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 The Monopolist: In this article, we cover a detailed review of Monopolist. How does Monopolist work & Are important features?

About  The Monopolist

The Monopolist” immerses players into an alluring world where strategic acumen and calculated decisions determine their success. Utilizing dice, astute investors will seek to acquire prime land, build profitable properties, and secure significant accommodation fees while outwitting their opponents through various tactics. Success in combatious battles not only brings with it substantial rewards in the form of $MONO and $MOB tokens,

But it can also unlock an array of new characters, materials and items to explore. The game seamlessly marries traditional board game mechanics with the cutting-edge potential of NFTs, providing players with an opportunity to take their hard-earned earnings to the NFT market for even greater returns. As players engage in this dynamic contest of wits and wealth, strategic brilliance becomes key for ultimate success

 The Monopolist Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameThe Monopolist
Short NameWCC
Fundraising Goal$200,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

Play Learn Earn

In The Monopolist, players will get the taste of one of the most famous board games of all time “The Monopoly”. By playing the game, players not only learn how to manage their financial investments in order to win on the Billionaire Chessboard but also earn profit through multiple ways.


The MONOverse is a cross platform gaming universe in which players will experience endless engagement and enjoyment by using our NFT features and items to play and earn profit across all MONO games. In our gameverse, $MONO and $MOB will be the official currency unit which aims to create unlimited opportunities for the community.

Box Box Box

Common Box

Common box consists of NFT characters ranked C, B, A and dice skins ranked C!

Lucky Box

Don’t miss out on our Lucky Box. It contains characters ranked C, B, A and S with special dice skins ranked B and A.

Event Box

The ultimate box (event box) offers the chance to own characters ranked R, along with those ranked B, A, S and special dice skins ranked B and A.

 The Monopolist Tokenomics

Airdrop (1%) – 10,000,000

Community Program (12%) – 120,000,000

Private Sale (15%) – 150,000,000

IDO (5%) – 50,000,000

LP + Eco (10%) – 100,000,000

Team (15%) – 150,000,000

Mining Farm (22%) – 220,000,000

Staking reward (15%) – 150,000,000

Advisor (5%) – 50,000,000


The ecosystem is a cross platform gaming universe that players can experience endless fun and enjoyment while earning profit in multiple ways. They thrive to build an integrated “gameverse” based on the two tokens ($MONO and $MOB) and a wide range of NFTs which can be used in all games in the MONOverse.

 The Monopolist Staking

Earning more $MONO token by staking on The Monopolist! The more tokens you stake, the higher incentive values you can claim. With the high APY in all Farming Pool, you can select any pools to earn more tokens as the passive.


Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem. With a focus on NFT interoperability, assets can be used in multiple games at the same time, creating a whole new world of fun.

 The Monopolist Conclusion

The Monopolist” stands as an engaging and captivating game that draws players into its compelling world of strategic prowess and financial acumen. Navigating dice rolls, real estate investments, and property management provides players with endless possibilities to outwit their rivals through clever strategies.

Victorious victories not only grant access to lucrative rewards such as $MONO and $MOB tokens, but can also open the way to unlocking new characters, valuable materials, and desirable items to enhance the gameplay experience.

Integrating traditional gameplay and NFTs seamlessly offers players an exciting opportunity to increase their earnings, creating an enthralling blend of entertainment and financial acumen. “The Monopolist” stands as an unforgettable testament to the evolving landscape of gaming, where creativity and strategy reign supreme in pursuit of success and prosperity.

 The Monopolist FAQ

What can I purchase and sell on NFTs market place?

Characters (all ranks), and Dice. They are unique non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) that can be traded in NFTs marketplace. On BSC, these unique tokens are utilized to create verified digital scarcity. You could sell MONO Characters and Dice on NFTs marketplace once they reach a certain value that you expect. Medal is also an NFT belonging to MONO Collection but you can only possess it by joining the auctions, being the top players, or being the top tokens hodlers.

How many types of tokens does The Monopolist have?

Two. They are $MONO and $MOB.

Can I trade $MONO and $MOB on the trading market?

You can do trading with both of them. Though $MOB is a sub-token that can be collected by completing in-game quests, participating n DAO, staking and farming in the pool of $MONO, you still can trade this sub-token on PCS and The Monopolist’s DEX

What is The Monopolist’s original idea?

The original idea comes from the Landlord’s Game, which is the classic game lasting for over 100 years. This is a real estate transaction game that almost everyone in the world plays for fun, becoming a real estate tycoon. But if you play long enough, you will quickly grasp the rules and realize that this game gives you many lessons and insights that can be applied to the world of investment, finance, especially the Crypto field. By providing new benefits in terms of game economy and users’ experience, The Monopolist will revolutionize players.

How much $MONO and $MOB are released?

1B for $MONO as the max supply, and no limit for $MOB

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