TravelChain Project ICO Review : Provides Accessible And Authentic Smart-Data

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According To TravelChain Website

TravelChain Project is decentralized blockchain-based platform which provides accessible and authentic smart-data to let business know their clients better and to help travelers experience the best customer services. Are going to provide equal access to data exchange for all players in the market. Create an open public blockchain that can be managed by each travel market player.

Basic Information

Token Name TravelChain Project
Token Symbol TT
Social Media
Platform Graphene
Token supply 2,100,000,000 TT
Token for sale 693,000,000 TT
Country Russia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Public data

Blockchain is based on the Graphene blockchain core and represents a data registry. Public data is stored in open access to the public, On the other hand, private data is encrypted with private key h including a note about the stored data type. Blockchain contains information according to the rules of Tourism Ontology which is a standard generally accepted by participants of TravelChain market. The ontology describes data fields required to make deals, perform operations, portray a cultural object and so on and so forth. API allows interactions with blockchain, perform transactions or carry out inspection of blocks.

Key access storage 

All public keys are stored in the blockchain and used by the program architecture to verify digital signature of user in order to change information that corresponds to the information key. All private keys are fully controlled by the user. None of the keys is stored in the blockchain or in any other centralized storage if it is not foreseen by an outside service. Management keys Info, Active and Owner can vary a effect and pattern depths but they allow to build complex, multi-level corporate patterns of account ownership. While going through registration at any application of the ecosystem.


Service database

Service databases are continually synchronised with the blockchain which allows to use it as ordinary databases. For this reason developers avoid working directly with blockchain and open up many opportunities in displaying, sorting out and massive decrypting of information and also use systems of machine learning and artificial intelligence. site is using service database developed by the team of TravelChain. When used, data from the blockchain is continuously synchronised with database of MongoDB which provides a wide functional of filters for display.

Systems of evaluation

System of evaluation is used by TravelChain participants after a deal to provide a service or private information has been closed. Evaluation stored on-chain. Conversion of evaluation into reputational judgements is done by Reputation Agencies off chain Proceeding from evaluations recorded in blockchain Reputation Agencies resort to either direct calculations or systems of machine learning or artificial intelligence to obtain in result a subjective reputational judgement and present it through API and/or at their web-client. launches reputation agency RA TravelChain with an algorithm described below.

Direct advertising messages

TravelChain provides an opportunity to send and receive personified advertising messages. For instance, any user can indicate the minimal cost of advertising message having claimed that he/she is ready to browse advertising messages if this minimal reward is received from the advertiser This message shall be shown to the user for all clients of the ecosystem
accepting conditions for taking part in marketing net. The advertiser, proceeding from the user’s reputation and private information, decides whether to accept the proposal or not.
Technology to deliver direct advertising messages can serve as a basis for aggregators.

Delegated proof of stake

Algorithm of DPOS consensus allows elected delegates to validate transactions with a speed from 1 to 100 000 transactions per second which makes this algorithm the fastest and effective of all existing ones. DPOS is based on the principle of delegated democracy when each participant of the network has a vote and weight depending on the number of TravelTokens on his/her account. Each participant can use this vote for taking decisions on community life or delegate this right of vote to another participant. TravelChain has two managerial roles Technical Observers  and Economy Observers.

Technical observers

Delegates are technical observers chain of blocks TravelChain. They support infrastructure of whole network and rewarded in TravelTokens. Number and composition of active observers is established based on principles of delegated democracy by the community. Each delegate must install TravelChain software in order to participate in signature of blocks. A block is a group of transactions which update blockchain data. In order for a block to be incorporated into the chain it has to be approved and signed by technical observer who has the power to sign the blocks at the moment.


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