Lost Worlds Airdrop Review: Randomly Selected to win 100 LOST each

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About Lost Worlds Airdrop

Lost Worlds Airdrop is a 1st of its kind NFT platform experience where NFTs are geographically bound to real-world locations for collectors to discover and mint. The platform gives creators and brands the ability to use geo-location as a medium, merging the physical and Web3 worlds providing a new layer of scarcity and utility in how we evaluate and value people’s experience with NFTs. In short, Lost Worlds brings NFTs into the real world.

Lost Worlds is giving away a total of 1,000 LOST tokens to 10 lucky giveaway participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete simple social tasks to earn entries. A total of 10 participants will be randomly selected to win 100 LOST each.

Token NameLost Worlds Airdrop
Total Value1,000 LOST
Airdrop End2022-04-29
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Age Of Lost Worlds Airdrop

First Step

Visit the Lost Worlds giveaway page.

Second step

Submit your details and sign up.

Third Step

Now complete the simple social tasks to earn entries.

Fourth Step

A total of 10 participants will be randomly selected to win 100 LOST each.

How does it work?

NFT drops at real world locations

Up until now, NFTs were bound to your desktop. Lost Worlds only lets you mint NFTs by physically traveling to a drop location.

Own your piece of the location

Interact with digital art in never before seen ways. Travel to real world locations to unlock access to curated projects from incredible creators across the globe and earn yield for your efforts.

Curate your portfolio of NFTs

Collect & Trade NFTs from projects around the world. If an NFT is out of reach, you can try to buy it in the secondary marketplace.

Explore to Earn

Mint NFTs from real world locations and complete platform & project achievements to earn rewards including ERC-721 Badges, LOST Tokens & Exclusive NFTs.

Types of Projects

The implications of the Lost Layer are truly limitless. While they chose to focus on digital art for the official launch, the platform & technology are built to support our long term creative goals such as:


They are here to inspire collectors, artists and brands to remember that we still live in the real world. The full Metaverse is still a ways away, and by creating a new dimension on top of existing reality we’ve provide a fulfilling way to experience local community, art, events, and games in a way that bridges us to the next frontiers.

What They Envision

  • They want NFTs to be a part of the human experience, with value and utility that interacts with your day-to-day life and withstands the test of time through blockchain technology.
  • They want to be an onboarding platform that acts as a bridge for new users, creators, and brands looking to engage with the Web3 space.
  • They want to help advance location based technology in crypto by adopting and improving on the tech that is emerging in the web2 and web3 space.
  • They see ourselves as a part of the greater NFT and DeFi ecosystem striving towards interoperability between protocols, projects, and primitives in the space.
  • They envision a sustainable NFT ecosystem, where we take care of our planet and build community, inspiring people to collaborate and foster digital and real world connections.

Lost Worlds Taxonomy

Lost Worlds brings NFTs to the real world by creating a new dimension in the Web3 universe called the Lost Layer, where you have to be in range of a specified location to mint an NFT. At the highest level the platform is broken into a hierarchy of three things:

Projects, Locations & NFTs. Lets take a look at each one:

  1. 1.Projects can contain multiple locations and NFTs. This can be anything from an Artist Series, Events, In-Store Promotions, to NFT Games.

Locations are areas on the map where you can find specific NFT drops. Within each Project, there can exist multiple locations, and within each location there can exist multiple NFTs. Both Projects and Locations can be easily viewed from the Discover page.

NFTs are the unique creations that live within a Location of a Project. You can tell if you are in In-Range / Out-of-Range of an NFT using the map, or by viewing the lists view on the discover page. Remember you have to be In-Range to actually mint an NFT.


The LOST Token is a governance, access and rewards representation of the Lost Worlds ecosystem. It has 50 M hard-cap supply compatible with the Avalanche network. 50% of the total supply is emitted as staking and platform rewards, or in the Treasury. The token public IDO will be facilitated by Avalaunch.

Future of LOST

Lost Worlds proposes a closed loop economy that rewards both creators and explorers for their commitment to grow and develop the Lost Ecosystem.

The DAO/Treasury is the central governance system of the Lost Ecosystem. The DAO has voting rights on which projects are deployed onto the platform, as well as ownership of the treasury, which can be used to boost rewards across the platform and its various projects.

Explorers must stake LOST in order to gain tiered access to the platform. Depending on the amount of LOST staked, Explorers can participate in different projects and aspects of the platform, including voting rights to the DAO.

Creators can utilize the Lost Worlds Protocol in order to build their own location based GameFi, DeFi, and NFT experiences. In order to submit a project, these creators must pay a fee in LOST, which is deposited into the DAOs Treasury.

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