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WAXE: In this article, we cover a detailed review of WAXE. How does WAXE Crypto work & Are important features?

About WAXE?

Since the WAX project announcement in June 2017, digital goods market has experienced rapid expansion. An increase in virtual items and collectibles across various online platforms and games has fuelled this industry’s expansion. Recognizing both the potential and unique challenges presented by this emerging landscape, designers of the WAX Protocol made informed decisions to meet market requirements.

By harnessing blockchain technology, WAX provides a decentralized and secure platform for creating, trading and owning digital assets. This innovative approach ensures transparency while eliminating fraud while providing seamless cross-platform transactions. Industry trends demonstrate how important WAX’s choices were as it quickly established itself as one of the leading solutions within an increasingly expansive digital goods market.

WAXE Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameWAXE
Short NameWAXE
Max Supply3,700,000
Total Supply 3,700,000
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website

WAXE Price Live Data

How the WAX Platform Works

With the combination of the WAX Protocol Blockchain and the microservices layer, the WAX Platform provides customers with a full suite of blockchain-based tools. WAX Platform is safe and convenient for creating, buying, selling, and trading virtual items to anyone, anywhere.

What is WAX Economic Token?

Once WAX’s project was unveiled in June of 2017, its market quickly evolved around digital goods. Digital goods is an expansive market that continues to experience rapid expansion. Many don’t realize that virtual items such as video games make up approximately $14 billion of this industry while tokenized consumer products account for another $1.8 trillion – all within one collective market that WAX addresses; its combined trading volume exceeded $150 million during 12 months of testnet operation with VGO and vIRL being part of this total figure.


Decentralized Trading

WAX offers a decentralized platform that enables users to trade digital goods directly with each other without needing intermediaries, increasing efficiency while eliminating fraud or counterfeiting risks.

Global Marketplace

WAX provides a global marketplace where users from around the globe can purchase, sell and trade digital assets seamlessly across national boundaries and borders – creating new reach and access opportunities in an ever-expanding market.

Secure and Transparent Transactions

WAX offers secure and transparent transactions through blockchain technology. The immutability of blockchain ensures the authenticity and provenance of digital goods sold, instilling trust between buyers and sellers alike.

Tokenized Assets

WAX utilizes tokenization to represent digital goods on its blockchain in unique tokens for easy tracking, ownership verification, and transferability of digital assets. Each token represents one item exclusively ensuring scarcity and uniqueness.


WAX facilitates interoperability by enabling digital asset exchange across platforms and games, giving users access to an ecosystem rich with digital goods that enhance liquidity. Users can trade items between games to increase liquidity and foster an active digital marketplace.

Fractional Ownership

WAX introduces the concept of fractional ownership, enabling users to own part of valuable virtual assets. This creates new investment opportunities as users can purchase or trade fractional shares of high-value items.


WAX provides a platform to facilitate the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing unique digital assets such as artwork, collectibles or in-game items. Minting, buying and selling NFTs help tap into a growing market for digital collectibles.

Scalability and Performance

The WAX Protocol was built to accommodate high trading volumes efficiently. With testnet operations reaching $150 million annually within a year alone, this platform demonstrates its scalability and ability to support large user bases.

Community Engagement

WAX strives to actively engage its community through partnerships, collaborations, and events. By doing so, it creates an ecosystem in which developers, traders, and users alike can all play an active role in shaping the growth of digital goods markets.


WAX project, launched in June 2017 as an innovative digital asset exchange, has quickly established itself as an indispensable player in the rapidly evolving market for digital goods. This industry, comprising virtual items such as video games and tokenized consumer products such as tokenized consumer products tokenized consumer products is not only enormous but is expanding at an astonishing rate; with video game sales representing $140 billion alone while tokenized consumer products represent a whopping $1.8 trillion market segment, representing nearly $2 trillion collectively; all in all WAX has access to nearly 2 trillion potential market that WAX addresses altogether!

Over 12 months of testnet operation of WAX Protocol with VGO and vIRL as its two largest decentralized applications (dApps), trading volume on these applications exceeded an impressive $150 million mark – evidence of its strength in helping facilitate digital goods exchange within markets.

WAX provides users with a complete solution for participating in the digital economy through its decentralized trading platform, global marketplace, secure transactions, tokenization, interoperability, fractional ownership and support of NFTs. Furthermore, its scalability and performance establish it as a promising contender in this space.


What is the WAX project?

The WAX project is a platform that aims to revolutionize the market for digital goods. It provides a decentralized infrastructure for trading virtual items like video games and tokenized consumer products. WAX addresses the combined market size of nearly $2 trillion, which includes the $140 billion video game market and the $1.8 trillion tokenized consumer products market.

How does WAX facilitate trading of digital goods?

WAX offers a peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital goods directly with each other. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of fraud. The platform ensures secure and transparent transactions by utilizing blockchain technology.

What are some key features of the WAX project?

The key features of the WAX project include decentralized trading, a global marketplace, secure and transparent transactions, tokenization of digital goods, interoperability across different platforms and games, fractional ownership, support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), scalability, and community engagement.

How does tokenization work on the WAX platform?

Tokenization on the WAX platform involves representing digital goods as unique tokens on the blockchain. Each token represents a specific item, ensuring scarcity and uniqueness. This allows for easy tracking, ownership verification, and transferability of digital assets.

Can digital goods be exchanged across different platforms/games on WAX?

Yes, WAX supports interoperability, enabling the exchange of digital goods across different platforms and games. Users can trade items from one game to another, enhancing liquidity and creating a vibrant ecosystem for digital goods.

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