What Is CoinGhost (GST)? Complete Guide & Review About CoinGhost

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What Is CoinGhost (GST)?

Coinghost aims to be a more specialized blockchain portal by supplementing the problems of other blockchain platforms. Google, Naver, and Daum have grown into mega portal sites by providing a variety of services that users need, such as news, information search, and shopping, games and so many more. They also intends to grow into the largest portal in the blockchain industry with expertise by providing services that anyone may need and is interested in, such as news, user participation space, shopping, UGC and games. In an era where false information is spreading as the Internet is activated, They aims to provide accurate information based on articles of major media in the blockchain industry.

Coinghost Coin also aims to expand its service world wide, providing users multi language service. They will be providing a platform where users can interact with one another, share information. Moreover the implements a reward system that pays GST to users who have contributed to the creation and spread of useful content. The reward system is used to induce users to voluntarily participate in the process of generating excellent content and expand Coinghost’s eco system.

Coinghost Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCoinghost
Short NameGST
Circulating Supply N/A
Max SupplyN/A
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Numerous people are participating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets, but they are not legally recognized, and in the face of social contradictions with high barriers to entry, ecosystem participants are like ghosts. Coinghost Coin expresses its will to become a righteous ghost in the coin age in the dark, and expresses the meaning of taking off the mask of ghosts and moving into a brighter world through evolution. In this process, the GST token becomes a medium that gives voluntary participation, hope, and joy to the ecosystem.


In CoinGhost, GST is consumed or rewarded by content providers and consumers through news provision, information sharing posts, and COGO TV. In addition, it maximizes the promotional effect through advertisement exposure tailored to the types of content production participants and consumers.

Content production participant

Content production participants have the purpose of content production based on their expertise and insight, and participate voluntarily. Participants in content production are rewarded based on the posts, shopping mall products, and streaming service content they produce.


Consumers consume content and services produced by other users through digital asset investment information, COGO TV sponsorship, and crypto payments. Receive fair and transparent compensation according to the level of participation in the process of consumption and distribution of content and services.


By creating content that includes advertiser’s promotional content, such as CoinGhost posts and COGO TV, the project’s products or systems are exposed with targeted advertisements suitable for the purpose of publicity, and effective publicity effects are obtained. In return, it provides rewards distributed to content producers and consumers.

We Provide

news high

It provides articles from various crypto media companies, focusing on the articles of the No. 1 blockchain media Coin Leaders and the breaking news media Coinness. You can access general trends in the blockchain industry as well as articles that analyze important issues related to the industry.

It is a space where users can communicate by writing various contents such as blockchain-related issues, investment diaries, and chats. You can mine GST by posting a post. In addition, you can provide GST to the post creator by clicking ‘Like’ on another user’s post.

knowledge high school

Coinghost Coin is a space where you can get information by posting questions and answers related to blockchain. Information is shared through the voluntary participation of users, and both the questioner and the answerer receive GST as a reward.


Based on the four major domestic exchanges and Binance, listing information such as new listing, delisting, designation of notice, and release of notice, AMA, and airdrop schedule can be collected at once.


Coinghost own Wikipedia, where users can directly edit and write blockchain project information, users who participate in information production can mine GST.

Kogo Bank

It is a staking service that allows you to deposit GST and receive interest rates higher than those of commercial banks.


It is a streaming service that specializes in crypto contents developed by Coinghost Coin, and you can access NFT/coin video news, NFT project summary information, etc.


Breakthrough mining system

Users can freely share digital assets, NFTs, and block chain information on the CoinGhost platform by voluntarily creating content, and GST is provided as a reward for activities such as questions and answers of blogos and knowledge centers.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Service

Through the GST staking service for GST holders, it stabilizes the GST value and creates a virtuous cycle of tokens.

Provide professional information

Induces entry into the blockchain market by providing essential information to crypto investors through news provision, real-time market price provision, and self-streaming service to know the trends of the block chain industry.


CEO – Tyson Ha

CTO – Ivan Kim

CMO & Journalist – Amy JO

Software Engineer – Dan Shin

App Developer – Ben Shin

Head of UI/UX Design – Jerry Seo

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