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About is a simple automated crypto trading mobile app based on Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence (collective intelligence + AI). Users connect Stoic to their Binance exchange accounts via API and the app automatically executes the trading strategy. Stoic’s currently available algorithmic trading strategy is a long-only portfolio of large-cap altcoins with daily rebalancing.

The weights for each asset position are set by a quantitative algorithm, which was developed by the team behind crypto hedge fund Cindicator Capital. The algorithm considers volumes, trend, momentum, and other factors that affect asset prices. Key Points

Bot Name
Bot Type Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Annual Fees5%
Payment AcceptedCredit & Debit Card
Cloud BasedYes
Signals & NewsFree Signal & Paid Signal Available
Available SupportLive Chat & Dedicated Help Page
Official Website Click Here To Visit

How To Get Started On

Step By Step Process

1- Create Account

Before Doing Anything You Need Valid Id . It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Cleo Bot Website . Just Click On Sign Up Button & Fill Necessary Details And Click On Submit Button .

2- Choose Bot

Their Is Wide Variety Of Bots Available At Choose Bot According To Your Need . If You Are Beginner Start With Easy Bot Setup .

3- Connect Exchange

Now It Is Very Necessary Step To Integrate Bot With Cryptocurrency Exchange . Connect Bot With Supported Exchange . Follow Guidelines Which Are Available At CLEO Website .

4- Choose Pair

Now Choose Trading Pair & Select Coin Which You Want Your Bot Trading Automatic For You .

5- Follow Step

Follow Step Which Are Provided By CEO Team At Their Website.

Stoic: automate your crypto trading

Altcoin Strategy

Stoic Bot is a crypto trading bot with daily rebalancing. Developed by the hedge fund team, our software helps the user to rebalance top crypto assets, taking into account quantitative research and data from 170,000 analysts.

Key Advantage

AI + 170,000 analysts

Cindicator’s AI engine processes forecasts from 170,000 analysts to create indicators for the trading strategy.

No Lockups

Unlike with funds, you can always withdraw all your crypto, even without notification.

Start with just $1000

While Stoic Bot uses the technology built for a hedge fund, it’s available to anyone!

Annual fee

To start managing portfolio with Stoic, transfer the 5% management fee in USDT to the ERC-20 address.


It takes just a few taps to start trading with Stoic: install the app, connect to Binance, and that’s it! Everything else is automated and works right out of the box.

Highly Profitable Since March 2020, Stoic algorithm that has generated +2,193% as of 30 April 2021.


Don’t worry about storing your private keys. All your assets remain on your account on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange with unparalleled security.

Market updates to keep you informed

On Mondays, you’ll get an easy-to-read update that explains in simple English the most important events in crypto. You’ll understand the market without following news 24/7 while robots do the heavy lifting of managing your portfolio.

Stoic’s performance current trading strategy aims to maximise returns in USDT and beat the passive holding of Bitcoin and altcoins. The algorithm does this by taking advantage of market trends and rebalancing the portfolio at an optimal time.

The chart below shows the performance of the first live account that started trading on March 1. This amounts to +318% in USDT.

Stoic availability

Anyone with a Binance account at least $1,000 worth of crypto can use Stoic. The low 5% management fee is the only cost — there are no performance fees or any other costs. assets always remain on Binance and users can add or withdraw funds any time, just like with a regular account. If you already use Stoic, please update the app to find out about the easiest way to add funds to your account.


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