Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap: ETX, 1X2, CCN, SCC

This week has again afforded the global Crypto community new entrants to the market. Once again an opportunity to invest is here.

However, it is necessary to understand the technology behind these coins before putting your hard-earned funds into them. It is our pleasure to introduce them to our cherished readers.

EthereumX (ETX)

EthereumX is an asset which aims to revolutionize the payment industry so people can use a global peer-to-peer electronic cash system. “EthereumX is building a payment layer on top of the stellar blockchain. This is something that hasn’t been done on stellar,” Tim ETX, Team Member of EthereumX told CWS.
The project runs on the Stellar platform which according to the team member makes it unique. As a matter of fact, most tokens make use of Ethereum blockchain to store their information.

Concerning their vision for the coming years, Tim ETX explained that the team at EthereumX wants to revolutionize the payment industry, at all cost. Therefore, they will marshal all the resources, at their disposal to make sure, it becomes the platform, to use for easy macro and micropayments.

“Thank you for having faith in EthereumX team,” Tim ETX communicated to his community. “We are creating something big and revolutionary that will change the payment industry forever.”

1X2 Coin (1X2)

The 1X2 Coin is for betting on crypto sportsbook, and it is the first and only high-end online sportsbook that is not BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and other top10 coins. According to John Bonk, Spokesperson at 1X2, they will only accept their coin for deposits and withdrawals and that will never change. However, sometime after the launch, they will allow incoming users to convert their BTC into 1X2 inside the sportsbook.

Its underlying technology is Masternode/PoS system that mint coins with fair distribution, low supply and instant confirmation of deposits while betting. “Fast deposits will assure high rollers to stay along and don’t lose time waiting for confirmations,” Bonk indicated.

Bonk outlined 1X2 Coin’s vision for the next half decade as:

“We will become one of the TOP sportsbooks in the world. Within four months of launching, we already have more than 80% supply locked and keep adding. To attractive non-crypto world players and to convert them from fiat sportsbooks to our field, we have prepared an enormous surprise for all of them and the current crypto players. We will have at least 30% if not more games each day to offer, from all sports! And that’s the major key feature to attract the sportsbook world.”

“All the progress and updates clearly states that 1X2 and the Community are in the right path,” Bonk said to the 1X2 community. “We have achieved a lot in just four months and this is just the beginning. Keep holding and grab the remaining coins before it goes up.”

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Custom Contract Network (CCN)

Custom Contract Network is a company that provides smart contract development and auditing services at an affordable price. “Our aim is to provide decentralised services that are powered by Ethereum to enable a robust system to grow around it. Moreover, people can use our tokens to purchase our services and services of affiliated partners where it is acceptable,” Tarun Kumar, CEO of CCN stated.

CCN is using Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol based on the fact that the protocol is easy to build and develop. Kumar, also maintained their experts have a good knowledge of the technology.

“We can’t predict the exact future however we believe after that long time our project would become strong enough to reach a global audience,” Kumar said concerning their roadmap for the next five years.

The CEO explained to the community that this is a good time to invest and hold CCN. “We are constantly developing the project and proposing new ideas to build a better future for every holder, and for this, we request every holder to support us,” he asked.

Stem Cell Coin (SCC)

The Stem Cell Project is using AI and Blockchain to extend healthy life expectancy, particularly for those who are also the cornerstones of society and make a contribution through bringing innovations to the field of preventive medicine. “This is a medical project consisting of three pillars: transition of CT and pathology diagnostic system to practical clinical final phase and virtual clinic platform development,” Artyom Sabura, Community Manager at SCC revealed.

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Stem Cell Coin is NEO NEP-5 Token. According to their Whitepaper, the rationale is to bring a new structure with AI and Blockchain to the old medical system to create a breakthrough in the healthcare industry and deliver an affluent society in where people live in health.

The Community Manager announced that their focus for the coming years is to grow into a system, that can utilize quick and accurate screening of large amounts of medical big data. Also, the project would like to use the obtained big data to clarify the connection between cancer and factors such as nationality, race, sex, age, and so on.

In a message to the SCC community, Sabura had this to say:

“The era of holding coins for investment and speculative purposes is over.
I think that practical coins will be supported in the future and will grow as a result.”


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