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About is an intermediate system for automatic exchange between BANK types. You can easily exchange Perfect Money to BTC, BTCE, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, ACB and vice versa. executing an exchange on the system, transactions are carried out automatically 24/24 (regardless of day and night, T7 or CN). Each system transaction takes about 10s -> 30s. If there are multiple transactions done at the same time, your transaction may be delayed for a few minutes. If you see 5p without your transaction being done, please contact LiveChat for your transaction support!


When performing an exchange on the system, if you make a mistake, the system cannot automatically execute your transaction. Now you need to contact support via LiveChat to send your order information, support will conduct the check and confirm your order, if it will correct the order and make it again.

Payment Fee

All transactions are processed automatically, the transaction is completed in 10 seconds. Make transactions simple and easy to use!

PM = 0 VND (free)    PM = 0 VND (free)
BTCE = 0 VND (free) BTCE = 0 VND (free)
VCB = VND 3,300 VCB = VND 3,300
VTB = 1,100 VND -> 3,300 VND VTB = 1,100 VND -> 3,300 VND
ACB =  VND 10,500 ACB = VND 10,500

Special Features Of 


Every time you log in to your account on Autopay.Com, the system will automatically calculate Discount based on the amount traded on the system starting from 5% to 25% .

Every customer is entitled to Discounts only by registering as a member, but only for two types of SEND & RECEIVE transactions. System calculates% Discount based on the difference between SENDING  &  RECEIVING  the system (Including fee). You only need to register for membership at LV1 – 5%.

Discount Level will increase based on the total amount of SEND  &  RECEIVE transactions  (PM, BTCe) on the system. Corresponding to each Level is% Discount when the total amount reaches the specified system limit!


Autopay .com  is one of the largest transaction insurance systems on the MMO4ME forum in Vietnam. All exchange transactions on the site are fully guaranteed and 100% insured.  If you have any questions about insurance, please contact:

Fast Transactions

Most exchanges are carried out in minutes; no need to wait for hours or days to for a successful transaction. If you want to give out your bitcoins in exchange for another digital currency, your order will be cleared as soon as the Bitcoin payment is confirmed. This usually takes around 20 minutes or 24 hours at most. The customer service representatives will be with you to answer your queries if your transfer is a bit delayed.

No Additional Fees

Yes. Additional fee may be taken if the bank takes some additional fees towards your exchange. More information here – Autopay.Com

               Click Here To Visit Autopay.Com 

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