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About RunNation

RunNation App are pairing Blockchain, Web3 and Cryptography to revolutionise several traditional markets. In a fitness first Move-2-Earn iOS and Android App launching on the Binance Smart Chain. This combination will create an immersive gaming and fitness experience for users. Players can equip NFT KICKs to their Metaverse profile, allowing them to earn from walking, jogging and running. These in-game tokens can be used to upgrade their KICKs to increase rewards or cashed out for a profit.

RunNation Ico are a global team of individuals who share a passion for combining some of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Fitness, Web3, Crypto and NFTs. With many years of blockchain, web and app design between team they are incredibly well positioned to bring this vision to reality. Our team consists of individuals from the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands and Brazil with many more to be joining as they grow.

Token Basic Information

Token NameRunNation
Token SymbolRUNx
Ico Price$0.010000
Fundraising GoalN/A
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

RunNation Game Changers

Real World Integration

Global partnerships with affiliated gyms, sports clubs and running clubs.Come to real-life contracted gyms and enjoy working out by earning STEPx!

CREW Battles

RunNation Ico will offer large scale Player VS Player battles, allowing users to immerse themselves in a social community and compete against other CREWS for significant rewards.

Wearable Technology

Integration within Smart watches to track your activity with an all-in-one solution. Don’t miss the opportunity to win STEPx with your Smart watches!

Features you love


Earn STEPx by walking, jogging or running with your Sneakers NFTs!


RunNation Earn CYCLEx by cycling with your Cycle NFTs!


Protect nature by driving your electric cars! Earn DRIVEx in return!

Full NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell or rent out your Kicks

Data Privacy

Your health and fitness data is owned by you

Activity Tracking

The most advanced tracking and fitness features in Move-2-Earn.

NFT Shoe Box

Common, Uncommon, or Rare KICKS can be found in the NFT Box. Try your luck here now and discover the fastest KICKS!

How It Work

1.Download the RunNation app to your smartphone (In development)
2.Connect with your Metamask Wallet or WalletConnect on Binance Smart Chain
3.Create your Metaverse profile
4.Purchase your in-game NFT KICKs
5.Complete the exercise tasks based on in-app instructions
6.Receive rewards in STEPx* (in game token)

What We Will Do

RunNation will offer an immersive, engaging and rewarding Move-2-Earn and GameFi experience for our users through a meticulously designed iOS and Android application. In addition to the Move-2-Earn features, community can benefit from a rewarding NFT system through our secure website and in-app marketplace. Another element of project will be offering the most advanced health and fitness tracking features, yet to be seen in this new emerging market. This will be just one of the many steps they are taking to bring the technology to mass adoption. We are looking to reduce any potential barrier to entry by simplifying blockchain and crypto for new users.

What makes unique:

  • Crew Battles will introduce large scale PVP competitions with increased rewards for participants
  • Real world partnership and sponsorship of active communities, gyms, personal trainers and running clubs
  • Completely wearable technology, with smart watch integration you will no longer need to carry a phone to earn while walking, jogging or running.

What’s Next

RunNation Ico is the beginning of ecosystem. Within roadmap you’ll find several innovative features to differentiate from other limited projects entering the space. These exciting elements involve Cycle-2-Earn, Drive-2-Earn and complete control over your health and fitness data. With the ability to own this data as an NFT, you can stake it on a data marketplace securely and be rewarded, whilst keeping any personally identifying data points completely confidential.

App (Coming Soon)

The App is in the development stages for both iOS and Android. RunNation goal is to bridge this exciting Move-2-Earn technology to the mass market, in an efficiency, easy to use and rewarding way for our users. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments.

  • Create an Account – Connect your wallet after the registration process
  • 2Equip your KICKS – Equip your NFT KICKs and get ready to move! Level these up by completing any of the in-game missions.
  • 3Start Earning – Walk, Jog or Run. You can then look after your physical health and get paid in the process.


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