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About Lzlending Wallet

Founded in 2020 out of the United Kingdom, Lzlending Wallet Lending provides direct lending and loaning opportunities for individuals and organizations working with a wide assortment of cryptocurrency. A pioneer in blockchain technology, crypto asset diversification, and decentralized crypto lending designed to put the power of financial freedom into the hands of our users, LZ Lending offers the highest interest rates on deposits anywhere on the Internet

Investment Platform

LZ lending is the safest and most advanced platform to lend and borrow Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins. LZ Lending made lending and borrowing process accessible for everyone.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal:

  • BTC: 0.005
  • ETH: 0.1
  • BCH: 0.1
  • LTC: 0.5
  • XRP: 200
  • Stable Coins: 50 USD

Maximum Withdrawal:

  • BTC: 25 – Per 48 hours period
  • ETH: 1,000 – Per 48 hours period
  • BCH: 1,000 – Per 48 hours period
  • LTC: 5,000 – Per 48 hours period
  • XRP: 1,000,000 – Per 48 hours period
  • Stable Coins: 250,000 USD – Per 48 hours period

Minimum loan amount

The minimum loan amount is $100 equivalent.

The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Platform

Lzlending Wallet priority is to provide quick, secure and the best services to our customers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose LZ Lending.

Reliable and Safe

We use state of the art technology to keep your funds safe.

Peer to Peer Lending

Feel free to use our P2P lending Marketplace.


$150 million dollar insurance from Ledger Vault.

No locking of your Funds

You can choose to withdraw your funds at any given time.

No buying of Altcoins to increase Interest

We won’t ask you to buy any altcoins to increase your APY.

Variety of Currencies

Lend and Borrow BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, USDT, TUSD, USDC and DAI.

Lend and Borrow

The World’s Most Trusted Crypto Lending Marketplace offering you the most Affordable and Competitive Interest Rates.

LZ Lending In Numbers

People all around the globe are using LZ Lending because of the services we provide. LZ Lending has a variety of features that make it the best place to start trading.

Lending Or Borrowing

Start Lending and Borrowing with LZ Lending:

  • Up to 15% APY on your deposits
  • Low minimum deposit – $50
  • Loan interest rates – as low as 6.8%
  • Bank Grade Security

What Are You Waiting For? Make Things Happen The Way You Want With LZ Lending.

LZ Lending Affiliate Program

Earn $100 for each new member you bring to LZ Lending. First, you have to sign up and share your referral URL. Once the customer you referred deposits a minimum of $500 worth of crypto and hold it in their LZ Lending account for at least 30 consecutive days you will get the $100. The new customer will also get a $20 bonus.

How Secure is LZ Lending

To simply say your assets are secure with Lzlending Wallet is an understatement. Utilizing the secure cloud infrastructure along with modern encryption standards, LZ Lending offers the highest level of digital and physical security available in the world. By utilizing a web application firewall, DDoS protection, regular vulnerability scans, secure software development life cycle (SSDLC), PCI DSS certification, and account takeover protection, LZ Lending proudly offers an iron proof protection plan for your cryptocurrency. Beyond those incredibly rigorous standards, we also offer Bug Bounty programs – hiring ethical specialists and white hat hackers to constantly analyze and examine our platform for potential vulnerabilities designed to prevent problems before they occur.

What We Do

LZ Lending, at its core, is a firm believer and advocate for digital, decentralized, and integrated direct lending platforms. We believe that today and in the future, crypto currency and block chain technology will create a multitude of financial opportunities and freedoms that the current antiquated system simply cannot compete with – and the sooner the general public begins to embrace this powerful and liberating construct, the faster the true financial revolution can begin.

As an innovative crypto lending platform, LZ Lending offers a wide variety of investment, borrowing, and lending options for individuals and organizations looking to improve their financial standing. LZ Lending offers two distinct services for our clients – institutional lending with our team of crypto currency professionals, or direct peer to peer lending.

100% Safe

Safe, secure, and innovative institutional and P2P cryptocurrency lending solutions for the next generation of financial pioneers. Firm believer and advocate for digital, decentralized, and integrated direct lending platforms. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not just the future of finance, it is the pathway to financial security, freedom, and independence today.

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