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Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Introducing Scriv Network, TrueDeck, RoBET, Helium, Box Token Part 2


The need to understand every Cryptocurrency project that comes into the market cannot be over emphasized. At CWS we are dedicated to exposing our readers to new projects with the purpose of helping them to spot scams.

The second part of this week’s newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap is featuring five cryptocurrencies. As usual, your due diligence in knowing them well before you invest in them is very crucial.

Scriv Network (SCRIV)

The Scriv Network is a service for data assurance and verification on the blockchain. It is an ever-expanding blockchain eco-system that delivers state-of-the-art Data Verification, Time-Stamping, High Return on Investment Masternodes, a Shared Masternodes Staking Service (SOS), and IPFS – InterPlanetary File Sharing Network.

“There are already a number of services, for instance, Poex and Stampd which are using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains to verify data,” Lova Shestovsk, a team member related to CWS. “However, we have reworked their ideas and improved upon them with our blockchain such that we can reduce costs significantly and also include the ability to store data on an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) coupled with rewards to the assurance processors.”

Scriv’s underlying technology is a combination of POW and Masternodes. Their blockchain allows the network to store the hashes of the verified data and the actual data is sent to the IPFS, for storing and sharing. There is also an efficient searching algorithm, which is able to locate the hash and file it on the SCRIV blockchain and IPFS.

In the coming years, the Scriv network wants to be the first to be considered in its use cases. “It can be used in document timestamping, preventing unwanted duplication and overwriting, and for many other applications, which are sensitive to data accuracy,” said Shestovsk.

This was the network’s message to its community:

“The great science writer and inventor Arthur C. Clarke said: “The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”. The whole blockchain industry, including our project, is trying to look above the usual scope, trying to find new and more efficient solutions for known problems.”

TrueDeck (TDP)

TrueDeck is a unified blockchain-based platform built with the online casino industry in mind. It provides a medium of exchange for all actors involved i.e. players, developers, operators among others. “Instead of being a blockchain counterpart of online casino businesses, TrueDeck aims to provide better tools, business insights, and infrastructure which enables them to provide a better experience to players while reducing cost,” Akshat Nigam, Lead Dev described.

Nigam further explained that they are using the blockchain technology to reshape the online casino industry and that TrueDeck Token (TDP) will be a utility token and should be purchased with an intent to take part in the future of the online casino industry. TDP token is a claim on TrueDeck Platform’s resources and a “commitment to stake” in order to avail the services offered by the platform.

According to Nigam, TrueDeck is adopting a cross-blockchain approach for its platform to combine the best of every blockchain. Therefore, many scaling solutions are being implemented by different projects but not compromising either speed or decentralization which is not good for casino games.

Nigam Maintained:

“TrueDeck solution is to have task-specific blockchains instead of generalized blockchains. Blockchains intended for general use-case have properties that are suitable for broad range of actions like having a large block time. It’s fine for cryptocurrency payment transactions taking minutes for confirmation, but actions which are triggered by players in a game require instant feedback else it hinders with player experience.”

In the next five years, TrueDeck wants to be a key contributor in the future of the online casino industry. As a platform, it does not want to be for online casino games alone but social and RPG games as well. They believe the platform’s ability to scale to millions of players will make it the preferred choice among all blockchain gaming platforms.

The Lead Dev called on the TrueDeck community to purchase TDP token with an intent to take part in the future of the online casino industry. “TDP token utilities have evolved and will continue to evolve throughout the course of the platform development,” Nigam hinted. “TDP token is not an equity entitlement and is not a way to get dividends from casino bankroll. Still, TDP token has numerous utilities that will be beneficial for long time holders.”


RoBET is a sportsbook platform and it is a one-stop-shop for all thing sports betting regulated by smart contracts. Using state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, the platform is able to offer a reliable decentralized betting experience, countless betting opportunities, and unbeatable low fees.

