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About Yanda Bot Platform

Launch in 2017, Yanda Bot Platform is one of the best-automated crypto trading platforms available with 97% of its users showing profitable trade each time. Fast automated trading, and portfolio management for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies.

Easily the easiest AI crypto trading platform to use, and they’ll teach you with their support. It’s so easy to copy other trading bots that you can see win profits. Also a massive plus is you keep your own wallet, so your money is yours, always. You just pay to use the service and rack up the incremental gains.

Yanda Crypto Trading Bot is the all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency trading. Yanda allows you to manage all your funds from one terminal and makes automated trading simple and accessible to all. Yanda platform allows you to create and customize your own trading bot, as well as helping optimize your trading through free forecasting and analytics tools. Additionally, Yanda services include: automated trading (PATS), portfolio management, arbitrage and social trading

Yanda Key Points

Bot Name Yanda
Bot Type Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Average Price Monthly Subscription from $39/month
Exchange SupportedBinance
Fund Safety All Your Coins Remain On The Exchange
Payment AcceptedCredit & Debit Card
Cloud BasedYes
Signals & NewsFree Signal & Paid Signal Available
Available SupportLive Chat & Dedicated Help Page
Official Website Click Here To Visit


Yanda Crypto Trading Bot Platform Review: Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

How To Get Started On Yanda

Step By Step Process

1- Create Account

Before Doing Anything You Need Valid Yanda Id . It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Cleo Bot Website . Just Click On Sign Up Button & Fill Necessary Details And Click On Submit Button .

2- Choose Bot

Their Is Wide Variety Of Bots Available At Yanda. Choose Bot According To Your Need . If You Are Beginner Start With Easy Bot Setup .

3- Connect Exchange

Now It Is Very Necessary Step To Integrate Yanda Bot With Cryptocurrency Exchange . Connect Bot With Supported Exchange . Follow Guidelines Which Are Available At CLEO Website .

4- Choose Pair

Now Choose Trading Pair & Select Coin Which You Want Your Bot Trading Automatic For You .

5- Follow Step

Follow Step Which Are Provided By Yanda CEO Team At Their Website .

Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Yanda 2.0 goes Live: Interview with CEO, Mario Stumpo.

Yanda Bot Platform has been helping crypto traders to automate their trading since 2017. Now they have built a whole new trading algorithm that was released in the last platform update along with new features to help traders increase their crypto trading profits.

Yanda has been helping crypto traders to automate since 2017, and in this latest release, you will notice the platform has had a full makeover from the website to the trading platform itself. 

Yanda has built a whole new trading algorithm that is now developed on a more robust infrastructure to further, support their crypto traders allowing for faster automate

Make Profits. Automatically

Yanda Bot Platform tools you need to successfully grow & manage your cryptocurrency portfolio whilst keeping full control over your digital assets. Yanda gives you the trading capabilities for an unfair advantage over other crypto traders with a 97% trading success rate!

Build & Manage Your Portfolio

Keep control of your funds with an easy to use interface. Browse hundreds of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more Altcoins to invest in.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

A set of tools built to let you convert your funds instantaneously and to place orders to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies at a specific price. 

Trade Automatically

If you are a busy person there is nothing better than automating your trading strategies with a trading bot. There is no coding needed and plenty of tutorials to help you trade cryptocurrency markets 24/7 even while you sleep.

The Future of Decentralized Investing

On Yanda Bot Platform free automated cryptocurrency trading platform, you have the ability to manage multiple crypto exchanges from one place. Yanda solves problems that many cryptocurrency traders experience, fear! 

  • Fear of your crypto profits becoming losses. 
  • Fear of making a trading mistake.
  • Fear of missing trading opportunities.

Join Yandas free crypto trading bot for Binance and start advancing your crypto trading strategies using the best crypto bots. 

Automated Crypto Trading; Interview With Mario Stumpo, CEO Of Yanda.

Yanda Bot Platform noted that 3 of the 7 companies that join us this round are working in the field of crypto-asset trading. Yanda is one of them, providing free automated cryptocurrency trading to novices and professional traders to give them the opportunity to create and share trading strategies and control their crypto assets from a single platform, without having to deposit their funds into a single crypto exchange.


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