What Mistakes Should Be Avoid When Investing In The Cryptocurrency

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Hello Coinworldstory Visitors How Are You We Hope You Are Fine & Healthy. Today We Guide You What Mistake Crypto Investors Do In Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Mistake Article In Details.

At The Beginning Of 2020, Interest In Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies Resumed. The Public Mood Always Follows The Price. Rising Prices Often Mean Increasing Audience Attention, And The Media Suddenly Start Making Forecasts For New Record Highs.

Each New Positive Wave From The Media Brings Newcomers To The World Of Cryptocurrencies, Who Hear That People Become Rich By Investing In Cryptocurrencies. However, Instead Of Blindly Believing Such Headlines, It Is Better To Study The Mistakes Of Others And Learn From Them.

When Investing In Cryptocurrencies, You Also Need To Think About What Exactly Can Ruin Your Portfolio. You Should Know And Remember These Things, And By Following The List, Make Sure That Your Cryptocurrency Investments Are Safe And You Are On Your Way To Success.

Succumb To FOMO

Fomo Is An Obsessive Fear Of Missing A Good Opportunity Or Interesting Event. This Emotion Can Be Associated With The Idea That Someone Is Lucky And You Are Not. For Example, You Can See That Someone In Social Networks Talks About “Raising A Decent Amount Of Money” From A Coin.

This Can Trigger An Appropriate Emotional Response And Make You Regret That You Missed This Opportunity. 2017 Was One Of The Most Hyped Years In The Crypto Industry, As Bitcoin Grew From $1000 To $20,000 During The Year.

Those Who Bought Cryptocurrency At A Lower Price And Sold It At The Maximum, Really Became Millionaires. However, This Was Preceded By A Long Patience And Faith In Bitcoin. Each Of Us Could Have Been In That Place, But In Reality We Were Not.

There Were Also Those Who Bought Bitcoin “On Top” (At The Maximum Price), Succumbing To Fomo. Probably, There Are Now People Among Them Who Are Patiently Waiting For The New Star Hour Of The Main Cryptocurrency. But There Were Also Those Who Got Rid Of The Coins At A Loss To Themselves.

Irresponsible Investment Also Include In Crypto Mistake

A Well-known Rule Among Crypto Investors States That “You Cannot Invest More Than You Can Afford To Lose”. It’s Very Simple. It Is Unacceptable To Invest Your Money For Rent, College Tuition, Vacation Funds, Funds That You Saved For Housing, Etc. Otherwise, Financial Ruin.

Don’t Pay Attention To The Greedy Voice From Inside That Tells You To “Invest More”. It Is Better To Have A Specific Fund Of Funds That Is Used For Risky Speculation. Some Analysts And Investors Believe That This Fund Should Not Exceed 1% Of Your Portfolio.

Setting Clear Goals And Managing Risks Is Not The Easiest Aspect Of Investing. However, A Working Investment Plan Can Clearly Show You That The Difference Between A Modest Income And A Total Loss Of Funds Is Simply Huge.

Another Aspect Of Irresponsible Investing May Well Be Blindly Following The Signals Of Popular Analysts In Social Networks. Analysts Have Followers, And Therefore They Must Be “Good”. The Best Way Is To Check Each Asset For Its Fundamental And Technical Advantages. In Other Words, Do Your Own Research (Dyor) & Avoid Cryptocurrency Mistake.

Selling The “Bottom

The Reverse Side Of ” Buying The Top “Is”Selling The Bottom”. Looking Back, We Come To The Conclusion That ” The Bottom Was Not Worth Selling Then.” Such A Sale Can Trigger Complex And Confusing Human Emotions – Rather, Panic. However, The Relationship Of Emotions To Economic Markets Is Even More Unclear. If An Investment Loses 80% Of Its Value Within A Few Months, This Is Probably Enough To Make Even The Most Avid Investor Nervous.

Income Bragging

You May Have Succeeded On Cryptocurrencies And Feel Like The Smartest Person. Of Course, You Can Tell Your Friends About This. You Might As Well Brag To Your Non – Blood Relatives Who Claim That Cryptocurrencies Are A Scam.

However, Do Not Do This, Because This “Broadcast Of Victories” Makes You Visible. There Are Many People In The World Who Are Hated Because They Won The Lottery. And It Was Not Worth Acting As Financial Experts In Their Case, Since A Financial Expert Would Hardly Need To Play The Lottery.

And For God’s Sake, Don’t Put A Bitcoin Sticker On Your Car. However, You Can Celebrate And Broadcast, Especially If People Can Really Learn A Lot From Your Stories And Even Losing Trades.

Ignoring Other Investments

You Don’t Need To Ignore Other Investments. If Cryptocurrencies Work Well, This Does Not Mean That There Are No Other “Bull” Markets In The World.

Recently, Cryptocurrencies Have Attracted A Lot Of Attention, But Over The Past 10 Years, The Traditional Market Has Constantly Shown New Highs. Look At This S&p 500 Chart, You Probably Missed Out On These Gains:

This 10% Per Annum Is Not The “Abnormal” Growth That Cryptocurrencies Have Experienced In The Past. In General, This Is A More Reliable And Less Volatile Market. Many Investors Took Advantage Of The Opportunities Of This Market And Received Good Profits.

Carelessness In The Storage Of Coins

If In Other Types Of Investments, Such As Stocks, Your Assets Are Available When You Enter Your Portfolio, Then In The World Of Cryptocurrencies Everything Is Different.

In Cryptocurrencies, The Loss Of Private Keys Means That Your Coins Are Lost Forever. You Can See How They Grow Over Time, But You Won’t Have Any Access To Your Funds.

There Are A Lot Of People In The World Who Don’t Have Wallet Backups. A Fire Or Hard Drive Failure Can Destroy Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio 100%. People Who Own Coins Often Become The Only “Point Of Failure”, While Cryptocurrency Systems Themselves Are Usually Decentralized And Impossible To Hack.

When Cryptocurrency Projects Update Their Code Base And Wallets, It Can Also Hurt Your Coins. Crypto Communities Often Remind Users Of Such Updates, And You Should Be Aware Of What Nuances Should Be Taken Into Account When Restoring Access To Your Coins.

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