airdrop is a Play-To-Earn RPG game developed by Play2Earn Ltd — the joint venture of award winner crypto collectible game developers Blockchain Cuties Universe and iLogos Game Studios, which finished 460+ projects since 2006 and has a proven track record in free2play and NFT’s games development in collaboration with top titles.

My NFT Wars Airdrop and Blockchain Cuties Universe are jointly airdropping a total of 25 NFT Cuties to the top 25 participants and 20 Whitelist spots to 20 lucky participants. Sign up for the airdrop and complete simple tasks to earn entries. Also earn more entries for each referral. The top 5 participants gets 5 nouble NFT Cuties each and the next 20 top participants will get standard NFT Cuties each. An additional 20 participants will be randomly selected to win a Whitelist spot to My NFT Wars IDO.

Token NameMy NFT Wars Airdrop
PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Total Value25 NFT Cuties and 20 My NFT Wars WL
Airdrop Ended 2022-09-14
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Age Of My NFT Wars Airdrop

First Step

Visit the My NFT Wars X Blockchain Cuties Universe airdrop page.

Second step

Submit your details and sign up.

Third Step

Now complete the simple tasks to earn entries.

Fourth Step

Also earn more entries for each referral.

Fifth Step

The top 5 participants gets 5 nouble NFT Cuties each and the next 20 top participants will get standard NFT Cuties each.

Six Step

An additional 20 participants will be randomly selected to win a Whitelist spot to My NFT Wars IDO.

Rewards and Achievements

Top Game Development Companies in Ukraine

Top Mobile Game Developers 2021

Best Unreal Engine Game Development Companies

Forbes Technology Council

Top iOS Game Developers in Ukraine

TOP-3 GameDev employers in Ukraine

Top Cross Platform Game Development Companies

OG of Crypto Gaming

#1 Best Crypto Game

World’s First Game to Run on Six Chains

Top Community Game

Most Popular Game on Tron (2021)

NFT Dungeons — PvE

Lands full of ruins, in which no human foot has set foot for a long time, and unprecedented treasures guarded by dangerous predators – are hidden in each dungeon.


Equip the strongest handcrafted weapons and armor to conquer the realm


Sets of Items


Unique Items


Arcanum elixirs, unstable reactions, buffs, and reagents are waiting for you. And everything is surely 100% gluten-free

Potions and Elixirs

Farm Reagents



DAO Governance

DAO Governance is a special in-game mechanic that gives control over a game to players. To farm a political power, players will have to stake tokens, earn battle ratings, get new political and DAO titles, pay taxes, complete quests, and more. Political power is represented by 2 derivative tokens, that are 100% untradeable: $FAME, $GLORY.

Core Team

Maksym Co-founder & CPO

Kate – Project Manager

Helmuts – Tokenomics Expert

Egor Head of Game Development


Q4 2021 milestone 1

  • Play2Earn Ltd. creation – the joint venture of Blockchain Cuties and iLogos
  • Game concept
  • Game development start
  • Art assets preparation

Q1 2022 milestone 2

  • Tokenomics system development
  • White paper
  • Launching social media

Q2 2022 milestone 3

  • Pitch deck
  • Website design
  • Promo Video

Q3 2022 milestone 4

  • Game Demo
  • Private Round
  • Marketing and community campaigns

Q4 2022 milestone 5

  • Game Core Development
  • NFTs Heroes collection
  • Liquidity Farming & Staking
  • Active marketing and community campaigns

Q1 2023 milestone 6

  • Alpha test
  • Internal marketplace
  • PvE mode – Dungeons
  • NFTs Heroes and Dungeons collections
  • MNW World Map – Metaverse

Q2 2023 milestone 7

  • Beta test
  • PvP mode — Arenas
  • NFTs Heroes and Arenas collections Guild

Q3 2023 milestone 8

  • Official Launch
  • Tournaments — Grand Arenas
  • Raid Boss events
  • Crafting system

Q4 2023 — milestone 9

  • My NFT Wars 2.0 Update
  • DAO & Governance system
  • Special events
  • Battle pass
  • Enhancement system

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