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About Sumotex Defi

Sumotex Defi AssetFi protocol, a hybrid governance chain that allows users to execute on-chain and off-chain financing and investment procedures, brings decentralized solution to traditional finance.

Sumotex AssetFi Protocol is a tokenization blockchain focused on fractionalizing off-chain illiquid holding and transferring them on-chain to secure liquidity. Generally, the real estate economy and traditional finance industry share a common liquidity problem. So, in 2021, Sumotex developed AssetFi to bring tokenization and fractionalization to real estate.

Quick Fact About Sumotex

Coin Basic Information
DEFI Coin Name Sumotex
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
Token symbolSMTX
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How It Works

From tokenisations to enjoying high yield rewards.

1. Acquisition and Due Diligence

SUMOTEX team selects tokenisations classes based on 8 Steps due diligence process criteria.

2. Incorporations and Tokenisations

Upon verifications from the trustee that all financial information sheets are in order. Find detailed information on cash flow, expected appreciation, cash on cash returns, and more.

3. Investing

Find a asset class that works for you and your investment goals. Review and sign the token purchase agreement, legally guaranteeing your ownership stake in the fund.

Fund Managers

The opportunity to evaluate deals, invest your stablecoin globally to generate HIGH-RETURNS in markets previously exclusive to institutional firms. Hand-pick deals which fits into your portfolio and supply capital to earn the highest yield on the AssetFi Protocol.

Senior Pool

Can’t decide? Invest in our senior pool. Fret not, deposit your capital in our senior pool and the consensus spreads your capital throughout our Senior pool which generates ultra-high yield returns.

Sumotex’s Vision and Mission

Sumotex’s AssetFi protocol is the future of DeFi, they are on the way to create a global capital marketplace. Tearing down barriers of investors accessibility to invest cross-border while enabling retails/startups and institutions to raise capital/borrow without limitation.

Traditional finance have been working in Silo and known to be centralised for way too long, and SUMOTEX is here to change that with its AssetFi protocol.


Security Trustee

Physical documentation and ownership/charge/caveat will be implemented before
loan drawdown. This will secure real world assets and protect stakeholders’ interests.
Upon default of a loan, the trustee’s role is to ensure the liquidation of assets is
conducted accordingly.

Metaverse Estate
Having a presence in the metaverse has helped us grow our portfolio and increase our revenue to bring in more for our NFT holders through various businesses that is build on the metaverse.

Real World Estate

Through NFTs, investments in the real world estate has allows us to unlock traditional investing that was once considered unreachable for the masses.

Collateralize Lending

Lending that has a colleteral has help us de-risk our default rate and increase our profitibality impact to our NFT holders.

Risk Free Valuation

The security trustee appoints a trusted and well-known real estate valuer to conduct a
full valuation report which arrives to a risk-free asset-based valuation. This report will
govern the potential loan quantum allowable.


Sumotex’s vision of having its own blockchain. The problem of decentralising institutional finance is solved though the AssetFi Protocol. Furthermore, decentralising and tearing down the barrier of costly investing. Sumotex’s NFT holder will enjoy profit sharing from the gas fee, profit sharing from its traditional and blockchain investment and lending.

The ease of bringing an off-chain firm to the Sumotex Blockchain will remove the barrier of entry of traditional financial institutions. Holders and existing investors of these off-chain firm will enjoy the benefit on AssetFi solution where they will have full liquidity and
control of their investment while the Investment manager will not be pressurized to
wind down.

Liquidate the fund when time is up or when there is still potential in
generating more profits from the portfolio. By revolutionising the finance and
investment sector, Sumotex’s blockchain solution will be able to capitalise on the $22.5
trillion financial market.

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