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What Is OmniaVerse (OMNIA)?

OmniaVerse are a group of makers who make cool and innovative blockchain products. They have been active builders in Minecraft community and like us there are a lot of minecraft build artists (Minecraft Builds). Now, Minecraft is just one platform, meta is another one that can house millions of artists too.

OmniaVerse Coin year, with emerging blockchain platforms and applications, they saw a need to build a platform for artists that create artwork, but this time on Multiverse supporting metaverses flavours like Minecraft and Meta powered by better/effective and economic blockchain providers such as Bitgert, Tron, Ethereum and Binance Chain.

To make the experience even better, the platform would be integrated with Oculus for a seameless metaverse experience. So whether its imaginary or real, put on your oculus, and start building interesting things on Minecraft or MetaQuest. Once built, either sell or monetize by giving the world an opportunity to experience your creation.

OmniaVerse Coin mission is to boost the blockchain adoption by bringing in applications that can fecilitate day to day crypto token usage and promotion, help humans try to transact crypto and not just use it as a stock but on day to day items. And, while doing so, its not a bad idea to go together to the moon!

OmniaVerse Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameOmniaVerse
Short NameOMNIA
Circulating Supply 670,000,000.00 OMNIA
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Source CodeClick Here To View Source Code
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WhitepaperClick Here To View
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Buy Token


Buy listed artwork as an NFT using Crypto on OpenSea.


Build artwork for free and sell them as an NFT on OpenSea. Claim your first free sandbox and get an attractive incentive.


Trade artwork with other artists, once traded, artwork is yours and you get a chance to make it better.


OmniaVerse aims to become a moonshot mission by introducing a community driven utility token that allows to keep a self-sufficient liquidity.

Its exposure to the world is ensured through the team’s strategic marketing plans, experienced development team and time locked wallet implementations.

In the initial phases, the goal will be building the community that will join us on the mission of raising OmniaVerse to new heights, thereby creating a better product using a sustainable business model!

Further down the line, they will expand the OmniaVerse portal implementations by migrating and mirroring OmniaVerse on various other networks without compromising the mission. We also have allocated a good amount of tokens for community reward and incentivization processes.

Time Locked Wallet

20% of the development budget would be locked in a time locked wallet and will only be released after successful delivery of the products in their respective phases.

20% of the marketing budget would be locked in a time locked wallet and will only be released based on the marketing strategy/budget required in multiple phases.

10% of the community incentives would be locked in a time locked wallet and will be released every quarter to avoid the loyal community members.

How OmniaVerse?

  • Presale- 35%
  • Liquidity -35%
  • Marketing & Development -15%
  • Tokens for Platform- 15%

Why OmniaVerse?

  • Multiverse: Minecraft and Meta supported.
  • Decentralized Marketplace
  • Monetization
  • Fair Incentivization
  • Live Tracking
  • Independent Transactions

The OmniaVerse token

The OmniaVerse token is a utility token to help strengthen a community that eats, sleeps and breathes Multiverse and crypto using OmniaVerse.

OmniaVerse is the first ever multiverse portal that allows the hidden artist in all of us to build monuments whether imaginary or real and either sell or trade or if you like it too much monetize it by allowing other players to visit and experience using oculus.

Join evergrowing community Now

Come say hi in the telegram group. They would love to hear from you. Remember this is a journey and without the community support and inputs, they can’t be successful.

Get in Touch

You can get in touch with the responsive teams via email or our telegram chat. We would be happy to answer all your questions/concerns.


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