Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: Meet SPRKL, COT, OVC, LUNES Part 2

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This is the 2nd part of the newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap for the week. They come with unique features and different solutions for our financial emancipation.

Let us get to know them before we invest in them. CWS will implore our readers to make sure they read the whitepapers of all the entities covered below.

Sparklemobile (SPRKL)

Sparklemobile endeavours to connect its users with a network of local professional automotive detailers that provide high calibre mobile detailing services. “It is the only project looking to link the automotive detailing and blockchain industries together with a market worth of $12 billion per year and growing,” Cryptowillerupt, Community Manager at Sparkle related.

The underlying technology of SPRKL is Proof of Liquidity (PoL). In this instance, hodlers get rewards for hodling coins, however, VPS or masternode are not required.

Cryptowillerupt believes five years is a long way based on what the project will achieve. But based on the progress so far, he hopes the platform would have a fully functional app by then and 1000s of live partners.

This was the message the community manager had for the Sparklemobile community:

“For those who have already invested in SPRKL, thanks for the support. For those who haven’t yet invested, what are you waiting for? We were recently listed on three exchanges in only eight days and there is more in the coming weeks and months. This Token is the one to watch and Hodl in 2019.”

CoTrader (COT)

COT is a non-custodial investment fund on the blockchain where anyone can create or join a fund. Gary Bernstein, Founder and CEO at CoTrader informed CWS that the platform provides Fund Managers who make trades for the participants and only investors can withdraw their own funds at any time.

The Project is an Ethereum dApp using ERC20. “Unlike competing platforms, our smart contracts ensure investors can withdraw their investments from any fund at any time, and fund fees and past performance is proven on the blockchain,” Bernstein indicated.

It is the target of CoTrader to Manage over $100 million in funds of Assets Under Management on the mainnet dApp in the next coming years. They will also empower anyone in the world to be a fund manager, and others to earn through their crypto fund.

Bernstein’s message to his community was simple:

“Keep holding. Constant progress. Not financial advice.”


OVCOIN is a utility token and the only medium of payment for OVCODE transactions. “OVCOIN will be used for the following: Asset Registration, Advertisement Sponsored Features, OVCODE Blockchain Publishing and Verification,” Rosary Tuico, Chief Architect of OVCODE said.

OVC is an ERC20 token and a finite supply. It uses cryptographic hashing techniques like SHA-256 to generate one-way hashes for entity input.
The platform is a patented technology that integrates blockchain to digital signature and cryptography to achieve the least amount of risk and to create transparency.

Tuico indicated that in the coming years, it will go into a Global Co-sell with Microsoft and sell blockchain verifiable data using OVCODE technology to governments and large corporations. In partnership with the World Economic Forum, they will engage multiple global projects on how blockchain technology and data verification can fight corruption and unleash productivity and increase GDP in the developing world.

“We are working hard to build the business and will update you as it progresses,” the Chief Architect told his community. “Thank you for your patience and support.”

Lunes (LUNES)

Lunes stores and guarantees the security of any information not only financial transactions but various processes in a decentralized manner such as document authenticity, digital asset issuance and execution of Smart Contracts. “It is the biggest crypto-currency in Latin America developed by the core team of Lunes Platform using innovative solutions in a decentralized way with total transparency, seeking solidity, massive adhesion, fast and cheap transactions,” Aristide Zinsou, International Corporate Communications Manager at Lunes stated.

It is open source using the Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) algorithm. However, it has no hardware wallet.

Zinsou was of the opinion that the future is in the present and Lunes is not a bank but offers far better financial instruments. “It is not an exchange. It is Lunes. Be the owner of your own Money,” he maintained.

The International Corporate Communications Manager urged the Lunes community to take the time to read the 2019 road map and the white paper.


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Frisco d'Anconia
Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Activist in Africa. He's has been in Bitcoin since 2011 teaching Bitcoin to college students.

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