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About Embersword Metaverse

Embersword Metaverse are gamers on a mission. For us and the hundreds of millions of players who spend thousands of hours leveling their characters and skills, completing quests, and growing their influence in the game and economy, playing an MMORPG is more than just a leisure activity. It’s a lifestyle where you are part of something bigger than the game itself – you are part of a community.

With Ember Sword, they have taken the best pieces from all the games they have loved over the last two decades and created the experience the players have always wanted and deserved.

They want thrilling PvP and PvE experiences in a community-led sandbox world,exciting opportunities for peaceful foragers of goods, skilled crafters and smart traders, rewarding shared experiences, and a sprawling player-driven economy with true ownership of in-game cosmetics and land. This is Ember Sword.


Project NameEmbersword Metaverse
Type Metaverse
Circ. Supply:
Social SupportYes
Official Website UrlClick Here To Visit

How to start playing Embersword Metaverse?

Embersword is an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG game that has not been released yet. However, you can follow these steps to get started with Embersword once it is released:

  1. Visit the official Embersword website to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements regarding the game’s release date.
  2. Once the game is released, create an account on the Embersword website.
  3. Download and install the game client on your computer or device.
  4. Log in to the game using your Embersword account credentials.
  5. Create your character and customize its appearance.
  6. Explore the world of Embersword, complete quests, fight monsters, and interact with other players.
  7. Collect and trade valuable in-game items and resources to improve your character’s abilities and advance in the game.
  8. Join a guild or form one with other players to participate in group activities and events.
  9. Stay up-to-date with the game’s official forums and social media channels to learn about new updates, features, and events.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the unique gaming experience offered by Embersword!

Embersword How to Earn?

In Embersword, you can earn by performing various in-game activities and selling valuable resources or items to other players. Here are some ways to earn in Embersword:

  1. Completing quests: You can earn rewards such as gold coins, resources, and valuable items by completing quests offered by non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game.
  2. Trading resources and items: You can collect valuable resources and items while playing the game and sell them to other players for gold coins or other resources.
  3. Participating in battles: You can earn rewards by participating in battles and defeating other players or monsters. The rewards can include gold coins, items, and resources.
  4. Crafting items: You can gather resources and use them to craft items, which you can then sell to other players for a profit.
  5. Participating in events: Embersword may host special events that offer rewards to players who participate and complete the tasks required in the event.
  6. Owning land: You can purchase and own land in the game, which can generate resources and gold coins over time.

It is important to note that the value of in-game items and resources may fluctuate based on supply and demand, so it is recommended to stay up-to-date with the in-game economy and make informed decisions when trading or selling.

Embersword Trading Platform

Embersword is an upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG game that has not been released yet, so information about its trading platform is not available at this time. However, as a blockchain-based game, Embersword may utilize a decentralized marketplace powered by blockchain technology to facilitate trading of in-game assets between players.

Such a marketplace would allow players to securely trade items and resources with each other, with the transactions being recorded on a public blockchain ledger. This would provide players with greater control over their in-game assets and the ability to trade with other players from all over the world.

Additionally, the use of blockchain technology in the marketplace could help prevent fraud and ensure that transactions are executed securely and efficiently. As Embersword is yet to be released, more information about its trading platform and its integration with blockchain technology will be announced by the developers closer to the game’s release date.



Embersword Features

Player-owned economy

Embersword aims to create a player-driven economy where players can own and trade in-game assets such as land, items, and resources. The game will use blockchain technology to facilitate secure and transparent trading of assets between players.

Dynamic world

Embersword promises a dynamic and evolving world that changes over time based on the actions of players. Players will be able to shape the game’s world through their decisions and actions.

Classless progression

Embersword will allow players to create their own unique character classes by combining various skills and abilities. This classless system aims to provide players with greater flexibility and customization options for their characters.

Cooperative gameplay

The game encourages cooperative gameplay by allowing players to form and join guilds, participate in group activities and events, and work together to complete quests and defeat powerful enemies.

Sandbox-style gameplay

Embersword offers a sandbox-style gameplay experience where players have the freedom to explore the game’s world, create their own adventures, and play the game in their own way.

Real-time combat

Embersword features real-time combat with a focus on strategy and skill. Players will need to carefully time their attacks and abilities to gain an advantage in battle.

Immersive storytelling

The game promises an immersive storytelling experience, with a rich lore and engaging quests that help players discover the game’s world and history.

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