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Octaplex: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Octaplex . How does Octaplex Crypto work & Are important features?

About Octaplex

Octaplex is creating a Network functioning across the borders of blockchains. We are acquiring partnerships with other projects to enable a safe and beneficial ecosystem for everyone participating. The network is backed by bringing novel ideas into the popular frictionless yield concept, taking it to the next level. By creating an expandable and customisable reward system, we incentivise the holding of our token.

Through dApp, holders have access to an expanding list of reward options that they can select simultaneously and customise to suit their portfolio. They receive random airdrops, lottery multipliers on purchases and will reap the benefits of price stabilising mechanics as the Octaplex Network expands.

Through cooperation within the network, we create exposure to a variety of projects and businesses, driving the multi-token reward system that Octaplex holders receive by simply holding $PLX tokens in their wallets The Future of Octaplex Network will be a multichain one, through the development of our bridges, creating an interoperable and safe ecosystem connecting high quality projects into a network of mutual support and growth.

The partners will be connected through a single online hub which enables everyone to share, communicate and assist each other in the process of growth. They are oriented at mutual co-operation instead of the past competition driven mindset throughout the markets. They wish to enable all partners to be able to share their resources, assistance and information to give birth to new ideas and make paths of development friendlier and more efficient.

Octaplex Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOctaplex
Short NamePLX
Max Supply N/A
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Designed For Continuous Expansion

Octaplex is designed to encourage continuous expansion, in cooperation with our growing list of partners, Octaplex rewards its holders with multiple Binance Smart Chain tokens, through novel Tokenomics.

Octaplex Networks Very Own Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

The Octaplex Networks’ own cryptocurrency rewards program, the Octaplex Crypto Rewards App will enable its users to interact with the contract in an easy, functional, and visually appealing way.

Users are able to choose if they wish to use the auto-claim function, or claim their rewards manually through the crypto rewards app.

Besides choosing their rewards from the various offered tokens, users can choose the token ratios as well. Default claim settings include 75% in BNB Rewards and 25% in Octaplex Networks’ own $PLX, unless users select their preference of tokens and desired token ratios.

New Crypto Coins Added Every Week

Every week new crypto coins are added to the reward system, including tokens from partner projects. It is for this reason that everyone benefits from the Octaplex Network. They will continue to grow and develop Crypto Incubator to its full potential!

Airdrops, Lotteries And More

Holders have the opportunity to receive random airdrops, lottery multipliers on purchases, and will reap the benefits of price stabilizing mechanics as the Octaplex Network expands. Octaplex wishes to involve the community in choosing new crypto rewards and coins. EVERY WEEK there will be a new token added to the reward list!

Quality Alongside Quantity

They have made quality with no compromise our baseline and in the Octaplex Network, they live by this principle every day. They work hard to ensure only quality projects are included in the Network, creating a safe space for investors.

Multichain Bridges

Interoperating through different blockchains, and thus enabling our users the same will as well be an important feature of our ecosystem. Today, there are many great blockchain networks and their native projects bringing increased value, which they aim to utilize to give our community the opportunity to reap the benefits.

Future Expansion, Bridges, Partnerships, And New Blockchains

The vision and future plans include expanding to new blockchains in the future as well as bridging between blockchains, creating and maintaining relationships through legitimate and valuable partnerships, expanding network through them, and exploring the possibilities of new functionalities and utilities that they provide.


Octaplex stands out as an innovator, pioneering an interoperable network that extends far beyond blockchains to offer safe and mutually beneficial environments for its participants. Working alongside other projects, we are building the infrastructure needed for its growth.

One of core strengths lies in providing new approaches to the timeless concept of frictionless yield, expanding it further than ever before. By creating an expandable and customizable reward system for token holders to engage actively with our network. Our dApp gives them numerous reward options so they can tailor their portfolio according to individual tastes and requirements.

Octaplex holders will enjoy numerous additional perks that enhance their experience, from random airdrops giving them additional tokens, lottery multipliers on purchases adding an element of excitement and possible increased rewards, to price stabilizing mechanics ensuring more predictable token values as our network expands.


What is Octaplex?

Octaplex is a network that operates across different blockchains, aiming to create a safe and beneficial ecosystem for all participants. It brings novel ideas to the popular frictionless yield concept, taking it to the next level.

How does Octaplex incentivize token holding?

Octaplex has created an expandable and customizable reward system to incentivize token holding. Through the Octaplex dApp, token holders have access to a growing list of reward options that they can select simultaneously and customize according to their portfolio preferences.

What rewards can Octaplex token holders expect?

Octaplex offers various rewards to token holders. They receive random airdrops, providing the opportunity to gain additional tokens. Additionally, lottery multipliers are applied to token purchases, adding excitement and the potential for increased rewards. As the Octaplex Network expands, token holders also benefit from price stabilizing mechanics, ensuring a more stable token value.

How does Octaplex collaborate with other projects?

Octaplex actively acquires partnerships with other projects to enhance its network. These partnerships contribute to the creation of a safe and beneficial ecosystem for all participants, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

How can I participate in the Octaplex Network?

To participate in the Octaplex Network, you can acquire Octaplex tokens and become a token holder. By holding the tokens, you gain access to the network’s rewards and benefits. You can also engage with the Octaplex dApp to customize your rewards and actively participate in the ecosystem.

How does Octaplex plan to expand in the future?

Octaplex aims to expand its network in the future by continuing to bring innovative ideas and forging partnerships with other projects. The network’s growth will provide more opportunities for token holders to participate in a thriving ecosystem and benefit from the evolving reward system and price stabilizing mechanics.

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