Zapper Airdrop Review: Invest into the latest Opportunities in open Finance.

by Cws Team

About Zapper Airdrop

Zapper Airdrop is a DeFi dashboard for monitoring portfolio, including assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable rewards, and yield farming activities–but it requires users to share no personal data! Just connect an Ethereum wallet or paste in the ETH wallet address / ENS domain.

Zapper doesn’t have an own token and is highly likely that may launch one in the future. It’s also likely that may do an airdrop to early users of the platform if they launch a token.

Token NameZapper Airdrop
Total SupplyN/A
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Zapper Airdrop

First Step

Visit the Zapper website.

Second step

Connect a supporting network wallet.

Third Step

Zapper currently supports Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Harmony and Celo.

Fourth Step

Now try to make a swap, participate in quests, provide liquidity and more.

Fifth Step

It’s highly likely that they may do an airdrop to early users of the platform if they launch an own token.

Six Step

Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop and that they will launch their own token. It’s only speculation.

Getting Started

The Zapper API provides some of the most robust DeFi related data, everything from liquidity and prices on different AMMs to complex DeFi protocol balances all in one convenient place. In addition, the API also supports bridging between different networks as well as formatted Zap transaction endpoints.

Data Endpoints

The Zapper Developer APIs provides the Ethereum community with accessible and consistent DeFi data for an ever increasing number of protocols. For a full list of supported protocols, see here. Check out the guides section to see how to query account balances, pool stats, and more.

Transactions Endpoints

The Zapper API Transaction endpoints makes it easy for builders to interact directly with a wide range of DeFi protocols. Get an easy to consume transaction for approving, adding, removing, and rebalancing liquidity through any of zap contracts. Making it a breeze to submit a DeFi related transaction.

This API returns a transaction object which includes all of the contextual data needed to be consumed by Web3, Ethers or other Smart Contracts. This enables anyone to assemble and execute a complex Zap including multi exchange hops and interacting with several DeFi protocols in a single atomic transaction. To learn more, check out the guides section.

Zapper Endpoints

The Swagger UI linked below contains an overview of all of the available endpoints. Be creative and feel free to reach out with suggestions or to show us what you’ve built.

API Guides

Transaction Endpoints

Assembling a Zap transaction is simple to do with the Transaction endpoints. Provide basic details like the token to sell, pool or vault to interact with, and token quantities to send and the API will assemble and return an easy to consume Zap transaction for you to use in apps or smart contracts.

Pool/Vault Stats and Account Balances

The same patterns shown here can be used for any of Zapper’s supported platforms.

  • The Yearn Vault Stats guide shows you how to pull data from the Zapper Data Endpoints. Vault stats includes platforms whose deposits are used for automated farming strategies (e.g. Yearn, Harvest, Pickle, etc.)
  • The Sushiswap Pool Stats guide shows you how to get pool data from the Zapper Data API. Pool stats includes platforms whose deposits are pooled as liquidity for exchanges (e.g. Sushiswap, Uniswap, Balancer, etc.)
  • Fetching user balances for Zapper’s supported platforms is also possible. Check out the Protocol Balances guide for examples.
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