Overline Airdrop Review: You Will Get a Free ōLand NFT

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About Overline Airdrop

Overline Airdrop is a multichain protocol to execute transactions between blockchains on the regular internet and WIRELESSLY without cellular service or the internet in general. This is airdropping free ōLand NFT to users who sign up for their waitlist. Sign up for the airdrop and verify your mail to receive an ōLand NFT. Also get an ōLand NFT for each referral.

Token NameOverline Airdrop
Total ValueN/A
Airdrop End 2022-09-14
KYCKYC Is Not requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

How To Join Age Of Overline Airdrop

First Step

Visit the Overline airdrop page.

Second step

Submit your details and sign up.

Third Step

Verify your mail.

Fourth Step

You will get a free ōLand NFT.

Fifth Step

Also get an ōLand NFT for each referral.

Six Step

ōLand is an NFT that represents 1.67 Acres of land in the real world, as well as digital real estate within Overline’s wireless metaverse. ōLand represents a form of ownership in Overline’s wireless network. ōLand owners receive crypto rewards from wireless activity that passes through the ōRouter devices that operate within their 1.67 acre plots of ōLand.

A multichain for launching wireless blockchains.

Overline Airdrop custom made hardware allows users to access DeFi, NFT’s, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any chain connected to Overline’s multichain without the internet.

Mine more crypto by staking $EMB

Emblems are one of two coins native to the Overline network. They provide miners with synthetic mining power through staking. This is an estimated yield calculated based on simulated inputs and current network activity, actual results may vary.

No account or ID required.

Users can start swapping crypto on Overline within seconds. All you need is a crypto wallet. No account or personal information is required.

Control your crypto.

Overline users don’t need to worry about exchange hacks because they remain in control of their assets the entire time.

World’s Fastest Proof of Work Chain

Overline issues new blocks every 3-5 seconds.

The Overline white paper is available here

Why does Overline exist?

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform and restructure the existing economy. However, due to the limitations of incumbent technologies, there is a lack of interoperability between blockchains which hinders growth and innovation

On Blockchain Interoperability

2020 World Economic Forum research paper on the need for Blockchain Interoperability. Disparate blockchain networks are prevented from reusing, triggering, or executing transactions on other blockchains. Networks seeking to collaborate or interact are forced to rely on middlemen and third party platforms in order to bridge the gap.

These third parties are a compromise to the design philosophy of decentralized technologies and introduce significant vulnerabilities to the entire industry as more products are built on inherently flawed protocols (read more here).

By connecting disparate Blockchain networks together, and baking connectivity into the technology itself, Overline helps organizations and individuals leverage the unique benefits of siloed Blockchain networks from one single platform.

What are the blockchains Overline connects?

Overline Airdrop currently incorporates the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, Neo, and Lisk blockchain protocols into its multichain.

Can other blockchains be added in the future?

Yes. This process will be entirely open source and community driven, along with the process of removing blockchains, but the initial cohort of additional protocols will be decided upon by team members of Overline.

Control your crypto.

Overline users don’t need to worry about exchange hacks because they remain in control of their assets the entire time.

No internet? No problem.

Overline Airdrop proprietary “Wireless Mining” device enables users to access Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular networks without internet or cellular coverage.

Completely free to use.

Send, receive, and manage crypto across multiple blockchains directly from your phone using Overline’s free mobile wallet. Download the V1 mobile app for iOS or Android.

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