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About is a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for digital collectibles, launching with the World Poker Tour. Other branded partners will be announced soon and a general marketplace will open to all creators/artists big and small in the coming months. As a real-time NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop incorporates live streaming during auctions and NFT drops to increase creator-fan engagement, and tie-ins with live television and cable broadcast to millions of global viewers.

Thetadrop NFT is powered by the Theta Network, the leading blockchain technology purpose-built for media and entertainment. It is based on a proof-of-stake model unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum and therefore is environmentally friendly and 100% green. Creating and transacting NFTs on the Theta Network costs a fraction of a penny and is 100x faster than Ethereum. They know the branded partners and creators love approach, they hope you will too.

Basic Details Of NFT Platform

Basic Details
NFT Platform Name
Program Commission Rate0.00%
Payment MethodsCredit Card , Paypal
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What are NFTs?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which represents unique, irreplaceable assets that live on the blockchain. In-game assets, digital art, and collectible-related projects are the most prominent NFT use cases today.

NFTs are also generally one of a kind, or at least one of a really limited run, and  have  unique relating laws. “ Constitutionally, NFTs result digital shortage, ” says Arry Yu, speaker of the Washington Technology Industry Association Cascadia Blockchain Council and managing director of Lily-livered Umbrella Fliers.

In contrast, fungible assets have units that are interchangeable with one another, such as bitcoin or the dollar bill.

How do I sign up for NFT Platform?

Click the sign-up button in the top right corner of the NFT homepage, or use the link here. To complete the sign-up process, please enter the required info including your full name, email address, username and password.

Verify NFT Account

Before Starting You Need To Verify Your Email ID . Just Click On Verify Link Which You Received By Email At Your Register Email Address At NFT .

What can I find on NFT?

You can find a curated collection of items that are suitable to be converted into NFTs. works with some of the most popular and well-regarded creators and brands to bring you highly sought after collectibles.

What is TFUEL and how do I use it?

Theta Fuel or TFUEL is the main utility token of the Theta Network, and one used to create, buy, sell and transact digital NFT assets on ThetaDrop. On a video streaming platform like you can earn TFUEL by watching and sharing your video stream with others in the network – it’s like Uber or Airbnb for your excess Internet bandwidth.

On ThetaDrop, when creators and partners like WPT first create NFTs they utilize TFUEL to “mint” them. You can use TFUEL to buy NFT packs in drops that happen regularly and you can even pre-fund your account with TFUEL so you’re ready to go on day

1. When marketplace launches, you can also place a NFT for sale and accept TFUEL as a form of payment, and when that NFT transfers from your digital wallet to the buyer’s wallet, it uses TFUEL as the transaction fee or “gas”.

Stay tuned for more awesome benefits for using TFUEL on ThetaDrop.

Theta Drop NFT Marketplace Focus

The main focus of Theta Drop NFT Marketplace is the esports, gaming and entertainment industry. Theta Drop is a real-time NFT marketplace i.e. NFT drops and auctions are streamed live. This unique feature is aimed at increasing user engagement on the platform. It also has tie-ups with cable broadcasters as well as live televisions for broadcasting these live streams.

Theta Drop NFT Marketplace Fees

When you make a trade at any NFT trading platform, they may charge you a commission. This commission is normally a percentage of the sale amount in the relevant trade.

They could not find any mention of a commission charged by Theta Drop. However, transactions may attract a gas fee.

Layout of Theta Drop NFT Marketplace

Different NFT Marketplaces present their NFTs, the latest bid and the remaining time of an auction etc. in different ways. What you are most comfortable with viewing and using is up to you and no one else. The following picture is a print screen from Theta Drop NFT Marketplace NFT Platform Review : Deep Details Review


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