Affiliate Network Review: Get paid for knowing your rights

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A better way for People and Brands to interact. is a zero-knowledge advertising platform built to benefit both People and Brands. Completely private, surveillance-free. Project Catalyst is a community-led experiment organized by IOHK to fund projects and entrepreneurs that build on the Cardano blockchain. They are developing several projects on top of IOHK/IOG technology, together with the support of the Cardano community and funded via Project Catalyst.

Key Points Of Affiliate Network

Affiliate Key Points
Affiliate Program Affiliate Network
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Profila For People

  • Create the one true source of accurate data on everything you do online – your Profila. Manage your contact and demographic information, your sentiments, and preferences.
  • Control who has access to your data. Interact with Brands on your terms, and get compensated in return.
  • Hold Brands accountable for what they do with your data. Nothing happens without your consent or approval.

Get paid for knowing your rights Affiliate Networkprovides tools which help you learn about your privacy rights, as well as control and manage the personal data you choose to share with Brands. Through the use of these tools you can also earn Zero Knowledge Token (ZKT), the own cryptocurrency.

Learn & Earn Through Quizzes

  • Take gamified quizzes about privacy and learn how to control your data
  • Earn ZKT for passing the tests successfully

Control & Mange Your Data

  • Manage your personal information and preferences on a variety of topics
  • Build up your Profila as the one true source of accurate data about you

Exercise Your Right

  • Exercise your privacy rights (DSRs) and instruct Brands how to use your personal data
  • Use ZKT to log your instructions on the Cardano blockchain and keep track of your requests

Share Your Own Your Terms

  • Share personal data on your terms and record every instance of data sharing on the Cardano blockchain
  • Get compensated in ZKT for the data you shared

Profila for Brands

Get better results by advertising directly to your customers – with full permission, without tracking.

  1. Subscribe to receive the most accurate data on customers, which they provide willingly.
  2. Improve your process of managing private data.
  3. See all your customers’ details and preferences in one place.
  4. Personalize your marketing based on the best preference data & insights.

Why Cardano?

Cardano is a public and open-source blockchain platform which completely aligns with the transparency they are aiming for. They are currently working on several use cases built on the Cardano blockchain because we believe in its enormous potential.

Fast transactions

Cardano is capable of processing over 1.000 transactions every second (TPS), proving faster than Ethereum, which supports only 20 transactions per second. In the future, the Cardano network could potentially support 1 million TPS. It is therefore best suited for Profila’s low value and high-volume transactions.

Scalable and sustainable

Unlike other blockchains, Cardano does not require exponentially more energy to increase performance and add blocks. This allows it to scale globally with minimum energy consumption, solving one of the biggest issues in the current blockchain ecosystem.

Reduced Costs

Unlike Ethereum, Cardano has very fair prices, and the costs of transactions are pretty affordable. The costs involved in a transaction depend on the size of individual transactions. However, the average costs are generally more friendly than Ethereum.

Democratic by default

Cardano’s governance system gives every holder a democratic voice. Each holder can submit or vote on proposals to upgrade the platform or help determine the direction of its development, allowing it to introduce new capabilities tailored to users’ needs.

Profila & Project Catalyst

Project Catalyst is a community-led experiment organized by IOHK to fund projects and entrepreneurs that build on the Cardano blockchain. They are developing several projects on top of IOHK/IOG technology, together with the support of the Cardano community and funded via Project Catalyst.

Profila & Project Innosuisse

Together with the University of Lucerne’s (HSLU) blockchain team, and co-funded by Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency, we are creating a smart & expert-sourced knowledge base to educate consumers on privacy policies and privacy legislation.

The problem:

Each interaction you have with a Brand is regulated by a privacy policy you are forced to accept. Thereby, you agree to share your personal data, without knowing how Brands use it. But what can you do if Brands use your data against your expectations?

Our solution:

Developing a smart, expert-sourced knowledge base in the form of a chatbot. It will allow People to get automated answers for privacy questions, or advice from a privacy expert.

This is a follow-up project to a 2019 study by Profila & HSLU, in which we explored an approach to analyze privacy policies and effectively represent them to People.

Big picture explanation of the proposal:

Brands hide behind legal documents to justify (mis)use of personal data, and consumers have no tool to understand them. The Innovation Project will help people make sense of any questions they have about these privacy policies or more general about how companies use their personal data, and link the consumer with the correct answer, or expert, and ultimately define a correct incentive for such expert (via micro-payments).

This knowledge base – to be implemented in a chatbot – will help people understand how their personal data is being used by companies they interact with. People will have access to legal knowledge and expertise for a very affordable price (estimated between 2-10 EUR per automated vs. expert answer).

Current status:

Funded by Innosuisse the Swiss Innovation agency in Q2 of 2021, details here. Profila and HSLU kicked off the project in september 2021, details here.

Meet our Team

Behind Profila there is an international and multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in tech & privacy law, ad-tech business, telecom, privacy and marketing research, data security, engineering and product design. They have worked at multinational companies and organisations such as Cisco, Vodafone, MSD/Merck, Nokia, Radisson Hotels, CERN, NKF, WFA. Affiliate Network Review: Get paid for knowing your rights
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