What Is Cosmik Finance(COSMIK)? Complete Guide & Review About Cosmik Finance?

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What Is Cosmik Finance(COSMIK)?

Cosmik Finance is the only protocol with sustainable measures – Dynamic APY and Dynamic Tax. The Dynamic APY is the first of its kind in the space. These measures would ensure the health of the charts. They reduce unnecessary inflation and taxation that would not negatively impact the Liquidity Pool.

Cosmik Finance Coin is an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol in BSC that focuses on 2 key ethos; Sustainability and Credibility. They have measures in place to ensure both of these ethos are carried out to the highest level including the implementation of a Dynamik Tax and Dynamik APY; the first token in BSC to do so. Making this an ideal long-term investment for all.

Cosmik Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCosmik Finance
Short NameCOSMIK
Circulating Supply 325,000.00 COSMIK
Total Supply325,000
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Cosmik Auto-Staking Protocol

Cosmik Finance delivers a dynamic APY system, interest cycle of every 10 minutes and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio securely and rapidly.

Key Differentiators

Dynamik Tax 

First of its kind in BSC. The system dynamically raise the tax when a transaction negatively affects the liquidity. Thus, creating price stability and sustainability.

Dynamik APY 

Cosmik Finance Coin APY is unique and customized to combat unnecessary inflation. This is the solution for growth and longevity.


The Multi-Sig wallet would function to prevent one singular individual from removing funds from it.


The community governs the Trust wallet.


The Anti-Bot measures ensure the health of the chart upon launch.


While there are projects who do not send their buyback and LP tokens to a dead address (blackhole),Cosmik Finance ensures that this does not happen. All Liquidity Pool Treasury and Buyback tokens will be sent to the blackhole (dead address). This increases security in the protocol.

Community Driven Wallet

They will implement a DAO system with the Trust. The community will decide where and when the Trust wallet is used.


Cosmik Finance Coin Staking on an external website bears risk and is not as easy to some. With our auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol, it makes it easy for anyone to reap the benefits and rewards. Additionally, we will be listed in a CEX, thus making accessible to the masses.


The entire protocol’s smart contract was written and developed from scratch from own competent group of developers and looked at by a renowned developer in the current DeFi Trend. As you can see in the key differentiators, they have a set of unique features that set us apart. They are the first protocol in BSC with Dynamik Tax and Dynamik APY. These, together with Key Differentiators and future-proof Utilities would ensure protocol sustainability and longevity.

Wrapped Cosmik

wCosmik is an index-adjusted wrapper for Cosmik. Unlike your Cosmik balance, your wCosmik balance will not increase over time. When wCosmik is unwrapped, you receive Cosmik based on the latest (ever-increasing) index, so the total yield is the same. This ground breaking innovation has already gained a large amount of attention from the DeFi world. We have made auto-staking protocol CEX friendly and are the first to be listed in a CEX.

Preferred Launchpad Partner

Cosmik Finance Coin have chosen Gempad as preferred launchpad partner for 2 reasons;

1. Growth and Stability It eliminates the possibility of a launchpad dumping tokens as Gempad will not hold any percentage of token supply. ZERO%

2. Level the playing field Gempad has a tight anti-bot measures. No snipers would be able to snipe presale. This is imperative as we have investors of various experiences. Thus, they would be able to give all whitelisted winners a level chance in partaking in the presale.

Why is there no specific Launch Date?

1. The presale weekend is a long weekend since May 1 is a holiday in many parts of the world

2. It will give a couple of extra days to ramp up pre-launch marketing with couple of AMAs in target groups and Youtube Marketing

3. They are preparing for an extremely bullish announcement that will be ready at launch

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