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About Tgmpanel Survey

Tgmpanel Survey India belongs to TGM Research FZE, a company focusing on delivering surveys in cooperation with Cint AB and other survey suppliers. We are an ESOMAR Member and we abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research

TGM Panel India is an online research panel where your opinion transforms into money. It’s very easy: sign up, provide your mobile and e-mail address and receive from us invites to online paid surveys (you can complete only those paid surveys that you want), redeem your rewards.

Completion of the paid survey takes a short time and you can answer questions at any time, on any device with Internet access. TGM Panel India belongs to global market research supplier – TGM Research FZE. They all live in a digital world. Let’s discover it for the market research. Join us for this mobile journey.

Tgmpanel Survey Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameTgmpanel Survey
Launched[email protected]
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Listed On14/09/2020
Website Url

How To Join Tgmpanel Survey

First Step

Visit the Website Tgmpanel Survey Url

Second Step

Click On Sign Up & Registration Button . Fill Required Details Like , Name , Email ,Or Other Details Which Required By Website .

Third Step

Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email .

Fourth Step

Now You Joined . Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money

Register for free on TGM Panel India and earn cash for each survey you finish with our paid surveys.

Would you like to share your opinion and earn money by taking part in surveys? Sign up today for free and get paid for participating in the online and mobile surveys Through TGM Panel, you will have the ability to express your opinion about products and services provided by your favorite global brands. Use the platform to shape the global market by participating in our surveys and get paid in cash for doing so.

We made sure that participating in our surveys won’t be an exhausting experience but an easy and a fun one instead. Make the most of your free time and build yourself as a consumer by taking part in our paid surveys!

Why should you choose TGM as your platform?

Your Effort Is Compensated

Just answer questions, make money and get rewards. You can earn even up to 2.50 USD for filling in a single internet survey.

Your Data is Safe

Tgmpanel Survey make sure your answers are confidential and personal data secured.

Its Free To join

No subscription fee required, your honest input is all we need from you. Register now and make money online!


In TGM, you will not be constrained by time or place. Use our platform to share your opinion at your convenience using any device available to you, as long as you have access to the internet.

Getting Your Reward easy

Receive your payment through or a gift card, as soon as you collect 10.00 USD on your account or 10.00 USD on gCodes.

Share Your Opinion

You can have an impact on the world’s biggest brands’ product design and services’ quality.

Let’s team up and build a better market!

TGM’s work consists of collecting your opinions and relating them to top global brands. This helps companies from more than 100 countries improve their products and services in a manner that would be realistic and reflective of what you as a consumer want. By participating in our paid surveys, you will be earning money while helping improve your local and global markets.

We prioritize the protection of your privacy

  •  You can opt out of our free service at any time
  •  You will not receive any emails or notifications except from the TGM team
  •  You may delete your account anytime you want
  •  We abide by the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ESOMAR

Why is it worth to take paid surveys for money?

Paid online surveys on one site are there to collect information, thoughts, and opinions from a potential customer, on another one, their role is to allow easy and quick profit via the internet.

But there are much more ways to earning an online survey when you take surveys for money:

  • No time frame makes it easy to plan a schedule to make money taking surveys.
  • Is enough to visit best paid survey sites like TGM Panel to get new ways to earn
  • There is no experience required for that job. Online surveys that pay cash can be taken without special qualifications or courses.
  • There is enough diversity in subjects to find a survey fitting to individual interests and preferences, as they are offered by plenty of research companies.
  • Paid surveys at home aren’t hard to take, they are characterized by simplicity and ease in giving answers. Taking them usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Even if we are already registered on one of the research panels offering paid surveys, we can still join another one. That’s a very good method as it increases our income from taken surveys.
  • The surveys often ask about services and products that aren’t on the local market yet. It gives us an opportunity to find out more about novelties.
  • Our opinion expressed via a survey has a realistic influence on making given company’s products and services better. That is one of the reasons behind creating a survey. Earning on surveys offers us not only an income but also an actual satisfaction.

What is TGM Panel and how to take online and mobile surveys with its help?

The Tgmpanel Survey page was created for all the people who:

  • Are looking for an alternative source of income within the peace and quiet of their homesteads and wants to take surveys for money (you can reedem your money via PayPal, and gift cards.
  • Want to earn money online in an easy way
  • Are patient and resilient enough to get paid for surveys
  • Like sharing their opinions with others
  • Want to have an influence on the products and services available on the market
  • Value ease and comfort of questions asked in online surveys for money
  • Spend a lot of time using computers or smartphones

Surveys to Earn Money? How to Join? How to make money online in India?

The second step is to confirm your identity and registration on the website. To verify your information, you must click the link sent to you via email. Please remember to check the Promotions and Spam folder if you can’t find the activation email.

To ensure that our emails go to your inbox and not to spam, please add [email protected] to your contact list or address book.

The third step requires spending a few minutes filling your profile. That way you will be added to the right surveys rather than waste time on ineffective research. Even filling your profile will grant you points (and every point translates to money earned), and you can update it every 6 months. The questions in our opinion surveys are exclusively focused on Indian products and services.

The fourth step is awaiting for best paid surveys. When research fitting your profile will be available, you will usually get a notification via email. This way you will not miss out on increasing your balance on our on-line panel. It is also important due to temporality of the research – after a few days (and sometimes even hours) the survey will be inactive.

Remember that we don’t inform about all surveys via email and some of the notifications may get lost in the ocean of other correspondence, so it’s good to get a daily habit, for example during the morning coffee, of logging to your respondent’s panel – in order to check if there are any new surveys ready to be filled out (that is, if there is a chance to earn some money on-line).

You can also receive notifications regarding new surveys via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger apps and chrome plug-ins (so that the surveys pop-up directly on your phone or on the side of your computer screen). These options can be turned on (and equally easily turned off) in configuration settings on your personal account at the research panel

The fifth step is taking the survey. Again, remember that the given answers need to be thought through and honest. Remember – your work with our surveys online, your input in market research ordered by various companies is very important. Based on these surveys, important decisions are made that may influence also your life. By giving honest answers when you complete surveys, there’s nothing to worry about as the paid online surveys on our panel are fully anonymous.

After finishing a survey, they can check how much we have earned. The TGM panel offers earn cash for the taken survey in USD and points (1 pt = 1 USD). You will also receive 0.02 point for time spent if you will not qualify for the research (closed survey, full quota, different respondent profile required, etc.)

The sixth step is the nicest one, as it includes receiving your payment. Remember to check the minimal amount required for a transfer. In case of TGM Panel, that amount equals to 10 USD for dollar payments or 3,5 USD in case of a point balance payment (some surveys are paid in dollars, some in points later converted to dollar – depending on the client).

More and more research panels, including TGM Panel do cash via PayPal transfers – We can later transfer the payment from the PayPal account to a regular bank account. After a few days, our money will be available at the final account.

Members Support

Questions about a survey, Your account or a Payment? Please contact Cint member support. You can also check Cint Panelist FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

If you need help from TGM Panel India, send us a message. The most common questions are answered on our website in the TGM PANEL FAQ-section.

Contact information for TGM Panel India

Tgmpanel Survey you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected] or by post: TGM Research FZE, 8th floor, Business Center 4, Al Nakheel, 1005 Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.


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