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March 30th 2019, has made quite a splash this week as they announce the launch of a new Cryptocurrency financial services platform. This platform, unlike any other on the market, allows for instant anonymous loans simply by securing the loan with ones’ Cryptocurrency holdings.

The loan can be secured by over 10 different cryptocurrencies, even including select altcoins. The best part is that the person seeking a loan does not need to sell off their holdings, which was a major stumbling block in the past for people looking for a Crypto-based loans. has become a pioneer in the world of Cryptocurrency by becoming the first to offer instant loans backed by Cryptocurrency, without the need for bulky and time-consuming credit checks.

Moreover, an investment pool is also being offered where investors are able to receive interest by becoming part of the lending pool. An affiliate program is also available and designed to create a profitable scenario for anyone wishing to get involved in this exciting opportunity.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for was quoted as saying, “This signals a new era for those in need of a quick loan, without credit. One of our main driving factors in creating this program was to help the people that need help the most.

Where traditional banking and lending institutions fall short, we are here to pick up the slack. Now, a loan for those with bad or no credit is instantly available, only secured by their Cryptocurrency holdings.” He went on to say, “We understand that most people are holding Crypto for the long term and do not want to sell off their positions. This loan program allows them to do just that.

They only need to deposit their Crypto into an account on the platform to qualify for an instant loan using their Crypto portfolio as collateral….not as payment!”

To learn more about the new platform, visit their official website at

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