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About Blackfort Wallet

Blackfort Wallet and Exchange’s security features are impressive, but they’re not the only reason why this new player in the cryptocurrency market arena can be called safe. The company has recently been approved for Europe’s new cryptocurrency license under the latest regulatory standard (license number: FVT000100). This license is the most stringent one for cryptocurrency services and is issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit.

All the company’s business activities are regulated and supervised by a European financial authority. Safety and privacy is key, we will never have any access to your wallet and you control it in its entirety. Store your wallet offline and retain maximum safety while also having the security to restore your wallet by simply inputting your 12 word wallet passphrase.

BlackFort Wallet Fee Schedule

Token Benefits

The main benefit of the Blackfort Wallet tokens is that they offer all the holders a progressive discount on our service fees depending on the amount of tokens held. The discount can be achieved regardless of how the tokens were acquired through either, commissions, sign ups, sales and CryptoReward. You can find the discount levels offered below. (To activate CryptoReward, please Mint BXF of at least the following volumes)

  • Mint BXF for:Self CryptoReward:
  • 0-1 ETH (Self Mint)10%
  • 1-2 ETH (Self Mint)15%
  • 2-4 ETH (Self Mint)20%
  • 4 ETH or more25%

Wallet Fees

  • Download and Wallet UseFree
  • SendingBlockchain Fees only
  • ReceivingBlockchain Fees only
  • xrp wallet activationNetwork Fees only (20 xrp)
  • ERC20 Token Fee SendingNetwork Fees only (Ethereum required)
  • Smartcontract InteractionNetwork Fees only (Ethereum required for any action)

Exchange Services:

  • Crypto-Crypto Swaps1,5%
  • Buy Crypto with Creditcard7%
  • Buy Crypto with Bank (OTC available from 5.000 via order form)Coming soon
  • Sell Crypto to Bank (OTC available from 5.000 via order form)Coming soon
  • Exchange/Swap transfers*Network feesAll transactions to be made use variable network fees, these depend on each individual blockchain and are not included in the Exchange or swap fees.

Custom Business Requests

  • ERC20 Fixing in listStarting at €2.500,-
  • Custom Token ListingStarting at €5.000,-

Supported Tokens and coins

BlackFort Wallet and Exchange as well as the BlackFort Payment Solution will initially be
supporting the following cryptocurrencies;
ERC20 Tokens


  • Payment Solution & Wallet merchant functions integration: Please contact here

Client side wallet

Safety and privacy is key, they will never have any access to your wallet and you control it in its entirety. Store your wallet offline and retain maximum safety while also having the security to restore your wallet by simply inputting your 12 or 24 wallet passphrases. No one apart from you has access to your funds. Keep your words safe at all times.

Swap Function

Blackfort wallet lets you Instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another to let you access the vast amount of crypto assets on the market while safely storing them on your own secure wallet.

Buy with credit card

For your extra convenience, cryptocurrencies are able to be bought with your credit card, for the times when you’re on the move and you want to stock up cryptocurrencies to your portfolio. Quick, safe and reliable.

Buy and sell crypto with SEPA (Coming soon)

Blackfort Wallet believe that everyone should have access to cryptocurrencies and their associated use cases. In order to make it as easy as possible for users they implementing the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with SEPA. Simple, fast and directly through your account whether buying or selling.

Team Bonuses:

Blackfort Wallet wants to make building a team to be both fun and profitable for everyone. Depending on your own purchases, direct affiliates and their affiliates you start to earn team bonuses, that means the more you and your team bring awareness to partners and the market about BlackFort Wallet, the more you and your partners stand to earn. This is way of saying thank you for the marketing affiliates are carrying out for . There are 9 bonus levels as well as 2 Executive levels to our most loyal and effective partners. Team bonuses are structured and calculated by the following calculations. All bonuses are based on a percentage differential.

  • Rank (Self Mint ETH)Team Commission in %Team Turnover (ETH)
  • User0,00%(0.00)
  • 1 Star (0.10 ETH) 2,00% (1.00 ETH)
  • 2 Star (0.25 ETH) 3,00% (2.50 ETH)
  • 3 Star (0.50 ETH) 4,00% (5.00 ETH)
  • 4 Star (1.00 ETH) 5,00% (10.00 ETH)
  • 5 Star (1.50 ETH) 6,00% (20.00 ETH)
  • 6 Star (2.00 ETH) 7,00% (50.00 ETH)
  • Diamond (2.50 ETH) 8,00% (200.00 ETH) 60/40
  • Diamond Elite (3.00 ETH) 9,00% (500.00 ETH) 60/40
  • Blue Diamond (5.00 ETH) 10,00% (1,500.00 ETH) 60/40

Download BlackFort Wallet & Exchange

BlackFort Wallet & Exchange is a secure client-side Wallet Application that allows its users to Buy/Sell and store as well as send and receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, XRP, Litecoin, USDT, BXF and all ERC20 Tokens in one place.

BlackFort Wallet is a one-stop platform. Users who are looking for a simple and intuitive experience of using crypto with advanced client-side security as well as the possibility to exchange and buy/sell crypto in a few simple steps then BlackFort Wallet is your partner.

With BlackFort Wallet the user is in full control of their funds. Private keys are stored on the device and never leave it, protected by a 12-word mnemonic phrase to prevent any unauthorised access to the funds. The user can also use their phone’s native security features to lock the Wallet application for the extra layer of protection. A passcode or the biometric security unlock can be used.

Simple, Intuitive and multifunctional. Every single currency wallet displays the entire transaction history. The chart function allows users to check price graphs as well as choose to display the value of your assets in 15 Fiat currencies.

BlackFort Wallet & Exchange APP features:

1. Private Keys never leave your device and only you control and possess them.
2. Store a vast number of cryptocurrencies on your wallet.
3. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, XRP, Litecoin, USDT and many more with your Credit- Debit- and Bank Cards.
4. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies with SEPA bank-transfer.
5. In App Crypto-to-Crypto Swap for all supported pairs.
6. Simple and Intuitive Interface
7. Enable and Disable old and new Coin addresses with on/off function.
8. Support Ticketing System.
9. Light and Dark mode

Coins and Token Support:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, XRP, USDT, Litecoin and all ERC20 coins and tokens. Feel free to Join our news channel on Telegram (@BlackFortWallet), Twitter (@BlackFortWallet) for updates on social media and our Medium Blog (@Blackfortwallet) if you want to hear about our thoughts on the developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Tips for securely storing your BlackFort Wallet

  • Do your own research. Before sending any coins or private data to a wallet, make sure you have researched the wallet provider to make sure everything is above board. Keep an eye out for scam wallets, such as those using URLs only slightly different to the URLs of legitimate wallet providers, and check out some independent reviews for all the pros and cons.
  • Back it up. use of your wallet’s back-up and restore facility so that if something ever goes wrong with your wallet, you’ll be able to recover your funds.
  • Set a strong password. Now is not the time to be lazy when creating a password; take your time to create a strong and uncrackable code.
  • Make use of all available security features. Make the most of all the security features your wallet offers, such as two-factor authentication or multi-signature transactions. It’ll offer increased protection for your funds and greater peace of mind for you.
  • Update your antivirus software. care to regularly update the antivirus protection and anti-malware software on any device you will be using to access your wallet.
  • Keep your private keys private. Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of your private keys. Store them somewhere safe and don’t share them with anyone else.


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be in the safety site and avoid much losing online.

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