What Is Spring Game(SPR)? Complete Guide & Review About Spring Game

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What Is Spring Game(SPR)?

Spring Game is an innovative GameFi and Play2Earn project operating on the Binance Smart Chain that combines technology and ecology. Each player will have to take care of their virtual trees (NFTs) through different game mechanics and will receive daily game rewards for this (between 1.24% and 3.50% daily depending on the variety of the tree). For each virtual tree, real trees will be planted in the real world to fight against the deforestation of our planet. For this, community will be able to decide through surveys to which country it wishes to donate trees.

They want every player to have a good time with game and that’s why Spring Game is designed as a refreshing game with innovative gameplay mechanisms. These different mechanisms implemented in ecosystem, as well as those that will be implemented in the future, will help us to achieve long-term objectives and vision (read more about it below).

Spring Game Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSpring Game
Short NameSPR
Total Supply 10,000,000
Max Supply10,000,000
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Spring Game is an innovative GameFi and Play2Earn project operating on the Binance Smart Chain. We provide a refreshing game that allows players to have a fun time in our game by acquiring Seeds and Tree NFTs (see below), taking care of them and collecting our $SPRING native token in an entertaining way.

Game Concept

Players will first have to acquire a Mystery Seed from the Spring Game store which will allow them to grow a tree (Bonsai, Fir, Oak, Cherry). The type of tree depends entirely on the Mystery Seed purchased and there is a chance of minting a rarer tree that offers more game rewards and can then be sold in the Spring Game store. Once the purchased Mystery Seed has revealed a new tree, players will be able to plant it on a Genesis Plot. This plot has no perks or boosts, but it is completely free and available to all players.

However, players will also have the option of purchasing a plot specific to their tree type and will be able to gain benefits by planting their trees on that specific plot. Each tree variety has its own characteristics (game reward period, daily reward) and will allow players to earn game rewards ($SPRING tokens) as long as they take care of them.

But just like trees in the real world, trees have a lifespan. If players don’t water their trees properly, they will start losing daily rewards. For this Water Packs will be very useful! Players will also be able to buy fertilizer packs that will increase the daily yield of the trees for 5 days! These are only the first part of the game’s features. More features and game mechanics will be implemented in version 2 which the team is already working on. Each feature is designed and created to bring more fun to players and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

What’s Next?

While they strongly believe in the potential of the project as it has been designed and conceived, this is only the Phase 1 of our medium / long term objectives. Speaking of medium / long term objectives, our ultimate goal would be to develop a mobile version of our game combined with some Move2Earn mechanics and VR experience. This could be something between Step n, Tamagochi and Pokemon Go. With this cross-platform mobile application, they want to reach a much wider audience while bringing real utility to the $SPR token.

How To Play

Step – 1

Because every tree is born from a seed, acquiring a Mystery Seed will be the only way to grow a new tree. Mystery Seeds can be purchased on dApp. Each Mystery Seed type will grow into one tree. The odds of getting a specific variety of tree depends entirely on the type of Mystery Seed that you buy.

Step – 2

Spring Game Coin Trees will earn you game rewards ($SPR tokens) if you give them some love, care and attention. The following trees are called Genesis Tree. Genesis Tree NFTs cannot be sold in our Spring Game store unlike rare NFTs.

Step – 3

Since every tree must be properly rooted in its soil, each variety of tree has a specific environment that suits it perfectly and will allow you to multiply your game rewards. Plots are a portion of land where you can plant your NFT trees. Each plot can support up to 10 trees.

Genesis Plot

The Genesis Plot is free and given to all players. It can contain any type of tree (Bonsai, Fir, Oak, Cherry) but does not allow players to get any rewards or bonuses.

Specific Plot

There are 4 Specific Plots. Each Specific Plot can accommodate a single variety of tree (e.g. Bonsai Tree on a Bonsai Plot). Once the plot is filled, players will be eligible for all kinds of bonuses.

Step – 4

Spring Game Over time, your tree will start to lose its leaves and health, and your game rewards will decrease. You will have to start maintaining your tree to restore its beauty, health, and maximum reward production.

Water Pack

Water Packs allow you to rehydrate your tree to keep it alive and healthy. A healthy tree allows you to get the maximum level of rewards. Water Packs can be purchased at any time and used throughout the game.

Fertilizer Pack

Fertilizer Pack is your tree’s best friend! It will nourish the soil and help your tree flourish. It give your tree a boost of up to 100% of your daily token reward for a period of 5 days. Fertilizer Packs are available in limited quantities.

Unknown Asset

Spring Game asset will be revealed in the version 2 of game and will certainly delight players! Stay tuned!

Step -5

You can find the different game rewards of Genesis Trees NFTs in the table below. The Daily % Rewards is based on the Mystery Seed price purchased.

Step -6

Because they attach great importance to having a real impact in the real world. The purchase of a Mystery Seed will allow you to plant real trees in our world and participate in the reforestation of the planet. For this, 1% of the price of Mystery Seeds will be donated to our reforestation partner, OneTree Planted.

Project Security

In an ecosystem where there are unfortunately too many ruggs and hacks, we have decided to make security one of priorities.

KYC’d by Assure Defi

Spring Game has successfully been KYC’d by Assure Defi.

You can find the official announcement directly on the Assure Defi website.

Hash, CEO & founder, is KYCed by AssureDefi.

Core Team

Hash : CEO & founder : After 2 years working in strategic departments of GAFA, Hash worked in an investment fund for 3 years. It was while financing blockchain projects that she became passionate about this sector and its challenges. She will have a major role in helping choose good investments for the treasury.

Thresh: CTO & founder : Thresh is a lead dev with many years of experience. He has created several blockchain projects. Thresh has a very good knowledge of the industry and new trends.

Link : Community leader : Link has been in the crypto space for 3 years. He has experience as a Discord moderator and has been involved in a number for projects in this role. He also has experience in social media marketing and investor interaction.

Sc0rpo : Head of Marketing.

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