Mainston Revolutionizes The World Of Marketplaces.

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Mainston always talks about innovation, and we still agree that the Internet has been a great revolution in recent years. And if we look at the large companies listed on the US stock exchange, we see that some of the world’s largest companies are exclusive to the Internet.

We can see that Amazon and eBay, two of the largest, are exclusively marketplaces (places that in one way or another are places to buy and sell goods).

Nobody ignores that these companies achieve significant benefits, often with dubious practices that end up harming the end-user, us.

“This is why Mainston was born, to be the eBay without eBay.”

Mainston Team

The proposal of Mainston

Mainston is a project that is creating a complete marketplace, which will run on the blockchain in order to offer a series of value-added services for sellers and buyers, eliminating intermediaries and offering more competitive rates for both parties, while benefiting from a more transparent relationship where you can generate value through social interactions within the platform.

The user as the center of the ecosystem

When we talk about Mainston having a proposal centered on the user, we are talking about using all the available tools to add value to the user, understanding that if the user benefits, the entire ecosystem will benefit.

What are the main problems that a user can perceive and that are the key in a marketplace?

Intermediaries and banking tools that make the final transfer more expensive. Mainston offers us to eliminate these intermediaries to the maximum and thus obtain more satisfactory exchanges for both parties.

Privacy of personal and banking data used for payment. Traditional businesses have hacking risks and also have access to sensitive banking data. Mainston uses blockchain and smart contracts to avoid data leaks and payments with cryptocurrencies eliminate the problem of access to bank data.

Invasive advertising based on the use of the platform. The data obtained from the user will always be their permission and will be used only within the platform to offer offers.

Transparency as a flag

Perhaps the most critical contribution that Mainston offers us is transparency. But openness at all levels.
The platform that Mainston proposes to us is a decentralized platform that runs on the blockchain of Ethereum through smart contracts. What does this mean? That the “operating rules” of the company are public and auditable at all times, with all users being witnesses of how things are going to be done.

Economic management will be one of the pillars of that transparency. Each sale will only have a commission of 2% of the total purchase. That money raised is sent to own wallets, and they’re a smart contract manages it without the possibility of theft or mismanagement:

75% of that revenue will be shared benefits with network partners. Since an own token will be used (STON token, standard ERC-20 in the Ethereum network), the smart contract will manage this distribution among the partners. There is no chance that anyone, inside or outside the company, will compromise the funds.

25%, the remaining part is allocated for software developers and maintenance of the platform.
There is a decentralized marketplace operating in the market, but none offers this level of involvement with users, even sharing the benefits with them.

The management of personal data, which will be discussed later, will also be managed transparently.

Voting system

The transparency that Mainston offers us reaches the point of management. As a decentralized platform that we provide to be, decision making will also be decentralized.

Users of the platform will be able to decide how the platform evolves by voting for the options they consider most appropriate.

Have you always wondered why eBay does not have that option that seems fundamental to you? Well, in Mainston you can have it if you get people to vote for it to develop. The Mainston developer team will progressively implement all decisions that have been made by the community.

This system is what is called decentralized governance. And there is the talk of what is the future of organizations and the evolution of companies as we know them.

Retail socialization

The management of personal data is one of the points that most concerns users, and this is where Mainston offers us both a high transparency, but a great opportunity.

In the first place, data management will always be transparent due to the use of smart contracts over the blockchain. The data will be transferred to be used only within the platform for the purpose for which they were assigned — no third parties are enriching your data.

Users will be able to choose which data will yield and which will not. And if these data are used for any study or to send personalized offers, the user who has given the data will benefit, receiving a part of the money generated in that transfer of personal data.

Also, certain social functions will be implemented, which will allow us to receive part of the benefits when we bring new users to the platform with our recommendations.


Mainston has a well-defined objective and a highly qualified team to carry it out. It will be exciting to follow the evolution of the project in the coming months to be one of the first to become part of this new way of approaching business relationships.

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