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Newly Listed Coins on CoinMarketCap: Welcome PLTC, SAFE, MESG, OROX



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It is another week, and CWS is bringing you newly listed coins on CoinMarketCap. These maidens bring something new to enhance the Crypto landscape.

As we already know, early adopters always earn the most. Therefore, it is crucial to do your due diligence so that you can invest as soon as desirable.

PlatonCoin (PLTC)

PLTC believe Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are new technologies, that bring a lot of opportunities in improving industry and economics, unfortunately, they come with the issues which reduce trust and spread fear about it. “At Platon Finance, we focused on these problems and came out with simple solutions that can help to understand the crypto world,” Daniel Tanner Co-founder & CEO at PLTC explained. “Our ecosystem is based on Platon Club, a lifestyle and social platform where people learn to understand crypto and adopt it.”

At the moment the platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-20 Token. According to Tanner, Ether became ideal because of scalability and the Smart Contract features. However, he stated that as the project is growing and becoming popular, they have decided to develop their own Blockchain that will be connectable with others.

Their roadmap for the next five years is to see Platon Finance becoming one of the most ambitious projects around the crypto world and fintech market. “We are sure that our main platform, Platon Club, will become part of the everyday life for most of the people, such as Facebook or other social networks currently available,” the Co-founder and CEO projected.

Tanner expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the PLTC community. “Thank you for your trust in Platon Finance, we are really thankful for each holder that is amazed by our project, and support our vision. Together, we create the future,” he said.

SafeCoin (SAFE)

SAFE, according to it creators was designed with privacy and security in mind focusing on cutting edge blockchain technology in the arrowhead of crypto-enthusiasm. “Safenode’s multi-chain notarization has the potential to fundamentally change PoW security in regards to 51% resistance,” Archimedes, a team member denoted.

The underlying technology of the platform is Proof of Work. The team member revealed that PoW offers the project the opportunity to build up a strong community of enthusiasts and long term supporters in a fair manner.

“The next five years will bring changes to both Crypto as well as the world as we know it. Technology is continuously changing and evolving, and SafeCoin is perfectly equipped for this journey,” Archimedes hinted. He pointed out that with Safenodes right ahead of them, the next step is about to come out. They also want to prove themselves in a tough environment over the coming years, as they have done in the past.

Archimedes communicated this message to the SafeCoin community:

“To our long term holders, we would really like to say thank you for your ongoing support and sticking with the project. To our new holders, we want to say “Welcome.” This project is just really getting started; the future is bright! SafeNodes and the inherent security they provide to SafeCoin will certainly put us on the radar in crypto, enjoy the ride.”


The MESG Token enables a new, efficient way to build versatile applications which developers can buy and sell discrete backend components of applications. “MESG will also be a new sort of decentralized cloud provider where applications can function entirely within a decentralized network, with executed tasks fueled and secured by the MESG Token,” Anthony Estebe, CEO and Co-founder of MESG.

For the time being, the MESG Marketplace, as well as the MESG Token, are running on Ethereum (so PoW moving towards PoS). Estebe maintains the final implementation will be a custom DLT based on POS.

“In five years, we see MESG being one of the foremost solutions to build or maintain any type of application,” the CEO described. “It’s through the combination of a thriving open marketplace of reusable integrations, an open-source, tech-agnostic event broker, and decentralized hosting and executions that sets MESG apart as the ideal solution to build and maintain applications in the increasingly decentralized world”.

He announced to the community that MESG is currently hard at work building up quality partnerships, new listings, and token distribution strategies that will improve the token performance and help accelerate their business through sustained use of the MESG Token within applications. Moreover, Estebe urged users to stay tuned so “You’ll be the first to know of our latest developments!”

Cointorox (OROX)

OROX is a digital piggy-bank that allows you to save money, and have them automatically converted into top-tier coins. “There are four savings packages available for you to choose from, and the Cointorox Token is used to activate/deactivate features on the dashboard,” Leon Song, CEO of the platform remarked.

Cointorox Token (OROX) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Song told CWS the total and circulating supply are equal and it will always decrease as they will use revenues to buy back tokens from exchanges & those tokens burned/destroyed.

In half a decade, Cointorox aims to bring a billion-dollar subscription business model into the cryptocurrency industry. “This unique business model of allowing users to ‘subscribe’ to buy cryptocurrencies is a first of its kind, and we aim to scale the business to 6 figure revenue generating platform within the next five years,” he unveiled.

Song had this message for the teeming community of OROX:

“OROX is unique in the sense that its total supply will continuously decrease. As the platform grows in popularity and revenues grow, the more tokens will be purchased back from the markets to be burned/destroyed. Over time, this healthy balance between growing demands and decreasing supply will serve as an attractive incentive to hold OROX.”

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