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Sekuya : In this article, we cover a detailed review of Sekuya. How does Sekuya work & Are important features?

About Sekuya

Sekuya, a pioneering force in the realm of community-centric metaverse platforms, has consistently redefined immersive gaming experiences. Building on its remarkable success, They introduces SKUYX, an innovative blue chip currency that revolutionizes user engagement within the Sekuya Multiverse.

Historical Background and Evolution of Sekuya Founded by visionary entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts, It has seamlessly integrated blockchain technology, Web3 principles, and captivating gameplay. The platform’s community-first approach fostered collaborations with 74 communities across nine countries, amassing a thriving user base exceeding 700,000 members.

The Blue Chip Currency SKUYX is a pinnacle achievement within the ecosystem, aligning with the platform’s ethos. Part of the ecosystem, SKUYX represents the blue chip currency of the platform, designed to elevate user engagement and interactions.

The Sekuya Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSekuya
Short NameSKYX
Circulating supply 5.1M SKYX
Total Supply 10M SKYX
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Sekuya Price Live Data

Purpose and Power of SKUYX

SKUYX introduces a novel concept of passive income and rewards for holders. Beyond its status as a blue chip currency, SKUYX offers VIP privileges, 7% SKUY rewards, and a remarkable 5% BTC rewards (slated to commence in 2025). This presents a rewarding ownership experience for holders.

Seamless Integration within Sekuya

SKUYX’s development aligns seamlessly with Sekuya’s ethos. The Multiverse, renowned for innovative virtual worlds, offers diverse experiences to users. The primary currency, SKUY, fuels interactions and transactions. The serves as the peak of this currency hierarchy, offering holders a unique revenue stream: a 5% dividend from the upcoming operations of the Sekuya Multiverse.

Unlocking Engagement and Ownership

The integration within the fosters active user engagement and a new era of ownership. Holders not only represent ownership but contribute to the metaverse’s success. This reciprocal relationship encourages active participation, turning users into stakeholders in the future of the metaverse.

As a leader in community-driven metaverse innovation

The SKUYX redefines ownership and engagement. With a history of growth and community collaboration, The remains a trailblazer in virtual worlds. SKUYX’s introduction offers unparalleled ownership experience, aligning with ethos of active user involvement in shaping the future of the metaverse.

Web3 Gaming Social World

They believe in a fun, exciting, and positive virtual world can exist. Where people can explore their potential in this space.

Sekuya NFT

Decentralized NFT marketplace provides not only digital collectibles but also Real World Asset NFT (RWANFTs). Sekuya aims to bridge the gap between the real world and digital world. Partnering with Official Brand Partners throughout the continent to provide you with a better experience in the NFT-world.

SKUY Use Case

Through SKUY, we want to make easy, fast, and secure way to make integration in O2O economy.

Survival Game

Mobile Apps & PC Games Development where players can participate in completing quest, defeating monster, and PVP with players.


SKYX is Sekuya blue chip currency where holders will earn passive income, VIP benefits, 7% SKUY rewards and also 5% BTC rewards (starts in 2025). 

How to get $SKUY

1. Create a MetaMask wallet

$SKUY token is available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. visit to download the extension and set up your wallet. If you are using mobile, Get MetaMask’s app in Appstore and Playstore.

2. Send $BNB to Metamask

Acquire BNB through MetaMask itself or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet/exchange (e.g. Binance).

3. Add $SKUY token

Click Select a currency and enter this


 into the search field copy contract address

4. Open Pancake Swap

Click Select a currency and enter


 into the search field, and you should be able to find $Skuy

5. Set slippage to 8%

1% minimum slippage for BUY
8% minimum slippage for SELL

$SKUY Contract Address

As they grow popular and recognise by people, there might be scam copies to deceive you into buying the wrong token. Please make sure to copy and paste the correct contract address below when adding $SKUY to your MetaMask wallet and when purchasing $SKUY in PancakeSwap.


Sekuya stands as an industry-leading community-centric metaverse platform. Their commitment to providing immersive gaming experiences has long pushed the limits of virtual worlds; now with SKUYX as their revolutionary blue chip currency they take another major step towards improving user engagement within the Sekuya Multiverse.

SKUYX represents more than just digital currency; it stands as an emblematic reminder of Sekuya’s dedication to strengthening its community and building an engaged virtual ecosystem. By giving users a chance to participate, invest, and interact in Sekuya’s metaverse, SKUYX fosters creativity and innovation with ease.

As Sekuya expands and advances, we can expect more groundbreaking developments that will shape the future of metaverse gaming. Centered around SKUYX, Sekuya Multiverse stands ready to set new standards in user engagement, economic opportunities and community experiences – in an era of digital disruption, Sekuya remains at the forefront, pioneering an immersive and connected virtual reality.


What is Sekuya, and what makes it a pioneering force in the metaverse?

Sekuya is a community-centric metaverse platform known for redefining immersive gaming experiences. It stands out by prioritizing user engagement and creating dynamic virtual worlds that bring communities together

What is SKUYX, and how does it revolutionize user engagement within the Sekuya Multiverse?

SKUYX is an innovative blue chip currency introduced by Sekuya. It revolutionizes user engagement by serving as a digital currency within the Sekuya Multiverse. Users can use SKUYX for various in-game transactions, investments, and interactions, making it a central element in enhancing their metaverse experience.

How can I acquire SKUYX?

You can acquire SKUYX through various methods, including earning it within the Sekuya Multiverse by participating in activities, completing quests, or engaging with the community. Additionally, you may purchase SKUYX through authorized exchanges or trade it with other users.

What can I do with SKUYX within the Sekuya Multiverse?

SKUYX opens up a world of possibilities within the Sekuya Multiverse. You can use it for in-game purchases, acquiring virtual assets, investing in virtual real estate, and even participating in the governance of the metaverse. SKUYX empowers users to shape their virtual experiences.

Is SKUYX a cryptocurrency?

SKUYX is a digital currency specifically designed for the Sekuya Multiverse. While it shares some similarities with cryptocurrencies, its primary purpose is to facilitate transactions and interactions within the Sekuya ecosystem.

Can I convert SKUYX into real-world currency?

SKUYX may have exchange rates with real-world currencies on authorized platforms. However, its primary use is within the Sekuya Multiverse, where it empowers users to engage in various activities and transactions.

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