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About is an video advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers. Video advertisers purchase video ads in system. They then deliver those videos to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the video advertiser.

Mybitcointube method of communication is both direct and powerful! That, combined with value targeting systems, help advertisers stop wasting their money on junk traffic. To instead target individuals proven capable of affording what they have to offer. And in turn enabling us to provide those users with worthwhile rewards for their time and attention. We’re the Paid To Watch that pays dollars!

Paid Video Ads Will Be Delivered To Your Account Daily. All You Have To Do Is Watch The Paid Videos For 20 Seconds To Get Your Instant Bitcoins And Free Lottery Tickets To Gain Big Prizes In Weekly Lottery. Mybitcointube offers and extremely secure platform protected with the highest online standards and industry verified.

Basic Information

Name  – Mybitcointube

Cashout –  $5.00.

Earn  – $210 per video for 20 seconds,

Language  – English 

Bonus – 100 BVPs daily

Email  –

Network Fee– $ 0.5

Hompage – Click Here To Website

Advertise And Make Money At The Same Time. Receive 100 BVPs daily for free with Bonus Videos. No Sponsoring or Referring Required to make money on myBitcoinTube! Earn up to $210 per video for 20 seconds, Forget pennies, earn Dollars in 20 seconds. Guaranteed daily ads according to BVP groups, fixed max 10 videos daily. Earn $1.35 for every $1 advertising purchase, 135% ROI ASAP. Receive free lottery tickets for each video you watch, and win big prizes. Receive free lottery tickets for each paid video your referrals watch.

Cashout course you can! No deposits are required in order for you to start earning from myBitcoinTube. As they deliver Bonus Video Points Credits to everyone so in order to be qualified to receive video ads you need to watch the Bonus Videos that are delivered to your account, these ads don\’t pay you bitcoin but they give you credits. After that you will receive videos in the Paid Video Ads section of website.

Every 2000 Bonus Video Point will deliver you $1.00 in BTC worth of video ads in your account. Minimum cashout you can request is $5.00 in BTC and it will be sent automatically to your bitcoin wallet after your request. You can also earn by referring other members using your referral link found in your account, for every referrals you bring you 10% of their advertising purchases.

Value Of Video

Each day, we sum up all the available funds from recent advertising purchases, and then we allocate that money between users according to how much BVP they have. This system aims to reward “proven valuable” users as much as possible, to try and encourage more valuable users to use myBitcoinTube, that our advertisers are really interested in paying to communicating with.

Mybitcointube total video and banner ad sales daily represent the money we will issue in the next day, using the below Video Points levels theydivide them according to your total Video Points Each video ad you receive will promote a random campaign that have been added so everyone will be having a chance to the massive exposure. The more Bonus Video Points you have the higher your value video ads will be, you can earn up to $210 in BTC/view, or if you are in freebie area you can earn watching video starting from $0.005 in BTC/view.

Lowe Group you see you are in a lower group while you have enough BVPs to be in a higher group, it’s not a bug or mistake. We deliver Paid Video ads via Cron. At end of the server day (00:00) firstly Cron checks users BVPs, then corrects the groups. After 01:00 Cron delivers paid videos to users. Example: If you are at group 3 and bought some ad packs to have BVPs to reach group 4, you will continue to be in group 3 for today and then your group will be 4 at end of server day (00:00). You may check server time bottom of page in dashboard.

Viewing Bonus Videos

Each bonus ad you view adds 7days of “active” status to your account (required to receive paid video ads), and also adds 10 BVP to your account (your earning potential; each bonus video will thereby deliver $0.005 in BTC worth of paid video ads to your account ASAP)
* You can view a maximum of 10 activation bonus video ads per server day.

Verifaction Mode you are going on vacation, and wish to protect your Video Points from being consumed by paid video ads that you will not be able to view on within the 18hour time limit. You can deactivate your account in two ways;

1) Free way: Don\’t view any Bonus (activation) Videos. And let your account activity timer zero to coincide with your holiday. View your account activity status timer on your members homepage.

2) Paid Vacation: If the above free way is not an option, then you can purchase a vacation from your Vacation Mode page. For $3.99 you can freeze your account indefinitely. Then when you return from your holiday, view any “Bonus Video” – and video ads will resume being delivered to your account within a few hours. With all your BVP and other data intact.

  • You will continue receiving referral commissions whilst your account is inactive / on vacation mode.


You will earn 10% of all video and banner ad purchases your referrals make, both now and in the future. So if your referral buys $100 worth of ads, you will earn an instant $10 commision.

Also you will earn 10% affiliate commissions when they upgrade, and free tickets in Weekly Lottery for each video they watched.

Referral commissions are credited to your account balance instantly. And are immediately available for withdrawal. Your referral link can be found on the Promote page.

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