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About Okpay

OKPAY is an digital price device that works at the ideas of P2P and B2C. The enterprise turned into integrated in 2009 via way of means of a set of high-magnificence professionals withinside the area of e-commerce, economic software program development, product advertising and income via the Internet.

OKPAY ensures the protection in their clients’ funds, the enterprise owns the forex reserves, which give a stable basis for the whole device. The enterprise permits you to attach all kinds of groups which might be related to funding programs, playing and MLM. OKPAY helps and assists to their clients at each level of labor with them.

OKPAY is an electronic payment system that provides its clients with various ways to top up their Forex trading account and withdraw funds, including electronic money, Bank transfer and certified exchangers. OKPAY provides services to millions of customers in more than 200 countries. Using the OKPAY wallet, you can easily receive and send money, make necessary payments, and pay for purchases over the Internet. At the same time, the OKPAY payment system does not charge any Commission for internal transfers of funds.

Basic Information Of Okpay

Product NameOkpay
Monthly Account FeeFree
Payment OptionInstant Payment,
Accepted Credit Cards and Debit Cards,
ACH Payments, and eCheck Processing
Split Payments
Account AvailableIndividual Account , Business Account
Account SecurityTwo-Factor Authentication , Full SSL Supported Transfer
SupportLive Chat Option & Ticket System Support Available
Company Office 2211 North First StreetSan Jose, California 95131
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit OKPAY

Simple money transfers around world

Universal solutions for receiving payments and purchases. There is nothing easier! Register an account today and see for yourself!

You can send and receive payments

Mulricurrency account

Okpay Keep money in local currency and transfer money to any country only by username.

Merchant integration

Accept payments on your site using a simple HTML form and IPM notifications.

Protect purchase

Buy goods and pay for services, and if something goes wrong, they will refund money.

Low Fees

At the moment it is safe to say that OKPAY offers some of the lowest fees in the money market so far. This is a far cry from some of the fees that are charged by competitors all over the globe at the moment. You can search online but you will hardly find someone offering the 0% account top-up like on OKPAY.

At the same time you will also not find anyone that is offering 0.5% on internal transfers. However, withdrawal charges are 1%. This is not exclusive to OKPAY because there are some other platforms that also offer the same like Skrill, formerly Moneybookers.

OkPay unites buyers and sellers around the world

For buyers For sellers

  1. Sign in to your account or sign in if you do not already have one
  2. Add funds to your account through a convenient deposit method
  3. Pay for the purchase simply by entering your username and password

Biggest Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that customers and business owners have at the moment is that they are not in a good position to enjoy flexibility when it comes to accepting different forms of payments. This is one of the biggest challenges that monetary transfers pose to clients all over the world and through OKPAY you can look forward to an easier alternative of doing business.

Wallet Service

The wallet services that are offered by OKPAY at the moment make it a lot easier for you to enjoy an incredible array of services, pretty much like you would enjoy with PayPal. The biggest difference that you will come to learn about OKPAY as compared to PayPal is that there are no restrictions like the ones that you will get when you are using PayPal.

Brokers with a deposit bonus

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Global Services

The global appeal of OKPAY is one of the main reasons why at the moment there are so many people who are keen on making sure that they try it out. Of course there are a lot of payment processing platforms out there, but the global appeal of OKPAY is one element that you will hardly ever get anywhere else. The service is available in 20 main currencies that are used in the world. Apart from that you can also enjoy the support for more than 15 global languages, so you can be sure to get support whenever you need it and you are online.

Join thousands of OkPay users around the world

Safe and secure

Buy and do not worry about the consequences. If you do not receive the goods we will refund the money to your account!

Invoice system

Okpay Issue bills to your customers, get paid and withdraw funds from your account in convenient payment directions!

Shops and payment

Pay for goods and services on the site. Choose a store, enter a note for payment and make a payment—é It’s fast and safe!

Exchange currency

Okpay Exchange and store different currencies in one purse. You will be pleasantly surprised by the exchange rate of currencies!

Advantages of The Payment System:

  • Easy integration: the most commercial scripts of websites are supported by the payment network;
  • No country restriction: OKPAY offers access to the great number of payment options in over 200 countries with a single integration;
  • Quick and easy registration;
  • Wide range of withdrawal methods with low fee;
  • Profitable affiliate program;
  • Two types of accounts: personal account (for individuals or businesses) and corporate account (for legal entities);


In terms of security this is also one of the safest payment processing platforms online. The main reason for this is because the encryption service is in such a manner that you can have your account protected through different levels, the most advanced of which is the two-factor authentication. Account access can also be restricted to email access, mobile phone and IP address verification protocols so that at any given point you do not have someone masquerading as your account owner.

Okpay security protocols do not just end there, but they are also expanded to other users. Only those who are verified users are in a position to make their transactions through the network. Because of this therefore you can rest assured that as a customer and a merchant you will be in a really good position to enjoy the best services while at the same time getting assurance of security on your operations.


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