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According to Coindesk reports, launched the first Android after years of equipment, technology giant HTC officially released its first by the blockchain supported the phone.

The company announced on Tuesday that an earlier version of HTC Exodus is now accepting reservations and that the phone only accepts cryptocurrency payments.

HTC is a Taiwanese mobile phone and tablet manufacturer, also known as HTC, the world’s largest manufacturer of Windows Mobile smartphones and the world’s largest smartphone OEM and manufacturer. In its 2008 Nian launch month the world’s first Android phone HTC G1.

The latest EXODUS 1 phone is scheduled to ship in December, and consumers can only buy it using Bitcoin or Ethereum. The company said it is also seeking technology developers to jointly develop the phone.

Currently, EXODUS 1 is available to users from the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the UK, and nearly 30other countries.

Phil Chen, head of HTC ‘s decentralization, said he hopes to get feedback from users in the blockchain community on this phone for better improvement.

“ Our goal is to start with the blockchain community and get their help to make our wallets and technology more secure. Essentially, we want community members to test the device and provide feedback and suggestions. 

In May of this year, HTC announced at the Coindesk Consensus conference that the EXODUS 1 phone contained a program called ” Secret Enclave ” to store the user’s cryptocurrency key and protect it from the Android operating system.

In addition, HTC has established a ” social key recovery ” process to protect users who have lost their phone or forgot their key. At the same time, users can designate some contacts as ” trustworthy”, and these contacts can download the key management application.

HTC also intends to release application programming interfaces ( APIs for third-party developers, allowing them to use EXODUS 1 to protect keys and sign transactions. In addition, a software development kit SDK is being introduced for partners to help HTC expand its blockchain ecosystem.

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