Houndrace Airdrop Review: Get Win Every Day

by Cws Team

About Houndrace Airdrop

Houndrace Airdrop is a play-to-earn blockchain game that brings the passion of houndracing to the metaverse. It offers users a multitude of gameplay features from racing to breeding with 2D and 3D simulated environments and a custom genetics algorithm that ensures uniqueness and authenticity for every new generation of hounds.

Houndrace is giving away free Houndrace NFTs and USDTs to 50 lucky participants. Sign up for the giveaway and earn entries. A total of 50 participants will be randomly selected to win up to 1 Houndrace NFT plus 90 USDT.

Token NameHoundrace Airdrop
Total Value50 Houndrace NFTs + 500 USDT
Airdrop End 2022-12-20
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join

  1. Visit the Houndrace giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete simple tasks to earn entries.
  4. Make sure to earn at least 120 entries to be eligible for the giveaway.
  5. Join every day for new tasks and more entries.
  6. A total of 50 participants will be selected in the giveaway in which the 1st place winner will get a Houndrace NFT and 90 USDT, 2nd place winner will get a Houndrace NFT and 50 USDT, 3rd place winner will get Houndrace NFT and 30 USDT. Users from 4th place to 38th place will get a Houndrace NFT and 10 USDT each and users from 39th place to 50th place will get 1 Houndrace NFT each.

Race Your Hound and Win Every Day

Compete in exciting arenas against other players, breed new generations and win races to earn prizes. 1 ETH every week and free mints available to community.

Join the Houndverse

Houndrace is a P2E PVP hound racing game where players compete with each other in exciting arenas and in a true multi-chain and multi-asset environment.

Race in exciting tournaments and watch your hound perform against other players with realistic 2D and 3D simulations. At the end of the race, your winner will get the big prize and become the master of the arena. Hound racing has never been more fun!

Unique and Ready to Play

Each one of our hounds is as unique as you are. Every hound has its own unique combination of colours, armour sets and together with our genetics algorithm they make sure that during the breeding process each offspring will still keep some traits from its parents.

During each race, your hound will have specific distance, surface and weather preferences that will create an edge against other players during each race. Always make sure that you maximise your hound’s performance by choosing the proper race where your hound can perform at its best!

Own Arenas

By owning arenas, you own a part of the action. For each race that happens in your arena, you will earn a fee from the total prize pool. Build your own audience as an arena owner in order to maximize the number of races that take place in your arena.

Powered by Hound Potion

Hound Potion is our in-game currency that players can earn from racing and spend in order to recharge hound stamina and breeding during the breeding seasons.

Earn, spend and trade Hound Potions inside our ecosystem and participate in the #Houndverse revolution.

Hound Potion Utility for Spending

  • HPO races – custom races that will have the entry ticket in HRP tokens.
  • Stamina recharge – users will have to spend tokens in order to fully recharge stamina.
  • HPO races – custom races that will have the entry ticket in HRP tokens.

Hound Potion Utility for Earning

  • Milestones – users can earn potions from races by reaching milestones in live races.
  • Races – users can earn tokens by winning races that have HPO tokens as main prize.
  • Mining – users can earn tokens tokens by mining NFTs or providing liquidity to trading pairs.

Mint and Let’s Play

Purchase Houndrace Mystery Boxes and claim unique hounds that are ready to play, Hound Potions and DUNE tokens. Our game will be live on Polygon mainnet from the first day of the minting event. Mint and play today!

What’s included in the Mistery Box:

  • 1x Houndrace NFT on Polygon
  • Hound Potion Airdrop – at token generation event
  • Alpha Dune Token Airdrop – at token generation event
  • 1x Houndrace NFT on other chains during future launches

Enabled by Alpha Dune

Alphadune is the governance hub that manages our entire ecosystem. With Alpha Dune our aim is to build a more unified and integrated Web3 environment and offer broad utility and interoperability across our entire portfolio of projects.


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