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Syntrum: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Syntrum. How does Syntrum Ico work & Are important features?

About Syntrum

Syntrum is a blockchain platform that provides users with blockchain infrastructure technologies and scalable white-label dApp solutions for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT. By offering superior technologies, tools, and products/dApps, The creates an ecosystem where end-users, creators, builders, and other blockchain/cryptocurrency projects can achieve their goals. the brings the community together through a one-stop-shop approach that encourages collaboration, positioning itself as a catalyst for exponential growth and adoption in the industry.

Syntrum was officially founded in June 2022, prior to that, development of key products in the area of DeFi, gameFi and NFT have been ongoing for over a year. With so many challenges yet to be solved, this is focused on developing technologies and products that address these challenges. Some of the challenges that are being addressed include, blockchain interoperability, scalability constraints, and complexity of dApps.

Token Basic Information

Token NameSyntrum
Token SymbolSYT
Token For Sale70,000,000 SYT
Ico Price$0.040000
Personal Cap5000 USDC – 150000 USDC
Fundraising Goal$2,800,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Syntrum Wallet, a multi-utility noncustodial, decentralized wallet

Be part of the first group of people to test the all-new Syntrum wallet, a multi-utility noncustodial mobile wallet that aims to provide users with a secure and user-friendly option for storing their crypto assets. The wallet offers more than just storage; it also serves as a hub, offering seamless access to dApps and web3 tools.

Blockchain Infrastructure for DeFi, GameFi and NFT applications.

The leverages network mirroring technology to achieve real-time multi-network synchronization. An immutable network mirror tech. Which eliminates inter-network latency to achieve true interoperability. Allowing real-time communication between decentralized applications built on different blockchains.

$SYT TOKEN Distribution

Allocation DescriptionAmountPercentage

Syntrum token ($SYT) is the native token of the blockchain and ecosystem. It has the following info and a wide range of utilities which includes the following:



$SYT unlock more features on the Syntrum ecosystem. Users can also access our permissionless protocol by holding/staking $SYT


$SYT serves as a means of payment for transaction fees within the Syntrum network and also for trading on our P2P market


Participation in Syntrum’s DAO Mechanism – making processes within the Syntrum ecosystem


Reward for users who participate in the network’s staking. Incentive for our Proof of Commitment consensus mechanism



P2P – B2B Algorithmic crypto market for overcollateralized Lending/Borrowing. Supports the use of NFTs as collateral and access to interest-free loans.


Decentralized leverage trading protocol. Undercollateralized lending mechanism that supports cross leverage trading and arbitrage on multiple DEXs.


Cost effective, permissionless Token/NFT asset bridge, allowing users to move assets easily and seamlessly accross multiple blockchains.


Token generation and tokenomics mechanism. Deploy, auto configure tokenomics, set lockup/vesting and distribution schedules with zero coding.

SynVault – aaS

Customizable multi-chain dApps aaS, includes staking and liquidity mining vaults. A cost effective and fully audited option for developers and projects.


Multi-chain Staking and Liquidity mining vaults for Syntrum native assets. Supports the staking of tokens and NFTs across multiple blockchains.



Explore your creativity with Synbox, bring your imagination to life. Earn as you create game assets and game worlds with no code.

Build-to-earn Hub

Build custom games with no code and earn while doing so. Browse through collections of game assets and worlds, integrate them to your game.

Play-to-earn Hub

Where games developed can be accessed by players. Home to numerous games in the ecosystem, users earn by playing games.

Tournaments & Quests

Configure and schedule game tournaments and quests. Users can organize tournaments/quest and determine the rules of play.

Lost Treasure

Gamified bug bounty feature; rewards bounty hunters and whitehat hackers who participate in lost assets recovery and finding bugs in applications.

Scholarship Management

Scholarship management platform for GameFi projects. Where users access and manage their scholarships to play multiple GameFi projects.


NFT Factory

Mint NFTs seamlessly. Deploy custom NFT Smart contracts for your NFT art collections with no code required. Suitable for artist and creators.

NFT Marketplace

User-friendly digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Trade and discover exclusive digital items.

NFT Vault

Liquidity protocol for NFT collections. Value locked-in mechanism suitable for the development of NFT trading applications and asset insurance.

Asset Browsers

Universal NFT smart contract browser, gives creators access to customize smart contract. Creators can connect and interact with contracts seamlessly.



Decentralized and secured. Syntrum never stores user’s keys on Servers. 


Support multiple blockchains. One wallet for all your crypto assets. 

Development Environment

Test Networks integrated, facilitates dApp development and testing. 

No. 1 Choice for NFTs

Optimized for NFTs across multiple blockchain. Trade NFTs directly. 

Dex Optimizer Router

DEX access via optim-router. Connects to the best dex for each trades made. 

Activity Sniffer

Blockchain activity and traffic monitoring with custom notifications. 

Dapp Browser

Access to multiple verified dApps across supported blockchains. 

Notification Microservices

Decentralized wallet with mobile phone, and email notification support. 

Syntrum Conclusion

Syntrum stands out as an innovative blockchain platform, providing its users with state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure and white label dApp solutions tailored for DeFi, GameFi and NFT ventures. Furthermore, Syntrum’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies, tools, and products fosters an ecosystem in which end-users, creators and builders alike can thrive within the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm and realize their dreams and realize their ambitions.

By offering an all-in-one model, the bridges gaps and fosters collaboration efforts to form a tightly knit community. This collaborative spirit fosters interaction among developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts – further propelling this platform as an engine of exponential industry growth and widespread adoption.

The stands out from its competition by its commitment to innovation, shaping the future of decentralized finance, gaming, and non-fungible tokens. Their all-inclusive approach and dedication to user empowerment make them a central player in blockchain technology’s ever-evolving landscape, leading the industry towards an exciting and prosperous future.

Syntrum FAQ

What is Syntrum?

This is a blockchain platform that offers cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure technologies and customizable white-label dApp solutions catering to DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects.

How does Syntrum support users and projects?

This provides a wide array of superior technologies, tools, and products/dApps, enabling end-users, creators, and builders to achieve their goals within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

What advantages does Syntrum offer over other platforms?

The stands out for its scalability, one-stop-shop approach, and commitment to delivering innovative solutions, fostering collaboration among different stakeholders in the blockchain industry.

Can developers and entrepreneurs benefit from Syntrum’s services?

Yes, white-label dApp solutions are tailored for developers and entrepreneurs, simplifying the creation and deployment of blockchain applications and projects.

Which sectors does Syntrum cater to?

The focuses on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), GameFi (Gaming + DeFi), and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) sectors, providing specialized solutions to each.

Does Syntrum provide customer support?

Yes, This offers customer support to assist users in navigating the platform and addressing any inquiries or concerns.

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