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About Bitscrunch NFT

They acknowledge the boom of NFTs, Cryptos, and Blockchain! It is massive and undeniable. The enormous familiarity also raised a myriad of issues like security, decentralization, and volatility. At Bitscrunch NFT, they are committed to providing a consistent and reliable experience for digital asset (NFT) markets. Just like cryptocurrency, the NFT markets are highly speculative. With no proper tools that could save the NFT investors on a larger landscape, bitsCrunch acts as a guardian of the NFT ecosystem.

Basic Details Of Bitscrunch NFT Platform

Basic Details
NFT Platform Name Bitscrunch
Prices of NFT’s are inflated15%
Rise in fake NFT marketplaces200%
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What are NFTs?

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which represents unique, irreplaceable assets that live on the blockchain. In-game assets, digital art, and collectible-related projects are the most prominent NFT use cases today.

NFTs are also generally one of a kind, or at least one of a really limited run, and  have  unique relating laws. “ Constitutionally, NFTs result digital shortage, ” says Arry Yu, speaker of the Washington Technology Industry Association Cascadia Blockchain Council and managing director of Lily-livered Umbrella Fliers.

In contrast, fungible assets have units that are interchangeable with one another, such as bitcoin or the dollar bill.

How do I sign up for Bitscrunch NFT Platform?

Click the sign-up button in the top right corner of the Bitscrunch NFT homepage, or use the link here. To complete the sign-up process, please enter the required info including your full name, email address, username and password.

Verify Bitscrunch NFT Account

Before Starting You Need To Verify Your Email ID . Just Click On Verify Link Which You Received By Email At Your Register Email Address At Bitscrunch NFT .

What can I find on Bitscrunch NFT?

You can find a curated collection of items that are suitable to be converted into NFTs. works with some of the most popular and well-regarded creators and brands to bring you highly sought after collectibles.


  • Facilitate the adoption of non-fungible tokens by enhancing their liquidity
  • To provide a transparent NFT marketplace that enhances the credibility of an asset
  • Build models to estimate the true value of assets
  • Produce tailored market reports & competitor analysis to help projects better understand their customers or marketing opportunities

The bitsCrunch Advantage

Scour – AI watchdog

Protect the NFT marketplace & mint like a pro. Now flag the spoofing transactions that manipulate the price & volume of your NFT assets with AI-based wash trading detection solution.

On average 20% of NFTs are being affected by wash trading

Bitscrunch NFT Marketplaces no longer have reliable metrics for determining growth and reach of their platforms.

Statistics have become less and less reliable, complicating Due Diligence for investors.

Collectors and traders are incapable of making informed decisions.

As wash traders earn rewards, the community is most affected.

Scour identifies the spoofing transactions that manipulate both the volume and price of the assets in the NFT ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence.

How Solve Problems

Through the hard work, brainpower, and proactivity of top-notch data science professionals, they blend Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to come out with customer-friendly digital products that not only secure the NFT ecosystem but also provide industry-relevant analytics that help rocket-launch NFT ventures!

Fastest scouring

Bitscrunch NFT Scour is a reliable product in the NFT marketplace that is washing away the wash traders. So, you can have a platform with genuine asset pricing and a volume of tokens.

A knowledge graph at your service

An AI-based knowledge graph that includes a history of all transfers, wallet addresses, reward token distributions, etc. So, an intelligent algorithm that can identify any wash trade pattern.

A one-stop solution

A simple check-mate to all the wash trading problems. And that comes with seamless integration of your existing NFT portfolios.

Unleash NFTs

Bitscrunch NFT Want to keep track of your favourite collections on NFT?

-Need a real-time NFT portfolio tracker/analytics dashboard

-Need a comprehensive value of your NFT collections & holdings?

Explore NFTs with Unleash NFTs

-The real-time portfolio tracker/analytical dashboard for NFTs.

-Track your favourite collections on NFT anytime, anywhere.

-Improve your understanding of the value of your NFT holdings.

Enabling, Engaging & Empowering Big NFT Ecosystems

Bitscrunch NFT analytics and security products provide actionable NFT insights and safeguard your NFT assets. Get ahead of the NFT asset security curve with AI-powered platforms that are simple to implement and easy to use.

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