The Plunge Hit again, BTC Fell More Than 10%

For such a decline, many people said that it is likely to be related to the recent double-flower attack on ETC.

The digital currency market is such a confusing mind. Yesterday was still good, today is a plunge.

In addition to a slight increase in the USDT, the top ten currencies of the market value have fallen by more than 10% in other currencies! BTC exceeds 10%, ETH is nearly 15%! Yesterday, I was still praising the wave field that is about to take off today, and the drop is over 20%! OKEx directly blew nearly 50 million USDT futures, nearly 300 million yuan.

This is the legendary cliff fall. The BTC dropped from $3,760 to $3,594 from 0:00 to 0:15 on January 11 and dropped $166 in just 15 minutes. For such a decline, many people said that it is likely to be related to the recent double-flower attack on ETC.

The entire ETC double flower attack incident began on January 5th, and the attacked trading platforms include Coinbase, Bitrue and ETC, as the most important fork of ETH, should be strong in terms of technology, but it is still broken by hackers. This is undoubtedly a very heavy blow to the upcoming ETH fork event.

When ETC’s double-flower attack has not ended, DASH has also suffered a double-flower attack. A Reddit user recently sounded an alarm for the Dash network, and the computing power on the NicheHash in the cryptocurrency market has exceeded half of the Dash network.

The Reddit user’s analysis found that the most recent thousands of Dash block records show that three of the most outbound addresses are controlled by the same entity. He said: “Three of these four special addresses can be queried in the browser, and their transfer records all point to the same address, which means that these three addresses are controlled by one entity. This situation last year 9 The month has appeared.

In this case, Yu Yu, founder of Slow Mist Technology, said: “In theory, Dash is likely to be attacked, but after the attacker breaks through the first layer of PoW network, it still needs to break through the second layer of node network. It is still difficult to achieve it. of.”

In any case, the double-flower attack is not the first time. Every attack is a very heavy blow to the digital money market. The security of digital currency is a big problem. In the long bear market, every bad news will bring a strong reflection to the market.

In addition, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is also subject to a semi-annual upgrade. The next upgrade of BCH is to save the user error and send the BCH to the BCH coin on the BTC’s quarantine witness address. At the same time deploying an improved protocol called BIP62, the user can use the private key to spend the wrong amount of money sent to the quarantine witness. I don’t know if this upgrade will affect the price of BCH.

Judging from the current situation, the wave field is much higher and falls more. As of press time, the overall market began to show signs of rebounding. However, for the trend that may occur in the future, individuals still do not recommend bargain-hunting, and still need to be cautious.

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