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Saitama Inu 2.0: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Saitama Inu 2.0. How does Awoke Crypto work & Are important features?

About Saitama Inu 2.0

Saitama Inu 2.0 was created to give people a chance to create wealth. They created this coin so that people like you and I can invest into the token with a minimal amount of money and would be able to walk away with a big smile.

$SAITAMA made mistakes in the past by airdropping over 5% of their tokens during the initial launch of SAITAMA Inu. They want to rectify this by conducting a Stealth launch for SAITAMA Inu, where all the tokens were sent to the Uniswap Address, ensuring the power of decentralization and making it a fully community-owned token. Did you miss out on $SAITAMA Inu, which reached a market capitalization of 10 billion in 2021? Well, here’s another opportunity with SAITAMA2.0.

Saitama Inu 2.0 Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSaitama Inu 2.0
Short NameSAITAMA2.0
Max Supply100,000,000,000,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000,000,000,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

SAITAMA2.0 Price Live Data

Why Saitama 2.0 is different


Saitama 2.0’s purpose is to fulfil a need. Focusing on converting digital assets into physical.


With every transaction of Saitama, there is a 2% distribution reward to the holders.


The original Saitama had a lot of issues we fixed with Saitama 2.0. Ownership Renounced & LP locked!

Passive Income 2.0

With tokenomics passive income gets revolutionized. Your Saitama 2.0 bag increases over time as the price per token rises. But they don’t stop here. By just holding you get immediate free tokens airdropped into your wallet! 1% of each transaction gets distributed to all holders. Another 1% is charged for Marketing purposes, which results in only 2% taxes for every buy and sell!

How to buy

01 Create wallet and fund it

Register an ETH account on MetaMask or TrustWallet and fund your wallet with ETH.

02 Visit UniSwap

Go to to Uniswap and add contract address: 0xfC5E6Cf4a3C574f4186dD21E26f7ed24bb1C32f2

03 Purchase

Set the slippage to 3% and click on Swap now. Click on “Import Token” to see your Saitama 2.0 in your wallet.



It was designed to be easily accessible for everyone regardless of financial standing. Individuals can invest with even small sums, breaking down barriers and inviting all to participate in the cryptocurrency market.


Saitama Inu 2.0 was developed based on the principles of community-driven development. This creates an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere in which community members have a voice in shaping its future – providing greater transparency, decentralization and empowerment to each person who owns Saitama Inu 2.0 coins.

Deflationary Mechanism

The employs a deflationary mechanism designed to encourage long-term holding. Each time someone transacts, a percentage is burned away, gradually decreasing total supply over time and potentially increasing coin values over time.

Reward and Redistribution

This offers its holders rewards through redistribution mechanisms, by redistributing part of each transaction fee back to existing holders as an extra incentive to retain the coin over time. This encourages active participants to remain engaged within their communities by rewarding long-term engagement.

Anti-Whale Measures

In order to stop large holders from exercising an unfair degree of influence over the market, Saitama Inu 2.0 employs anti-whale measures. These policies discourage large transactions while encouraging equitable wealth distribution across all holders.

Security and Transparency

The prioritizes user security and privacy by employing cutting-edge security protocols to safeguard assets and transactions on its robust blockchain network. In addition, Saitama Inu 2.0’s team actively engages with their community fostering trust among investors.

Roadmap for Growth

It has an established roadmap for future development and growth, with the team committed to continuous innovation that enhances both utility and value proposition.


Saitama Inu 2.0 stands apart from traditional cryptocurrency offerings in that it is an inclusive form of currency that empowers individuals of any financial background to embark on the path to wealth creation. Through accessibility, community-driven development, deflationary mechanisms, rewards, security and transparency measures it paves a path for financial wellbeing for all.

Saitama Inu 2.0 makes investing accessible for all by breaking down barriers and enabling individuals to invest with even a small sum, opening up a world of opportunities once only available to a select few. Its community-driven approach ensures every voice is heard, cultivating ownership and inclusivity. Meanwhile, its deflationary mechanism and redistribution of rewards create strong incentives for long-term holding – potentially increasing the value of each Saitama Inu 2.0 coin over time.


What is Saitama Inu 2.0?

Saitama Inu 2.0 is a cryptocurrency designed to empower individuals and provide a path to wealth creation. It enables anyone, regardless of their financial standing, to invest with a small amount and potentially achieve significant returns.

How can I invest in Saitama Inu 2.0?

To invest in Saitama Inu 2.0, you can visit a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the coin and create an account. Once your account is set up, you can purchase Saitama Inu 2.0 tokens using your preferred cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What makes Saitama Inu 2.0 different from other cryptocurrencies?

Saitama Inu 2.0 stands out for its emphasis on accessibility, community-driven development, and wealth redistribution. It enables individuals with limited financial resources to participate in the cryptocurrency market and offers a deflationary mechanism that can potentially increase the value of the coin over time.

How does the deflationary mechanism work?

Saitama Inu 2.0 implements a deflationary mechanism where a percentage of each transaction is burned, reducing the total supply of coins. This reduction in supply creates a scarcity effect, which, coupled with increasing demand, has the potential to drive up the value of each Saitama Inu 2.0 coin.

Are there any rewards for holding Saitama Inu 2.0?

Yes, Saitama Inu 2.0 offers rewards to holders through a redistribution mechanism. A portion of each transaction fee is distributed back to existing holders, providing an incentive to hold onto the coin. This rewards active participation and encourages long-term engagement within the Saitama Inu 2.0 community.

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