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About is free to join, BUT it is not a regular survey site. You will NOT be able to earn on the site itself, and you will just get access to a small list of survey site. At first sight Survey Bee looks like any normal survey site. There is a sign-up form, where you just have to give a little information to join, and you are told the three easy steps you need to take to get started.

At first glance, SurveyBee seems like another survey panel where you can take surveys for cash. But it’s important to understand that this site is not operated by a marketing research company. The truth is that SurveyBee is just an affiliate site that connects you with survey companies in the UK. As such, they are not responsible for surveys and payments. They will just provide a link to their survey partners, and earn a commission when you sign with them. Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Website UrlHomepage

How To Join

First Step

Visit the Website Surveybee Surveys Url

Second Step

Click On Sign Up & Registration Button . Fill Required Details Like , Name , Email ,Or Other Details Which Required By Website .

Third Step

Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email .

Fourth Step

Now You Joined . Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money

Survey Bee Review - Why You Should Bee Careful Joining!

Paid Surveys – Learn How to Make Money Online by Taking Surveys

Get up to £5 per survey, gift vouchers and free products – it’s fun, easy and free!

  • paid in cash via Paypal or gift vouchers from your favorite brands.
  • Earn up to £5 per survey with the top market research brands in the UK!
  • More than 100,000 people is already making money with us, don’t miss your chance!

How it works

Join for Free

Register and get connected to the highest paid survey companies in the UK, 100% free!

Take Surveys

You will receive surveys in your inbox as other offers like product testing. The choice is yours!

Earn rewards!

Every time you complete a survey you will get rewarded with cash or gift cards!

Take Online Surveys for Money

Would you like to give your opinion and get paid for it? Well, then you are in the perfect place! SurveyBee compares the best paid surveys and makes it easy for you to sign up to one or all of them. It is 100% free to use – at no point will you pay a single penny!

Taking paid surveys is an easy way to make money online by working from home. Online surveys are a good option for those wanting to work from home and earn a little cash. No matter who you are, or what you do, there is always a company interested in your opinion. Online surveys are an opportunity for anyone who wants some extra income!

Being a survey taker is an important job, your contribution helps ensure that the needs of customers, like yourself, are met. Your ideas can help countless product development projects and improve the range of great products in the future. Don’t wait any longer, your opinion is valuable and you could stand to make good money by taking paid surveys at home.

The biggest draw of taking online surveys is that you can take these surveys whenever it’s convenient to you. You decide when and where you take these surveys. All you need is a laptop or mobile device that can connect to the Internet. So relax and take some surveys while enjoying your favourite café or in front of the tv when the kids are asleep, it’s up to you! And best of all – you’ll get paid for it.

Sign up for paid surveys UK – with SurveyBee you can get started today!

Paid online surveys means that you get paid for your opinions on a wide range of potential topics. Every few days you get survey invitations sent to your e-mail. You can take them at any time during the survey period. By signing up with SurveyBee you will start to receive paid surveys straight to your inbox!

Why SurveyBee?


There are a lot of survey sites out there that promise you the world but can’t deliver enough surveys or rewards. There are also sites that are outright scams.The paid surveys we offer at are only from the best and most reputable survey providers.


SurveyBee gathers only the best, most reliable paid surveys and compiles them to make it easier for you. SurveyBee keeps you up to date with the most reliable and safe surveys so you are never at risk of being scammed and you can make the most for taking paid surveys.

We offer the most profitable online surveys for money UK

The list of survey sites pay participants money and gifts for filling out their surveys on the Internet. There are no fees, you can sign up for free. These companies want you to share your opinion with them so that companies can improve on their own products, and since your time is valuable, they are willing to pay you for it.

Paid Survey

Paid surveys are questionnaire panels that you can fill out for cash and prizes. With SurveyBee you can have paid surveys sent to your email inbox. Everyone has an opinion and you can be rewarded by giving it by doing paid surveys online! By letting companies know what you think of their products, you can influence how these products might look in the future.

Companies want to find out what you think of their products and they put great value on this information. Because if companies can’t get insight in their customers opinions, they won’t be able to improve their products and give us what we want.

Therefore, companies are willing to pay money for the time you spend responding to paid surveys. Companies spend billions worldwide on this type of market research. Starting to do paid surveys in your spare time can therefore be a good way to make money quickly and easily!

Earn time and effort you put in completing online surveys is the most important factor of how much you can earn. The more surveys you do, the more you will earn. A survey takes between 5 – 30 min and the payouts typically range between 1 to 4 GBP. The longer a survey takes to finish, the higher the payout.

You’re unlikely to “get rich quick” by taking paid online surveys. You will, however, likely earn or win some extra spending money, or free or discounted goods or services. Doing paid online surveys can be seen as a way to get a fairly steady flow of a decent amount of cash coming in each month. If you enjoy participating in online surveys (especially if you enjoy sharing your opinion for prizes, coupons, and other more typical non-monetary earnings), then paid online surveys is a good choice for you.

Who can join Survey Bee?

If you still want to join Survey Bee, it is available in around 10 countries, and has sites in different languages. The website address is therefore different from country to country.

In the UK the address for example is, while it is most other countries has the country code at the end.

It is available in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France.

No matter which country you live in, what it offers will be the same – way of earning and just promotional emails. So no matter where you live, there are better survey sites in your country, where you will be able to earn on the actual sites themselves.


Not All The Websites Which Listed In Top List Are 100% Safe To Use Or Investment. We Do Not Promote Any Of Those. Due Diligence Is Your Own Responsibility. You Should Never Make An Investment In An Online Program With Money You Aren’t Prepared To Lose. Make Sure To Research The Website. So Please Take Care Of Your Investments. And Be On The Safe Site And Avoid Much Losing Online.

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