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About Kaktana

Kaktana is a particularly configurable buying and selling bot that allows customers to outline their funding strategies. This bot exchange robotically primarily based totally at the user’s gift situations of access and exit. Katkana’s “turtle” buying and selling method is one of the most effective and maximum worthwhile trend-following bot strategies.

According to this method, customers should purchase while the cutting-edge buying and selling charge of the cryptocurrency is better than the most of the highs of the ultimate 30 candles and promote while the cutting-edge buying and selling charge is decrease than the minimal of the closes of the ultimate 20 candles.

Kaktana Bot Key Points

Bot Name Kaktana
Bot Type Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Average Price A free plan, Trader Plan – €25 (about $27.17) per month
Exchange SupportedBinance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro and ByBit.
Fund Safety All Your Coins Remain On The Exchange
Free trialYES
Customer Support24/7
Payment plansFree, Commission
Available SupportLive Chat & Dedicated Help Page
Official Website Click Here To Visit

How To Get Started On Kaktana Bot

Step By Step Process

1- Create Account

Before Doing Anything You Need Valid Kaktana Id . It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Cleo Bot Website . Just Click On Sign Up Button & Fill Necessary Details And Click On Submit Button .

2- Choose Bot

Their Is Wide Variety Of Bots Available At Kaktana. Choose Bot According To Your Need . If You Are Beginner Start With Easy Bot Setup .

3- Connect Exchange

Now It Is Very Necessary Step To Integrate Kaktana Bot With Cryptocurrency Exchange . Connect Bot With Supported Exchange . Follow Guidelines Which Are Available At CLEO Website .

4- Choose Pair

Now Choose Trading Pair & Select Coin Which You Want Your Bot Trading Automatic For You .

5- Follow Step

Follow Step Which Are Provided By Kaktana CEO Team At Their Website .


Kaktana Trading Bot Platform Review : The Best Way to Trade Cryptos

The Future

To be continued ?1: Those were all the rage at that time and made lots of money. We were in high-school at that time, so making lots of money appealled a lot to us.2: We had already built a smart trading website as consultants, and didn’t like the experience. This is also how we knew they made lots of money.

Kaktana’s Features

Kaktana lets you create, backtest, deploy and share your own crypto trading bots.

Optimized Profits

Kaktana Trading Bot Platform provides an intuitive strategy editor that helps the users to build their trading strategies. Users will have access to over 110 indicators including EMA, Bolinger Brands, SAR, RSI, ADX, and Stoch. These indicators work to maximize users’ profit.

Trailing Stop

As the price of the asset rises, Kaktana automatically rises your stop loss price.

Trailing Buy

Your bot will buy as soon as the trend reverses by your specified percentage.

Smarter Tools

Kaktana also offers concurrent stop loss and take profit strategies. Another smart tool that comes with the bot is DCA market making. This strategy lowers the user’s risk by placing multiple buy orders. If the price falls, the bot will continue buying to lower the average buying price. 

Concurrent Stop Loss and Take profit

You no longer have to choose, you can even have a regular stop loss and a trailing stop at the same time: Kaktana lets you mix and compose strategies as you want.

DCA Market Making

Kaktana Trading Bot Platform Lower your risks by placing multiple buy orders. If the price dips, your bot will keep buying to lower its average buying price. Indicators

110 Indicators

You can use as much indicators as you want on your strategies. Even alongside trailing stops, take profits and limit orders. You’re free to build you strategy as you want.

All Timeframes, Simultaneously

Analyze the market with multiple timeframes simultaneously. Your bot can watch the monthly as well as the 1min data. Sort of the robot’s version of having eyes in the back.

Types of Strategies


The classical way. Buy coins when they’re cheap and sell them back when they’re expensive


The unusual-yet-effective way. Sell coins when they’re expensive and buy them back when they’re cheap. Some exchanges (Bitmex and ByBit) allow you to short-sell contracts you don’t have.

Leveraged Trading

Kaktana supports leveraged trading on exchanges that support futures: Bitmex and ByBit.



Kaktana Trading Bot Platform Test your strategies on decades of past data using the fastest and most accurate backtesting engine in the world. Outsmart even the Smartest in town.


Test even your craziest strategies with no risk on our 100% free sandbox.


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