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About Animal Farm Dogs

The Animal Farm is a platform that allows users to easily and trustlessly lend their crypto to decentralized exchanges, where the capital is then used to fill order books and to make trading on these exchanges more liquid. Users earn a yield from the exchanges to which Animal Farm lends capital, paid out through the BUSD dividend model, as well as in the form of their native assets.

The Animal Farm has two native tokens, AFD (DOGS) and AFP (PIGS). The Animal Farm offers a variety of financial instruments that you can only access with its native assets. Users benefit from innovative tokenomics, dynamic emissions, vesting, gamification, advanced game theory and lending via rehypothecation.

Animal Farm Dogs Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameAnimal Farm Dogs
Short NameAFD
Circulating Supply1,743,474 AFD
Max SupplyN/A
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Own Your Share

The Animal Farm utilizes a full governance model that allows investors to secure ownership of the platform itself, not just the tokens. This innovative ownership model allows investors to exercise voting rights, while earning profit in the form of dividends (BNB and BUSD) without needing to sell the platform’s native assets.

Fully Decentralized Lending

The Animal Farm allows for fully decentralized lending that does not rely on algorithmic stable coins or high risk models. Instead, collateralized TVL on Animal Farm is lent to PCS to provide an additional low-risk yield aggregation compounded on top of native yield aggregation. A percentage of the generated yield is used in a crowdfunding model where governance stakers can vote to allocate the funds to additional investment opportunities.

Dog Pound

The Dog Pound is Animal Farm’s loyalty program which allows investors to reduce the transaction tax by at least 0.75-1% a day on their AFD while earning a high yield BNB dividend. AFD has a variable tax which acts as an innovative form of vesting that doesn’t lock up the users assets but instead creates an incentive structure which transfers value from user transacting AFD with a low loyalty score, to users who are in the Dog Pound. 2/3 of all taxes applied to AFD transactions are swapped for BNB and paid out to Dog Pound stakers. Auto-compounding in the Dog Pound allows stakers to reduce their AFD tax at the fastest possible rate while compounding their yield.

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank is the only non-inflationary, variable time-locking product where depositors stake AFP/BUSD LP to earn compound interest, up to 3% of their principal a day. A users interest is based on their individual rate of compounding and their chosen lock up period. The longer a user locks their ability to withdraw earned AFP/BUSD LP interest, the higher starting bonus that user is allocated, which they can then compound into their principal over the life of their stake.

Dynamic Supply Control

Unlike other platforms that blindly emit rewards, Animal Farm utilizes an innovative fully decentralized Dynamic Supply Control Algorithm which adjusts yield within a sustainable range based on demand for the underlying assets and even becomes deflationary in times of low demand

Full Governance Model

A full governance model which allows investors to secure ownership of the platform itself, not just the tokens. This ownership allows investors to vote on the curated roadmap proposals as well as secure dividends in the form of BNB and BUSD generated by platform fees without needing to sell the platform’s native assets.

What is the Animal Farm Dogs (AFD) token?

Animal Farm Dogs is a native farming token earned by staking in all non-native farms and pools aside from DRIP/BUSD. AFD (DOGS) benefits from an innovative vesting system that does not lock DOGS, but reduces the variable sales tax based on the user’s loyalty score. The loyalty model ensures DOGS are always an attractive vehicle to earn yield over time that supports the price of AFD and AFP. The platform implements a burn mechanism to reduce the total supply in real time while tokens are transacted.

The Animal Farms loyalty model keeps all the benefits of traditional vesting without the negative externalities. This is achieved with a variable tax on AFD token transactions (yield asset) instead of locking assets to prevent predicted supply unlock events.

Newly acquired AFD tokens start with a transaction tax between 6% and 90%. Users who stake in the DOG POUND reduce the tax on their AFD by 0.75% to 1% a day, while earning dividends in BNB or AFP. This mechanism transfers value from those who exert negative pressure on native assets to those who hold them by securing profit in the form of BUSD.

Who Are the Founders of The Animal Farm?

Forex Shark is the creator of the The Animal Farm, DRIP Network, and R34P DAO projects. Forex Shark has extensive experience as a professional trader, financial educator, and cryptocurrency developer.

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Animal Farm Dogs Coin Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

FAQ Of Animal Farm Dogs Coin

Where I Can Find Animal Farm Dogs Coin Whitepaper?

You Can Find Animal Farm Dogs Coin Whitepaper By Clicking Here.

Where I Can Buy/Sell Balancer Token?

You Can Buy or Sell Animal Farm Dogs Token On Some Popular Exchange For Example – TraderJoe.

What is Circulating Supply Of Animal Farm Dogs Token?

Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token Is 1,743,474 AFD

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