Coindcx Cryptocurrency Exchange Review : Pros & Cons

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About Coindcx

Coindcx is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell various digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, using both fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of trading pairs. The platform also includes advanced trading features such as margin trading and stop loss orders. Additionally, the Coindcx exchange has high security and 24/7 customer support.

Information Table

Exchange Name Coindcx
Exchange Service Spot and futures trading
Exchange Launch Year2018
Made InIndia
Mobile App Android & IOS
Fiat Option Available
2FA SecurityAvailable
Minimum Deposit10 INR
Transactions FeesDepends on Club Level and Volume
Listed Cryptocurrency200+
SupportEmail & Live Chat Option Available
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

How To Register At Coindcx Exchange ?

To register on Coindcx , click Register Now button at the top of the page. You can also start creating an account directly through the form on the main page.

Coindcx Cryptocurrency Exchange Review : Pros & Cons

You only need to enter your e-mail and come up with a password. If there is a referral code, it is also entered at this stage. Password requirements: at least 8 characters, numbers, upper and lower case.

Click ” Create Account ” then go to your email to verify it. Enter the code you received and registration is complete. You can start replenishing your account.

How To Verify Your Coindcx Account ?

There is no mandatory verification at Coindcx , but you can pass it if you wish. At the moment, the only restriction imposed on unverified users is the withdrawal Fee of 0.001 BTC per day. In the future, depending on the actions of regulatory authorities, conditions may change.

For verification, you can use one of four documents to choose from: passport, driver’s license, identity card or residence permit. Artificial intelligence is used to evaluate the authenticity of documents. This service is provided by the Onfido online identification service, already used by the Bitstamp, Revolut platforms.

How To Buy Crypto Or Deposit Crypto At Coindcx Crypto Exchange ?

There are two main options for topping up your balance on Coindcx . Firstly, you can buy cryptocurrency with a bank card – it’s fast and convenient. Go to the ” Buy crypto ” -> ” Buy crypto with a credit card ” section.

Choose a cryptocurrency (currently there are 13 coins available for purchase in this way). Enter the amount and select the fiat currency to be used for payment.

Agree to the terms and confirm the transition to the site of the payment provider. Enter information about the card and its owner, confirm the transaction. Cryptocurrency will be credited to the exchange account within a few minutes.

Second Method

You can transfer digital assets to the balance of the exchange from any external crypto wallet. For this:

  • Go to the “Deposit” section from the “Assets” menu.
  • From the drop-down list, you can select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit into your account.
  • The wallet address will appear. You need to copy it and send funds to it from another wallet or exchange. Please note that only bitcoin can be sent to bitcoin addresses, similarly with other coins.
  • You can also click “Show QR code” – for transfers from a mobile wallet, this is a more convenient option.

How To Withdraw Crypto Asset From Coindcx Exchange ?

Having completed all the necessary trading operations, it’s time to withdraw the received assets to an external wallet. Go to ” Assets ” -> ” Withdraw “. Please note that the operation is only available after enabling two-factor authentication in the settings. This is for added security and requires less than a minute, so don’t neglect this measure.

Select a cryptocurrency and enter the withdrawal amount. Each coin has its own withdrawal fee, for example, for BTC it is 0.00057 BTC. Click ” Output “. By default, the exchange processes applications three times a day, however, hourly withdrawals are available for Premium users. Also, the time of receipt of the cryptocurrency is affected by the workload of the blockchain network.

How To Secure Your Coindcx Account ?

Also remember to go to the Security tab and activate two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app – this is the most reliable way to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

CoinDCX Fees

Users have to pay a fee called the trading fee whenever they order for an exchange. Investors are usually drawn by low trading fees. The charge for takers is 0.04% and the charge for makers is 0.06%. For withdrawal, CoinDCX cryptocurrency Fees are 0.001 BTC per BTC. Click here for more information about its fee structure.

Transaction fees on CoinDCX platforms for customers are determined by our Dynamic Fee Structure (DFS).

Customer transaction fees across our platforms will be determined by the individual’s last 30 day cumulative trade volume volume across INR markets only.

Your Level & Fees on our platform for INR trading pairs will be updated on a daily basis as per the fee structure below:

Club30d Trading Volume (INR)Maker Fee (Spot/Margin)Taker Fee (Spot/Margin)
Level 10 – 5L0.500%0.500%
Level 25L – 50L0.400%0.400%
Level 350L – 1Cr0.350%0.350%
Level 41Cr – 2.5Cr0.250%0.250%
Level 52.5Cr – 5Cr0.200%0.200%
Level 65Cr+0.150%0.150%

Dynamic Fee Structure Explained

For instance, if your total trading volume from 2nd to 31st August, 2022,i.e. for 30 days, is INR 7,00,000, then the maker and taker fees applicable for you on 1st September, will be 0.4%, i.e., Level 2 of the Dynamic Fee Structure.

Indian Rupee (INR)Minimum Withdrawal LimitWithdrawal FeeMinimum Deposit LimitDeposit Fee
Indian Rupee (INR)100.0000 INR0.0000 INR500 INR0 INR
CryptoMinimum Withdrawal LimitWithdrawal Fee
Tron (TRX)150.0000 TRX1.0000 TRX
Tether (USDT)10.0000 USDT1.0000 USDT
Bitcoin (BTC)0.0010 BTC0.0005 BTC

Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted payment method is usually e-Transfer or Bank Draft, whichever is convenient for specific investors.

Supported Currencies and Countries

CoinDCX Reviews say that it accepts Bitcoins, Ethereum, and 200 other varieties of altcoins. It only accepts INR as far as FIAT currencies are concerned. It is operational in India and Singapore.

Features Of Coindcx Crypto Exchange

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on CoinDCX

Traders can use both the website and the mobile app to sell and buy cryptocurrencies on the platform. They just need to create an account on these mediums to get started. It is very easy to use it. If one has minimum knowledge of how mobile phones work, they can easily trade through this exchange.

Simple & Quick

Download the CoinDCX app, complete KYC and deposit INR to start investing

Valuing Risk Appetite

They value your risk appetite and enable you to invest with amount as low as Rs. 100

CoinDCX Security

This CoinDCX Review assures users that this is one of the most secured trading platforms in the world. This crypto exchanges in India does not share the customer’s KYC with third parties. It has a two-step authentication procedure that adds to its security protocol.

Customer Support

As per the CoinDCX Review, The platform has a unique customer support unit that works 24X7. If users face any trouble, they can get expert help on INR management, onboarding, ticketing, and many other things. Customers can directly chat with their executives regarding any trade-related queries between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Contact Us

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  • Team:
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  • Regulatory Issues/Enforcement Authorities:

Available At Android & IOS Store

CoinDCX exchange application available on both world famous mobile store google play store and iOS store . You Can download App and start trading .

Passive earning tools

In the Passive Income section of CoinDCX , you can invest USDT or BTC and earn daily profits. At the same time, the exchange guarantees the receipt of the declared profit, since even in the event of a deterioration in the market situation, it will cover payments from its own funds until it develops a new strategy.

Mind Blowing Design

They’ve done a great job with making the homepage easy to navigate. The only drawback is that, with the white background, it can be hard on your eyes. Other than that, you’ll find their charts and trade tools easy to use if you’re already familiar with Tradingview.

Conclusion Coindcx

Coindcx is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading pairs and advanced features such as margin trading and stop loss orders. It has a user-friendly interface, high security and 24/7 customer support. It allows users to buy and sell digital assets using both fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies. Coindcx can be a good choice for both novice and experienced traders looking for a reliable and secure platform to trade digital assets.

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