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The Market Plummeted, And Visual Observations Did Not Have Much To Do With The Currency Circle Itself, But Were Brought Down By The Global Capital Market. The Madman Repeatedly Mentioned In The Article A Few Days Ago That The Fed’s Expected Balance Sheet Reduction Is Increasing, And At The Same Time In The Currency Circle. , American Supervision May Come At Any Time, These Signs Are Pointing, Short-term Pain Is Unavoidable, But These Are The Market’s Policy Choices, The Sudden Decline Is Really Caught Off Guard.

In Terms Of Policy, The Us Regulatory Agency Believes That Stablecoins Have Bypassed Regulatory Loopholes And Are Studying How To Regulate Stablecoins. At The Same Time, Stablecoins Are Listed As Securities. This Is A More Dangerous Signal. If Stablecoins Are The First To Be Regulated By The United States, It May Cause A Problem.

A Series Of Reactions, Especially Usdt, A Run Will Directly Lead To A Delay In Redemption Crisis. There Was A Thunderstorm About Usdt In History. At That Time, The Price Of Usdt Plummeted By More Than 10%. The Exchange Of All Currencies To Usdt Skyrocketed, While Bitcoin Vs. Usd The Price Rose Slightly.

So The Madman Came Up And Came To The Conclusion That This Decline Has Little To Do With The Currency Circle Itself. On The Other Hand, There Has Been A Large-scale Decline In The Periphery. The Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Technology, And Hang Seng Real Estate Have All Plummeted, And The European Stock Market Has Fallen 2 %, Dow Jones Pre-market Futures Are Currently In A State Of Sharp Decline, Ftse A50 Fell 3% To Close, And Commodities Generally Fell.

On The One Hand, It Stems From The Tightening Expectations Of The Federal Reserve And The European Central Bank. On The Other Hand, Various Rumors Of Evergrande Have Deepened Panic, Which In Turn Affected The Trend Of The Currency Circle. After All, Many Quantitative Funds In The Currency Circle Will Automatically Track The World For Reference. Significant Index, Which Automatically Adjusts Its Strategy Of Adding And Reducing Positions.

U.s. Treasury Secretary Yellen Once Again Urged Congress To Raise The Debt Ceiling. Since 1960, Congress Has Raised The Debt Ceiling 80 Times. Now Congress Must Do So Again, Otherwise The United States May Fall Into A Greater Crisis. The Knife Is Already On The Neck. In The End, It Is Only A Matter Of Time To Compromise. Our Overall Environment Has Not Changed, And It Is Enough To Hold Money.

Since Mid-july, Crypto Whales Have Purchased Up To 8.8 Billion U.s. Dollars In Bitcoins. In The Past Two Months, They Have Increased Their Holdings By 184,699 Bitcoins. The Number Of Retail Addresses With Less Than 10 Bitcoins Has Also Continued To Increase. In The Middle Or Late Period Of The Bull Market.

The Downloads Of Crypto Apps Showed Explosive Growth In The Second Week Of September. Coinbase Downloads Increased By 318%, Followed By Altcoin Mobile Broker Voyager, Followed By Coinmarketcap And With Such Dazzling Data, It Is Difficult For The Market Outlook To Have The Basis For A Sustained Plunge. Today’s Callback May Be A Good Short-term Entry Opportunity, So Don’t Miss It.

El Salvador Bought 150 Bitcoins Again, And Currently Holds 700 Bitcoins. It’s Still A Kid. Buy It Slowly, Haha.

Jpmorgan Chase Analysts Said That Eth Is Severely Overvalued, With A Fair Value Of $1,500. The Reason Is That Ethereum Is No Longer So Unique And Is Facing Fierce Competition From Sol And Avax. 80% Of This Analyst Doesn’t Understand Anything. To Say That The Competition Between Sol And Ada Is Acceptable, What Does It Mean To Add Avax? Avax Is Just The Second-tier Network Of Ethereum, It’s Just A Dependency Relationship, Not Competition. Therefore, The Fair Value He Gave Is Naturally A Blind Price, And The Madman Is Still Optimistic About The Future Of Ethereum.

According To Ukrainian Officials’ Assets Declaration In 2020, 652 Officials Admitted To Possessing A Total Of 46,351 Bitcoins. These Officials Are Already Free, And Their Heads Are Holding Coins, And The Country’s Ass Will Definitely Determine Their Heads.

In November, There Is Another Good News To Look Forward To, The Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade, Which Includes Three Proposals, Which Can Greatly Improve User Privacy, Network Scalability, And Bitcoin Interoperability. This Upgrade Will Be Bitcoin’s Best So Far. Important Upgrades Laid The Foundation For The Large-scale Innovation And Adoption Of Bitcoin. After September, The Light Will Come By Itself.

The Number Of Withdrawals On The Usdt Exchange Reached A 19-month Low. Yesterday, The Withdrawal Amount Had A Low Point, Indicating That Everyone’s Desire To Withdraw Money Is Very Low, And Holding Currency Is The General Trend.

Coinbase Institutional Tweeted That The Market Liquidity Of Coinbase Is Still Strong, And The Depth Of Bitcoin Market Making Is Close To The Best Level In 6 Months. This Shows That The Market Is Extremely Active, Which Is One Of The Signals That The Market Outlook Continues To Be Strong.

Market Analysis


Late September Is A Good Opportunity To Buy On The Left. September In History Is Indeed Not Very Good, So The Decline Is Also In Accordance With The Objective Law, The General Trend Is Not A Problem With Various Data, So As Long As There Is A Sharp Decline, You Must Dare To Participate. 3 Months There May Be Surprises In The Future, And 40000-45000 Are All Excellent Areas For Adding Warehouses.


The Recent Trend Is Still Weak, But It Does Not Affect The Amount Of Its Destruction. It Is Currently Under Strong Support And There Will Be A Rebound At Least In The Short Term.


There Are No New Expectations, But It Has Also Fallen To The Support Level, And It Is Expected To Rebound In The Short Term.


Linked With High Volatility, Supported By The Top 25, There Is A Rebound Expected.


After Experiencing The Scam Before, It Is Difficult To Reverse The Package Without Washing The Disk For A Month.


The Smart Contract Has Been Deployed For Half A Day. The Result Is A Programmable Validator, Not A Smart Contract. All Deployed Smart Contracts Need To Wait Time To Activate Before They Can Be Made Public. At Present, More Than 3000 Smart Contracts On The Chain Are Waiting For Activation. The Upgrade Is Not As Expected. The Situation Will Be Adjusted. Will Continue.


The Decline Is Not Big, It Hasn’t Gone Bad, Hold It.


Since The Downtime, It Has Been Devastated, The Logic Of Invincible Expectations Is Gone, And It Is Expected To Continue To Adjust In The Future.


It Hasn’t Gone Bad, But The Callback Is A Trend Increase Point.


It’s A Bit Broken. If Jinming Doesn’t Go Back, Consider Stopping Loss.


The Amount Of Locked Positions In The Agreement Is Still Growing And Can Continue To Be Held.


If The Position Is Broken, The Rebound Can Be Considered First.


The Market Has Taken A Turnaround And The Funds Are Still On The Scene. It Is Expected That The High Level Will Continue To Fluctuate.

Although It Is A General Decline Today, It Is A Good Time To Choose Coins. Some Coins Will Come Out When They Fall Below The Position, And Some Coins Will Be A Callback To The Upward Trend. Later, The Market Will Be Strong And The Weak Will Have To Rest For A While. From A Point Of View, 1-2 Days After The Rebound, There Is Still The Possibility Of A New Low.

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