Poly Network Rewards Hacker With $500,000 ‘Bug Bounty’

by Coinworldstory

Recently, What Is Called The “Largest Attack” In The History Of Defi Occurred In The Currency Circle. Later, Hackers Returned The Stolen Funds One After Another. The Development Of The Situation Surprised Everyone. Today, This Stolen Cryptocurrency Platform Not Only Provides Hackers With A $500,000 Catch Bonus, But Also Generously Invites The Hacker To Serve As The Company’s Chief Information Security Consultant, And Even Gets A “Mr. White Hat” For It. Nickname.

The Defi Cross-chain Protocol Poly Network Was Stolen Last Week Worth 610 Million U.s. Dollars In Cryptocurrency . So Far, Hackers Have Returned Almost All The Stolen Funds. According To Foreign Media Reports, In Addition To The $33 Million Frozen Tether (Usdt), The Last Batch Of Stolen Funds Of Up To $200 Million Is Still Locked In A Multi-signature Wallet, And This Account Can Only Be Used By Poly Network And Hacker Control.

Poly Network Announced Yesterday (17) That It Has Requested “Mr. White Hat” To Hand Over The Private Key As Soon As Possible So That The Team Can Return The Funds To The User As Soon As Possible. It Is Not Clear Why The Hacker Still Held The Last Batch Of Assets, But An Anonymous Person Who Claimed To Be A Hacker Said That Once “Everyone Is Ready,” He Will Naturally Hand Over The Private Key.

Poly Network Stated That “mr. White Hat” Shared His Concerns About Poly Network’s Security And Overall Development Strategy In A Recent Public Dialogue. Therefore, At This Stage, He Is Actively Cooperating With Information Security Agencies To Create A Strong And Secure The System Has Completed The Second Phase Of The “Mainnet Upgrade” In The Past Few Days.

Blockke Reported On Friday That The Hacker Had Originally Stated That He Refused To Accept The $500,000 Catch Bonus, But He Declared On Monday, “If Other Hackers Can Invade The Poly Network, I Am Considering Adding The Bounty Give Them As A Reward.”

In This Regard, Poly Network Reiterated In The Announcement That The Team Will Implement “Major System Upgrades” To Prevent Such Attacks From Happening Again In The Future, But It May Not Be Possible To Achieve This Task Until The Hackers Return All Their Assets.

Poly Network Went On To Say That As A Token Of Gratitude, The $500,000 Bonus Will Still Be Given To “Mr. White Hat” As Promised. As For How To Use The Funds In The Future, It Is Up To “Mr. White Hat” To Decide On Its Own, And Even Invite Hackers To Serve As Poly Network’s “Chief Information Security Consultant”.

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