The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Defi Project

by Coinworldstory

The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Defi is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about defi digital marketing.

This guide will show you how to get started with Defi, how to market your Defi business online, and how to grow your business through social media.

Given the advertising restrictions of Google and a number of social networks, it may seem that the promotion of DeFi projects is a real nightmare with constant account bans and endless additional costs for circumventing bans. But in fact, everything is not so scary. Marketing agency Ninjapromo provide complete solution for DeFi Marketing

This guide was written by experts in the field of digital marketing who have been working in the industry for years.

What is DeFi and what are DeFi projects

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) – decentralized finance, is an area that is being formed to compete with the imperfect traditional financial system, which is characterized by a large number of intermediaries, long and costly operations, the need to verify identity, etc.

The first step to replace the traditional system was Bitcoin, and DeFi is the next step. The sphere differs in that it is managed to the maximum by the community and does not require participants to trust their funds to third parties or services – all of them are stored on users’ own wallets.

How to Get Your First Clients in the Defi Sector

If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, it is not easy to get your first clients in the defi sector. It is a highly competitive industry and there are many businesses vying for the same people.

This article will provide some tips on how to get your first clients in the defi sector.

Read our below some points to promote your defi project at highest level .

SEO and Content Marketing

Young companies and startups often underestimate the role of SEO in promotion. But in vain. If you are counting on the systematic and long-term development of the company, it is worth paying attention to optimizing and creating pages for commercial and informational requests from the very beginning. Look at the largest centralized exchanges, an area where competition has been extremely intense in the last few years, each of them is optimized for search engines and maintains a corporate blog or an educational portal.

It is not enough just to prepare texts in accordance with the keywords of the semantic core. It is important that your content is useful, that it is read and followed for updates – so arm yourself with statistics, collect insights, prepare infographics. To get your articles to the top of search engine results, stock up on resources and patience. If you publish 2-3 articles a week, the result will be noticeable in a couple of months.

In content marketing, “readability” is also important. It’s not worth saving: it’s better to publish ten articles in a month written by professional writers than thirty by copywriters who are poorly versed in the topic, but are cheap.

If you communicate in English, be sure to submit all materials for proofreading to a native speaker who has experience in the blockchain field. Even the most thoughtful advertising campaign can fail if it is difficult for the audience to perceive the written text. Over the past year, Ninjapromo‘ content marketing department has written and proofread over 120 articles, many of which have been published in,,, and other media outlets. Remember: the key to a good result is careful preparation at all stages.

Social media marketing, forums and community management

The times when corporate social networks consisted of company news and FAQ with pictures are long gone. Forget about “What is Defi” topics in your content plan: your community has been in the know for a long time. It’s time for interactive, challenges, contests, research and memes – tools that allow you to involve the audience in the life of the company. People follow startup news if it’s useful, interesting or fun – so follow these principles when creating a content plan, don’t be like everyone else.

Twitter has become the main social network for discussing topics related to DeFi and cryptocurrency today. The level of involvement and immersion in the sphere is higher here than on other platforms. Therefore, the basic SMM set of a DeFi startup is Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Reddit. Next is experimentation.

DeFi trackers, rankings, calendars and listings

Another opportunity to gain links and attract users to the site is mentions in DeFi trackers and calendars. There are over thirty such resources around the world today, and the more you cover, the better. When filling out a company profile, do not skimp on the information: add links to GitHub, white papers, press portraits of leaders and teams, describe in detail the mission and goals of the project. Analyze the profiles of other DeFi companies – and do everything to stand out from the competition and emphasize your individuality.

Display advertising

Many companies seek to gain mentions in the industry’s biggest media outlets to increase brand awareness and credibility. However, such placements are expensive, and if the project contacts media representatives on its own, it will not be easy to avoid the label “Sponsored material”. This is where the experience and expertise of agencies comes in, which usually already have good relations with the media and can help reduce the price and place the material without any marks.

When you publish an article in the media, remember the benefit to the reader: no one is interested in reading about the development plan and mission of your company. Tell how your product solves user problems, what difficulties you have encountered, share research about the market as a whole – and natively write your brand name into the story. The article should not stand out from the general style of the media in which you are posted – only in this case, advertising will be useful.

As for banner advertising, dry calculation comes to the rescue. Most platforms work on the CPC system and, upon request, provide data on the average conversion of an advertisement. And if you have this information, it will not be difficult to calculate the cost of attracting a user.

Publications in crypto media

Paid materials are acceptable, but publications without the “Press-release”, “Sponsored” mark are best. This gives a) brand recognition, b) an increase in the trust of the project (when a third, supposedly independent party, positively comments on the project), c) targeted traffic from publications, d) a tool for warming up the audience in the SMM channels of the project.

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