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About began as a small online business in 2009. They were very frustrated with the way other online business treated it’s members and never moved forward. They  believe if a business is to prosper that it must move forward with progress and improve. Not stay still. The name Ayu is the shorten word of the japanese word “ayumi”. Ayumi means progress, walking, or step in japanese.

Ayuwage simply wish that company AyuWage, achieves the same meaning as the word itself. AyuWage’s goal is to constantly find innovative new ways to pay members just for surfing websites. They will always be putting brain power into thinking of something new to help increase your earnings. Rest assured your journey with AyuWage will not be a dull one. But will be a growing experience.

Basic Information

Name Ayuwage
Profit Per Click 0.01 $
Referral rate 10%
Minimum Payout
5 $
Company Type PTC
Payment Soluton Bons d’achats Amazon, Walmart , Payza, Paypal
Hompage Click Here To Website

Get Paid for Viewing Websites

Why not get paid for something you already do on a daily basis? AyuWage will pay you for what you do everyday, surfing the internet. Get paid today for just surfing websites, doing simple tasks, and answering surveys.

Legitimate Trusted Network since 2009 have been paying members on-time and every time for over 3 years. AyuWage pays directly to your requested payment method within a few business days. Try us out today and give us the opportunity to pay you, just as they have paid for many others.

How Does AyuWage Work?

Like most other PTC websites, members of AyuWage will sign into their membership account and see what websites and tasks are available for you to easily and quickly complete, and what the associated payments will be.

Their members will be asked to go to various websites, click on advertisements, complete short surveys, and other basic activities in order to earn their money. You are also able to create a downline of earnings when you invite new members to join and they continue working earning money with this company as well.

Finally, AyuWage says that they provide their customers with an easily achievable minimum payout of just $5.00 in order to withdraw. They say that they keep their minimum payout low so that members know that they are dedicated to compensating you for your work.

Why Chhose people

Cashout Redemption

Ayuwage system makes cashing out easy and efficient. There is no long procedure or process that is required. They make it easy. With just a few clicks, you’ll be getting the money you deserve. Getting your money should not be a hassle!

Transfer System

Do you want to use your earnings somewhere else on our network. AyuWages provides many different services,. With easy transfer system, you can directly invest your earnings into one other services.

Opportunity Toolbar

Don’t let any of your earning opportunities slip away! Keep them under your radar with AyuWage’s toolbar. AyuWage’s toolbar will inform the member when new chances to earn money appear under the member’s account.

How much can I earn

From my experience on this site, I don’t really earn much. There are few opportunities to earn. I don’t really like how its platform looks like. It is very simple and quite boring. So far, I’ve only earned a penny from this site even though I spent more than a month to devote my time on Ayuwage.

AyuWage Rewards Program Enrolled

AyuWage rewards program reward each and every customers with promotions and special services. TThey want to thank each and every member for investing their time in AyuWage. They appreciate your business.

Referral Program

At Ayuwage you are earning 10% on every credit that your referral earns. Also, there is the option of renting referrals. The cost for that is 100 credits (0,05$) per week per referral. The referral that you rent has a guaranteed last activity in the past 7 days. Generally, I would recommend staying away from Ayuwage rented referrals as most likely they will cost you money.


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