The project is geared towards no more house favoured odds, overpriced fees, and winning limits which is the ultimate solution for sports betting.
“The sports betting market is flooded by sportsbook operators that offer a wide variety of sports betting games. They all have one thing in common – they are in the business of taking your money,” Punta Barel, a team member of RoBET intimated.

It is an Ethereum token using Smart Contracts, RoBET GUI and governing system. Every competition on the RoBET platform follows the REAL TIME RELATIVE ODDS (RTRO) model to emulate market forces. Every bet is encapsulated in a smart contract containing the player id, timestamp, contest ID, expected result, and betting amount.

“RoBET’s revolutionary system works with a fully decentralized and a transparent system providing real-time peer-to-peer odds that functions without any mediator, human nor machine,” Barel revealed. “This enables it to operate with superior efficiency, offering fair, higher-than-market odds.”

Some of their plans for the near future include an ICO in January 2019. They will also launch a Mainnet and platform with never-before-seen betting opportunities and virtually zero margins with a knowledge sharing economy and a global automated broadcasting service.

Barel asked the RoBET community to follow them on all of their social media platforms and on the project’s website. These include Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and BitcoinTalk.

Helium (HLM)

Helium is a digital currency and blockchain network with a focus on improving supply chain logistics in the construction and infrastructure sector. “Employing a community-centric research-based initiative, Helium sources talent from its network of participants to help build its second-tier network layer that will facilitate services to improve the efficiency of today’s supply chains,” noted Jason Cassidy, Founder and Lead Advisor of the project.

The project has a leaning towards the Internet of Things (IoT), smart contracts and enterprise applications, and the focus is to bring all global supply chains onto the network as it scales to accommodate additional sectors with currently disjointed supply chains. Their long-term intention is to synergize the complexities of large-scale infrastructure projects with the transparency and trust of blockchain technology working in lockstep with industry leaders to help define new rules for the globally recognized standards of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBIE).

Interestingly, Helium is an economic fork of Spreadcoin and a technical fork of PIVX. Cassidy elaborated that the project is a masternode-based currency and will be using specialized masternodes called “service nodes” in the future to help execute smart contracts.

“Five years from now will allow us time to sit down with these companies, address what is needed to take construction and infrastructure to the next level of scalable innovation via blockchain and Helium,” Cassidy speculated. He mentioned also that Helium will be the global leaders in offering such a solution as they will have grown up in the industry with the global leaders in this sector and help them establish the ‘rules of the road’ when it comes to blockchain and BIM.

The founder in his message to the Helium community revealed they already have over 1600 masternodes setup in the first week of full currency issuance in circulation, which puts them ahead of even PIVX and made emphasis of how the team is a very long-term thinking group of individuals with deep blockchain knowledge and history.

Box Token (BOX)

BOX Token is an ultra-secure enterprise-grade crypto asset management system, or you can interpret it as a business wallet with approval flow.
“Some of the main features are Automatic token transfer according to approval flow; Self-managed private key with shared permission; Multi-layered and bank-grade security; One private key control multiple chains; and Open source,” Adela Chen, Team Member of Box told CWS.

The project seeks to address the issues with institutions entering the booming Crypto asset market. They are therefore solving problems that concern institutional investors, cold wallet security, multi-signature technology among others

Using Smart contacts, Data is stored in a smart contract on the private chain with voting to confirm the data on a private chain. Each data must be confirmed with more than 50% of the nodes having the same content. Each node represents one account operating the same contract. The data on
the private chain can be guaranteed to be valid unless more than 50% of the nodes are fully compromised.

Chen explained that in the next five years, BOX system and the BOX ecosystem will help not only crypto related enterprise to deal with their assets but also help the traditional enterprise to enter the blockchain space and benefit from it.

Chen’s message to their community is”

“From entering the crypto market, BOX almost never went down below the private sale price – the price is stable. If you read BOX white paper, you will find it down-to-earth – the technology is solid and the application scenario is practical. BOX focuses on the Business client to help them get real profit.”

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